No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Environmental Inbalances & Food

December 17th, 2010

These claims, which took the form of battles against windmills in each trade forum, may be satisfied in an unexpected way when the consequences of environmental imbalances food (third generation phenomena) to materialize, mainly in the central countries. If these events take place in developed countries and food producers, they should increase their imports which, immediately raise the world price of these commodities. At the same time, the persistence of these situations would result in a stronger negotiating position of developing countries producing and exporting primary products, so that they could successfully negotiate volume increases in market access more permanent. This is just one of the many variables that seem feasible in the near future. Thus, the phenomena of first and second generation, although it is unthinkable today, could be moved into a role secondary to the changes that are actually generating the phenomena of third generation, as long as the trend continues to increase in frequency and intensity.

In this situation, cooperation with third world development adds a new basis for their cause, unfortunately, common effects associated with all countries have economic ties that binds. Another aspect is referred to the effect of these phenomena in developing countries. This fact, (as a flood), considering the economic interdependence of the global economy, increasingly force the larger economies (through its agencies) to redouble efforts on investment for infrastructure and provision of these phenomena. The rationale in this case can not be fully humanitarian in nature but security in the supply of certain resources that developed countries derive from these states in development. Today they are health disasters (such as avian influenza), environmental (heavy snowfalls, droughts and floods) or other unexpected events which tend to condition the dynamics in the distribution of world power. Environmental changes are a letter that developing countries must be prepared to use in the near future.

While the theory says little about it may be an important factor in the redistribution of global economic power, followed by shortages of nonrenewable resources. It depends on the sagacity of the developing countries try to take the plunge.

The Forces of Destiny

December 2nd, 2010

Do not just accept the incident drainage and make yourself tired and discouraged, but focus the mind and make the effort to accept as their destiny and you will find that you are able to pull some hidden force. In other words, what happens to you was meant to happen to you, and come through it can only improve you. If you are unsure about this only takes a moment and look back on your life. Can you see the times when I thought that it could not cope, yet now appear to be the turning point in your life? Basically what we’re suggesting is that “nothing can happen to you that it is for their benefit.” Although when it is happening, not win. If you are in this place and wake up feeling angry, upset, angry and depressed, do not worry. All is not lost. There is another thing you can do for you to use its hidden power.

Grab five minutes before the rest of the house awake. Or the assertion of the bathroom for an extra five minutes and sit back and plant the seeds of peace and love in his mind. Only sitting or standing quietly in the shower and think in a quiet place or scene and allow the envelope and become part of you. Or think of a tide washing love for you. A feeling of warmth and peace. A feeling of love and acceptance.

Stay there for as long as possible. Enjoying the moment of being loved and at peace with the world. Doing this will connect with their natural strengths, your natural power of peace and love, of course, freedom and positivity to your life. The result is a sense of harmony and happiness. Someone who is ready to face the world. If you feel skeptical about what we said and not think you can change yourself so easily, when you have time, have a go at the next financial year we reached several years ago. Find a place, either a room or the garden where you can be alone for a couple of minutes. Now imagine Quesu nose is very close to the ground. Understood. Now, walk for about three minutes imagining that his nose is very close to the ground. When finished writing a note or experience. If you can not shake the feeling of shaking his head like an animal that moves when wet to return to normal. Now start again but this time imagine that your nose is near the ceiling. Again, three minutes walk to the idea that his nose is very near the ceiling. Enter your experience., Did you notice any difference in your attitude in the exercise? How was your breath during these exercises? How did you feel? When you walk slower / faster? Normally people say that the feelings were more open and aware that they were thinking that their noses were closer to the ceiling. The point is that nothing has changed in your life. We ask only that you change your awareness. It’s the same in life, if you change your consciousness, then they are able to change their opportunities. When your consciousness expands only increase. If you are aware of himself as a loving mother, peaceful and powerful human resources as chances are it is what remains and therefore change the way of awakening.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty