No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


December 31st, 2014

In particular topics from the so-called MINT subjects (mathematics, Informatics, natural sciences and technology) are ideal for the application of the Stuttgart-based company VISENSO. In these areas, traditional, two-dimensional materials often reach their limits. So the process simulated flow behavior car bodies or insights into building a motor to virtual repair measures carried out by E.g. the consideration allows. In the field of plastics technology, 3D simulations from the inside by cast iron systems be representable detailed.

The 3D view is the technology trend of the future. Our design also the academic and occupational education and training gives a new dimension “, as Martin Zimmermann, CEO of VISENSO. literally The complete solution of the Cyber-classroom”includes the software graphics PC, as well as a special input device based on the Wii game console. VISENSO will be present together with the company Carl Zeiss on the E12-Summit, which presents its new version of the Cinemizer video glasses. These can act as a display option for the Cyber classroom and are tested in the Cinemizer lounge of the visitors. Also, VISENSO presents the Cyber classroom on the currently the world’s largest plasma TV by Panasonic with incredible 103-inch screen size.

Solutions for the Enterprise 2.0 – resources, OnDemand, OnDevice field: Enterprise 2.0 – social technologies ensure the entrepreneurs anytime, anywhere access to future business success, how can business-critical information, these experts will discuss and evaluate, to make fast informed end divorces? “A comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions under the heading resources, OnDemand, OnDevice” SAP provides. Users can, for example, in virtual Content automatically create workspaces and organize or analyze information with others. In addition, we allow users to search their networks for experts and to make concrete decisions within a very short time this way. We introduce flexible software tools, the entrepreneurs and their employees to support, in real time and efficient decision-relevant information – mobile – access “, explains Thomas Hensel, product manager at SAP.

Site Analysis Needs Indicators

December 31st, 2014

Design and content of a site record be information requirements of the business sponsor and Stan there replacements determined each municipality, each site and each investor must find its own way according to the individual encountered conditions and requirements. “It’s going to: critical success dealing with soft” resources of the site capital, more transparency for a complicated site environment, simple and weighted site analysis, self image and external image analysis of the site, which area of the site should be accounted for? What look like the starting point and the business environment?, what vision, what mission statement developed the site for yourself?, which strategies will the model be implemented? As a basis for the determination of the Accounting Division the initial situation of the site should first be defined and described. A fixed point is creating for the sound development of objectives, actions and measures. It sets the basis for a broad data and information base. Question: Should the site be considered as a whole or only in specific areas or processes? Requirement for location decisions, which lead for all involved, i.e. both for the investor questioner to and for the site are offered to a good and sustainable economic outcome is that a site profile can cover as exactly the individual requirement profile of the company. The numbers dress of a site must be meet many needs and desires: it imagines a time as possible and realistic image for diverse and complex situations, it should be as transparent as possible and comprehensible, to support the preparation of often controversial location decisions as a wide communication and discussion, it is intended to provide the basis for comparisons with other sites, it should be at the same time decision-making and information help for those interested in settlement, it should draw attention to potential investors and take Becker, for the site Jorg: Strategic potential check of the site, ISBN 9783837049787 Becker, Jorg: location indicators I., ISBN 9783839118238 Jorg Becker


December 31st, 2014

Based on live showcases the company shows how with secure authentication methods are new business models and data exchange processes can be as comfortable with the identity card. The manufacturer of official ID software AusweisApp”also looks forward to exciting discussions about applications for the new green card. Wi-Fi on the plane – the next generation of the inflight entertainment system theme field: of augmented realities to mobile business with your own iPad or individually, TV programs, videos and latest news get notebook on the plane this vision will meet soon for passengers. This is made possible by the next evolution of the inflight entertainment system. All the information that will be offered to the user, wireless available via Wi-Fi. Users can thus include interesting data to their destination before landing display, over at the arrival gate Connections to cultural events on the ground “, so Dr. Jorg Liebe, head of new business & innovation management at Lufthansa systems.” The necessary requirements for the terminals are kept simple: only a Web browser and a special software plug-in (Microsoft Silverlight) are required. By default, this package is already installed on 70% of all devices.

In principle the inflight entertainment system of the future can be also in train, bus, or any other means of transport used. Installation is much more effective and less expensive when compared to currently used solutions with endless cable meters and installed screens in the front seat. By mid-2011, the system on first flights should be used. During the E12 Summit participants already convinced of the qualities to log with your own hardware or over 40 existing devices. “Virtual classroom: 3D-Lernwelten topics-Special: trajectory with the Cyber classroom” pulls the third A dimension in the modern world of learning. Already today hard representable, complex content can be spatially represent the virtual system. The highlight: The technology allows a direct interaction with the 3D elements.

New: Out Of Office Manager Tool

December 31st, 2014

The Outlook out of Office Assistant for their users, administrators can manage without privacy violation Bergisch Gladbach, November 16, 2010 Tools4ever, operating worldwide in the areas of identity & access management solutions, presents the out of Office Manager tool (OOMT). With the out of Office Manager tool (OOMT), administrators can check the out-of-Office settings for all user accounts on the network and, if necessary, change, without having to type the login data of the concerned user. Only end users have the possibility to turn the out of Office Assistant in Microsoft Outlook. The problem is if the user is no longer able for spontaneous absence due to illness. In this case, the administrator must log on to the mailbox, and thus also has access to the E-mail (confidential). OOMT resolves this issue. With OOMT administrators or help desk staff can customize the out of Office Assistant settings, without having to log on the mailbox of the user. This task can even the departments without allocation of additional administrative permissions are delegated.

Employees fall ill suddenly or forget to enable their Outlook out of Office Assistant for example before the holiday. For the immediate colleagues, it is not possible to activate this message, because they would have to enter the login data of the absent user. Sharing login information among employees compromising data however. With the out of Office Manager tool by Tools4ever, administrators can manage the Outlook out of Office Assistant and forward any incoming mail to another employee, without having to access directly to the mail box. Administrators can select the domain or OU directly in Active Directory, which the out-of-Office information you would like to see. The OOMT gathers this information and then provides the administrator with the ability to change the out-of-Office message and/or forward e-mail messages.

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate OOMT administrator (UMRA) by Tools4ever in the user management resource and thus a link to the company’s HRM system to build upon. In the HRM system is not only captures what employees when on vacation, written ill or is on a business trip, but also when an employee leaves the organization. Thanks to this integration, UMRA can automatically turn the out of Office Assistant and possibly forwarding mail, so that they are also answered. This ensures the professional processing of e-Mail traffic. For more information about out of Office Manager tool, please visit: products/out-of-office manager / Wolfgang Kostka

VoIP Marketing

December 28th, 2014

Note: what I’m presenting is a brief transcript of the video whose credit is Mr Mauricio duque (SETH GODIN) and anyone can apply their techniques according to its mission which is to reduce the digital divide in Latin America. Then note the video, personal notes, conclusions and final recommendations the purpose of this article is that most of people interested in online businesses expand their knowledge in different aspects of the marketing by internet and especially in regard to email marketing. Source of information:. Viddler. com/browse/mduque/videos/12/Marketing Simple way to Email in a timeline from 1990 to 2009 email marketing and other materials to communicate and publicize our clients has evolved in the early 1990s direct mail and phone were the tools d communication more usual with our customers at the beginning of 2009 there is a proliferation of channels of communication (emailMobile, sms, mail direct, telephone, VoIP and multiple tools that facilitate the relationship with the client as social networks, blogs, rss, podcasting, social media and ads, landing page, web cam among many others the constant: fragmentation of media, diluted messages, customer segmented some basic concepts that we must handle: spam: send mail without the authorization of the person optin: accept a double message optin: generate subscribe via email and mail to confirm action. benefit of the above: verified mail user takes the job of accepting your mail demonstrates interest, truly wants to receive the information. Every action is going to have a greater return on investment, saving money on email marketing budget poorly written email, etc interpretations of consumers about spam personal note: this is an interesting statistic to establish the perceptions of consumers when you send mail or email 56% marketing campaign is made of messages opt-in (email accepted by the user) are considered spam by not be considered interesting personal note: the author shows us a high percentage statistics, this indicates that the marketing strategy that we use must be very well founded to not lose time and save resources 50% of messages opt – in are considered spam by its high frequency of sent 48% used the button report spam for reasons other than the mail not requested personal note: delicate, bone a user wrongly we noted as spam (junk mail) and we had to make part of the (unfair) statistics that we do spam.

Helping People

December 28th, 2014

I want to thank all of you reading this for the opportunity to address you with this message … Thank you .. Here's the real story of real-life story about an interesting business, and at times difficult, but very rewarding: When I learned about this business opportunity, I went on an old BMW, a year later I moved to the new Porsche Cayenne Sport, has just descended from the conveyor (I apologize for bragging, but it's reality …). Perhaps you would like to know – how? If interested – then I will continue your success story! I've had problems with finances. All my business activities was the buy-sell, and it was largely tied to the officials (and they change frequently) … In Generally, permanent nerve, and only, no stability. Was terrible …

and I started looking for a new product and revenue opportunities. Condition was the only know-how, what do others. That would go back in time when its infancy market for computer technology, software, Internet. Now it is a multibillion-dollar profit, I'm sure it is not in doubt from anyone. But, unfortunately, "Microsoft" and the company turned out to be more agile and have this brilliant niche is already taken, but like so many others … But my dream came true friend … I was invited to one exhibit in St. Petersburg, I lived in the city of Kharkov in the Ukraine, and I decided to go … The exhibition has attracted me a booth, a poster with a spacecraft, near which stood some priborchiki …

Breathing For

December 24th, 2014

Through practice, the mind is becoming aware of its capabilities, limitations, strengths and weaknesses of the body, and that's where begins a balanced work and thought to improve the physical and mental. Strengthening the power center, power center, or simply center or neutral ("powerhouse" by J. Pilates), is the key. Located on the lower trunk (abdominal and lumbar), enables the body to move freely and evenly, avoiding movements and / or compensation harmful. All body movements are initiated and are supported from the center, which helps keep the body balanced. Breathing plays an important role as it incorporates all the exercises to strengthen the center, for better breathing and with it the development capacity (strength and flexibility) of all muscles of the body.

The results of good practice are significant. Increased lung capacity and improved blood circulation are the first purpose intended, to translate into strength, flexibility, good posture and mental coordination. Instead of perform many repetitions of each exercise, Pilates preferred to perform more precise movements, requiring control and form. He created over 500 different exercises. Pilates is very suitable for people with medical problems, however they must have a medical evaluation to approve the application of pilates or which restricts certain exercises.

Exercises Here is a handy reference to the Pilates exercises. Alignment and Breathing For this you need a mat or soft surface where you lie down. The first thing to do is learn to breathe properly. To do this you lie back on the floor and perform the "alignment" of your body, that is, you lie fully stretched with your chin almost touching your chest, neck stretched straight and your shoulders aligned with your hips, your back straight and supported as much as possible to the ground, your arms stretched out next to your body with palms facing the floor and toes together and open your legs straight and ankles together, feet fall naturally to the sides.

Success Monitoring

December 15th, 2014

Technical control and control of business processes with process monitor Dusseldorf, 04 May 2011. An important strategic goal of company is to improve their business processes. For departments who are entrusted with this mission, the transparency of its processes is essential. They need a holistic view on the processes they control monitor, and monitors. TopCOM gives a company a powerful solution for this task at hand with process monitor. Process monitor offers the necessary tools to collect all necessary information and to prepare. The details of this process are the professionals user friendly in the portal will be available. Due to the monitoring of the entire process, the user also receives the expiration information, what is the current status of the process, at which point the process eventually determines whether errors have occurred or which other employees must continue working on the process.

Through its flexible Design is simply the process monitor in existing processes to integrate, so that his range of B2B processes monitoring until back to human workflows is enough. Regardless of whether the processes to be monitored manually or in other applications run in the inubit BPM-Suite, offered also by topCOM, they can use the process monitor monitor and transparent control multiple connectivity of the process monitor. That the information be provided via the respective applications, queried about the integration possibilities of the inubit BPM-suite or recorded by the clerk in the portal. Process monitor is included in the relevant places of processes through a workflow connector and accepts the reprocessing and the storage of monitoring information in a database automatically. To log process data, it creates a log entry from the respective technical workflow. Then, the data is grouped. In this way, the entire history of professional process execution is recorded.

The visualization of the process information is for the professionals in the inubit Enterprise Portal. It serves the dynamic portlet of not only for process monitoring, but also technically enables the user in the process to intervene. Inter-portlet communication is also the possibility to visualize any information in process-specific portlets and to provide for the processing. Individual display options in the process monitor portlet the logged data from the database can be displayed individually in the process monitor portlet. These are not only information about the current process step available. Also detailed information of a business process can be queried via the push of a button. Function buttons allow further manipulation of the process, such as restart and display of documents easy to use. To deal comfortably with the displayed data, different editing possibilities are provided. In addition to the simple alphabetical or numeric sort, there is also the Ability to filter the data according to various criteria, such as such as status, last update or deadlines. The height of the displayed table can be determined by the number of rows. If there is more than one page of records, it is conveniently displayed by paging. Still, columns can be renamed, moved or hidden. For the visualisation of the status of the process are pre-configured traffic light signals.

The Son Of The Dictator Gaddafi In Germany

December 15th, 2014

In Libya, the fighting between the rebels and the troops of dictator Gaddafi continue unabated. In Libya, the fighting between the rebels and the troops of dictator Gaddafi continue unabated. Actually approach by Gaddafi’s reportedly still ruthless troops in recent days. Reason for the probable death of Gaddafi’s of is seen as sons. Saif al-Arab is the probably most recent Scion of the dictators clan and should be killed in an air raid of NATO forces on the city of Tripoli. Internationally, no one of Gaddafi’s sons has a particularly good reputation. Saif al-Arab was no exception, who lived among them several years in Germany.

Specifically among other things the former Villa of the ex-Chief of Hypo Real Estate and moved a suite at the famous Bavarian court in Hamburg from a luxurious dwelling to another”. Because that his father’s generally estimated to be several billion is, could he afford something and got a pocket money of EUR 300 thousand per month. No bad starting position to a dissolute life to lead, and the son of Gaddafi did also. Fast cars, alcohol and women were probably a constant companion of the young man, and while he was also the one time or another with the German laws on rubbing shoulders. Eleven times the German judiciary to Saif al-Arab had to determine and the list of accusations stretched the latter including the threat with an illegal handgun while driving without valid identification to death threats. For the judiciary, it was always a kind of Russian roulette, to mess with the son of the dictator. Because when it comes to his sons, Gaddafi responded yet absurdly aggressive. 2008 was that also the Switzerland of the own body learn another Gaddafi’s son was arrested for assault there. Then, Gaddafi declared holy war on the Switzerland and demanded that the country should be destroyed and divided. Added to this was the arrest of Swiss businessmen in Libya and the setting of oil deliveries to the Switzerland. Lena Cook

Massage Chairs for the Office

December 11th, 2014

Many Russian companies as a relaxing element in every department there were massage chairs. Advanced companies who care about their employees now in addition to a buffet, a sports hall with gym and shower acquire another innovation – a massage chair! Apart from the fact that after ten minutes of massage employee is ready to continue with even greater intensity, so massage is also a preventive effect preventing whitener spine. It has long been proven that massage for 3-5 minutes. recovers better than passive rest for forty minutes The principle of the massage chair is based on an incredible synthesis the latest computer technology, the most ancient techniques of massage Shia Tzu, combined with modern advances in materials used in components. Mechanisms for the massage chair given the anatomy of the human great massage the back, removing fatigue and several times to increase efficiency. Since the human body located more than 650 points under the influence of which can affect internal organs, these points forms a circular field of energy. In view of this feature in a massage chair has several modes of operation that allows you to get out of this session as a stimulating effect and relaxing. . Under action kneaded massage back muscles, "unload" the spine and intervertebral discs, activates blood circulation returns to normal pressure, improves vitality of internal organs. Massage Chair may well replace your office with masseurs, besides everything else is excellent preventive tool against a wide spectrum of diseases.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty