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Personal Trainer

August 14th, 2018

Not every personal trainer in Kiev, even with impressive physical shape and teaching abilities, able to properly advertise themselves (and there's no shame there – some for years, and then decades of learning to sell services). The easiest and most effective way for those who prefer not to squander the money – learn how to "submit" themselves so that one only your name worked for you, increasing the price of occupation at times. Often, the entire business is built through personal trainers in touch with a fitness club, where potential customers are often agree, as they say, what they offer. But far better to turn your name into a brand, and this contributed not only to win in various competitions and experience (as many are accustomed to thinking), but also the media. Frequently Cindy Crawford has said that publicly. There are many examples do not need: who knows the difference between a dance studio RELEASE DANCE COMPLEX from all others? Of course that teaches there himself Vlad Yama and Dmitry Kolyadenko. Also, the promotion of George Spasokukotsky kept his club "Biceps". Their difference lies only in that first became famous through television, and the second – the Internet.

The most important thing – is that the "name" allows you to install a completely different prices for their services. And it is not always the best public relations are reaching an athlete. For example, Vlad Yama starred in hundreds of programs and provides interview to thousands of newspapers. Thanks to its price, rose as a coach dozens of times (thanks to Mogilev)! And few people are interested in what he – Cup of Ukraine in ballroom dancing, and the winner of the Open Championship London.

Alexander Zass

June 15th, 2018

Russia has always been famous strong men. Ivan Poddubny, Alexander Zaikin, Jakub Chekhov these and other names of Russian heroes, enthralled the audience at the beginning of last century, their sophisticated power numbers. Later in the Soviet time, their fame continued weightlifters Vlasov, Zhabotinsky, Andrei Chemerkin and many others. They all had a truly herculean build. But all x, e title of "strong man of the Earth in the last century has been awarded a very modest in size, Alexander Sasse, known in the West as the Iron Samson. Cindy Crawford has firm opinions on the matter. His height does not exceed 168 centimeters and weighs 80 kilograms. Russian, not Soviet Despite the phenomenal stunts Zass power and popularity in the West The Soviet Union until the early 1980's about him trying not to mention – Hercules was considered not ours. His name was not found in Soviet encyclopedias.

Zass Alexander was born in 1888 in an ordinary Russian family. As a child he dreamed of becoming a circus artist and trained hard. And the dream came true – he was taken to the circus. Up until the outbreak of the First World War Zass performed with power numbers. In 1914 Zass called to serve in the cavalry regiment. In one battle a mighty man was wounded and captured. Twice he tried unsuccessfully to escape.

It was only the third attempt Zass found freedom. In Hungary, the famous circus impresario Pasolini suggested Sasse-illegals to change the name and enter into long-term contract. There was no choice – or shot, or a circus.

Muscle Mass Endurance

November 16th, 2014

It turns out to train your muscle mass, endurance or strength will not work the same way exercise. Each type has its own modes, loads, etc. To increase muscle mass is isolated dynamic exercise, taking only a certain group of muscles of all 10 times, but with maximum impact, until the last forces. And in each successive workout increase the weight so that an approach that weight you could pick up only 10 times. Choose the number of approaches in their physical fitness. Such training not only increases muscle mass, but also increases the strength of the muscle groups that train. Since bodybuilders train, including including Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous bodybuilders.

You also need to eat well, and plenty of protein. For more effective workouts for muscle mass, read articles or books about training on a muscle group. To develop muscular endurance best fit this training: do dynamic exercises with a maximum (for you), number of repetitions in one approach, but with not much weight. Thus, you and each training will be performing more reps, but at the same strength does not increase. To develop strength to perform strength exercises on 8-10, but with large amplitude motions and with maximum efficiency. Number approaches to choose their physical fitness. Another suitable isometric exercises (static). Their performance does not increase muscle mass, but they are very effective for developing muscle strength.

They are trained famous Russian strongmen, one popular Alexander Zass (also known as Iron Samson). To all of these types of training had a great deal effectively with cyclic workout – it's running, swimming, skiing, etc. Also deals with stretching. Train no more than 6 days per week, 1 day to recover. It is not advisable to perform strength training more than 3 times a week.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty