No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


November 22nd, 2014

Inducted into the ESRI partner network (EPN) can NetSys.IT the industry-specific knowledge combined with the ESRI expertise. NetSys.IT, an innovative medium-sized company, developed the product AVIATOR. The ArcGIS extension is used for displaying virtual cockpits for the visualization of information. They silver partnership with ESRI, as a result of the development of the AVIATOR, excellent complements its portfolio of solutions. Inducted into the ESRI partner network (EPN) can NetSys.IT the industry-specific knowledge combined with the ESRI expertise. Thus, the AVIATOR represents a high-quality and innovative solution that provides users with added value. Through this cooperation, NetSys.IT and ESRI share a common goal-the satisfaction of our customers, through easy-to-adapt cockpits.

NetSys.IT developed standardized ready-to-use solutions that are based on ESRI technology as a solution partner. This combination of ESRI expertise with complementary information technology and industry knowledge is a key success factor for the customers. The AVIATOR makes it possible to create a virtual cockpit with minimal effort. Thereby, different methods of information processing and compression be applied to visualize also temporal changes of information. Also, the AVIATOR has a wide range of ready-made graphical tools for the presentation of information. The user can arrange the data individually depending on the desired application, the cockpit. Since no programming knowledge is necessary, the extension is very easy to integrate. At the beginning, the AVIATOR available is the ESRI partners in Germany and of Switzerland.

Developed the NetSys.IT as imaginative IT service provider information & communication GbR for businesses and administrations tailor made information and communication solutions. The company provides innovative software solutions developed at all levels of information processing, and supports the customers in the development, maintenance and backup their systems. The core competencies lie in the development of individual software and Web applications. For more information about the company and to the innovative products and services under. Press contact: NetSys.IT information & Communication Caroline Schilling marketing, PR and sales Weimarer Strasse 28 98693 Ilmenau FON: + 49 (0) 36 77 / 20 81 53 0 fax: + 49 (0) 36 77 / 89 45 51

Learning Journey 22-25 June 2011

November 22nd, 2014

Executive Education program at HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance Executive package embedded in c/o pop festival and Convention of 22 25 June 2011 the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance offers an expedition for those exclusive learning, who want to know more, who want to see how creativity translates into innovation and business. Be there when the thinkers, makers and decision-makers in the entertainment and creative industries meet! On a four-day journey through the creative melting-pot of c/o pop and the Convention is experienced, what creative business innovation. The interplay of action learning and implementation workshops, Peer Learning, networking and benchmarking shows how creativity and innovation driving business of tomorrow. With the Executive package you can be today. Learning from the creative industries creative economy is enthusiasm, hype, fan culture. Customer loyalty in the form of tribes is the normal, not the extraordinary here. Total passion, absolute and unconditional dedication Perfectionism was marked by the way of the artist long before the excellence initiatives and the high performance organization.

Creativity as a business is characterised by re-invention and comeback. This is true for creative, such as for the business and its business models. This is true for the 21st century. The focus of the learning journey is learning from the creative industries. How is reinvent the creative industry? With what models she does and how can learning be drawn from them for their own company? How does the transfer avant-garde-> pop-> business model? These and other questions this guide the participants on your learning journey. Beneficial investment transfer learning stands in the foreground of the exclusive learning expedition.

Again, the question will be to provide for the practical use, because it depends on. The entire learning journey is an investment in the individual development, innovation and business. A limited number of participants allows individual targeted and reflected experience and learning settings. Last but not least loads the intensive exchanges in the group to get to know and build a new relationship. It ensures a deep plunge into creativity, innovation and business. And it is ensured, that no Pearl lost this are our experienced partner of moderation by the systemic Excellence group – independent think tank for leading practice. Services of the Executive package: tickets for the c/o pop Convention and the c/o pop festival visit the Convention with over 50 events in the Staatenhaus am Rhein Park visit the Festival with about 30 music – and pop-cultural shows and events bilingual (German/English) hosted learning expedition on all four days of structured action learning and Peer Learning Settings specifically moderated resonant spaces for impressions and impulses excursions and meals (VIP dinner at 24.6.), Lunch at 24/25.6.) Exclusive boat shuttle from the art’otel to the venue cost: 1.950,-for more information at: HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance or on our homepage. Contact: Ms Annekathrin Wilke /. Mrs Claudia Flick email phone: + (49) 30 2005 971. 20

Missel Weight

November 20th, 2014

Stefanie Missel accompanied their participants as of September 2010 on the way to your ideal weight in their rooms in the Dorotheenstrasse. “Hamburg, August 30, 2010: flexible and healthy weight loss with the concept of WeightWatchers and the support of a coach in the meeting now in I came even as a participant to WeightWatchers, took off successfully and keep my weight since then”, explained Stefanie Missel, partner and coach of WeightWatchers. For me, the everyday concept is the best form of nutrition for a slim and healthy life. I’m not hungry and need to renounce to anything”, the meeting Director justified others in their loss to accompany their motivation and help to change your diet. For 40 years, people in Germany take off successfully with the nutrition with the concept of the WeightWatchers. A pillar of the success is the support provided by well trained coaches in the weekly meetings, exchanging with like-minded participants and can motivate each other. In Hamburg-Winterhude, held the meeting from September 2010 with views over the rooftops.

In an appealing atmosphere, there is information about a healthy diet, motivation for movement and change in behavior. Discrete cradles and the expertise and motivation of your coaches complete the offer, offering support on the way to your desired weight the participants. Thus, the concept of WeightWatchers everyday health offers for the individual as well as for couples or the entire family.

Lose Weight Already

November 19th, 2014

The real reason for losing weight every time you look in the mirror and sees as his body is accumulating fat each day, proposes that that day is going to start a diet to lower or will at least start to eat less, will leave the sweets, ice cream will not be more his temptationthat you will not eat more cookies, which will prevent the fats and sweets. But those good intentions only last a day, maybe two. Allows that time wrap around again in the routine of an unhealthy diet, which does not provide good nutrients, only fill you and every day is more antojado of goodies, and tells inside that it will only be once and the next day repeated dose or gives much of excess calories to your body with the pretext that is something different and which will not repeat it. But every day does the same thing with something different and another excuse! Is also left to wrap by the routine of the Office, the offices of the household and boring television; do not let this turn your life into a nightmare, that obesity, laziness, bad habits ruin everything you post you in nature and must preserve as best as possible. Be healthy, healthy, active, lively, happy, with a good attitude towards life, is only your decision, you are only one who does it and only you can do it. Many people undergo tortuous diets, risky surgeries, dangerous treatments, putting at risk the life and sometimes leaving it in the attempt. Don’t let this happen to you, do not allow that the consumer society slave to this situation again without achieving major changes and getting you the person that keeps this form of capitalism.

That is why it must change its way of seeing life, change your style of living, must do what is in their hands to make every day of your life, your environment, your family, your work, every moment that has for you. Lose weight gives you health, gives you a new vision of life, sometimes we don’t notice but depression, bad thinking, bad attitude changes from the inside out losing weight, but this is not magic, not nobody succeeds without that we do not allow it, because if you lose weight without effort and awareness it is almost certain that this will return accompanied, possibly, a few kilos more. It is here, now, and at this time you need to take that decision, his goal, with their objectives, definitive change don’t write in a paper for when the solution has to be taken out of obligation, because your health thus determines it, allow us to help you in that change, in that solution and make it in your mind, in your body and is his life to achieve it and have a good healtha good body and an excellent attitude to life. It is now! Courage, forward and success!

Health Bypass

November 16th, 2014

Obesity is a disease causing aggravation of more acute and lethal diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and any related heart disease. Many people suffering from obesity have tried to lose weight with diets made specifically for your body and have failed, or even with exercise but they have not been successful, by which resort to a surgical intervention that can help them lose weight fast and safely. Gastric bypass is the best choice for these people who have suffered from obesity for at least 5 years and who have a BMI greater than 40. Scientists have shown that with the completion of a gastric bypass, patients suffering from hypertension or heart disease have improved significantly, and that patients with diabetes have been reached to control his illness to the degree never need injections of insulin. Gastric bypass can be performed in two ways, via open and through a laparoscopy, which consists in the realization of a small incision by which to enter a camera to be able to perform the operation. The second option is the most widely used, by the fact of being less invasive also by the fact that his recovery time is shorter and the scar is much smaller. In Monterrey, obesity is one of the main diseases causing deaths, so many doctors have specialized in the realization of this surgery, the gastric bypass.

Healthy Foods

November 11th, 2014

To increase muscle mass there are those who always indicate consume many foods to fatten, but not just any food. If you want to improve in terms of muscle and weight, the percentage of nutrients must be varied giving greater importance to some that others and at meals should not miss the following foods. 40% Protein (2gr/kg. of weight per day)-Yogurt. -Milk – eggs – tuna. -Protein powder.

-Turkey Breast. -Meat beef. -Egg whites. -Salmon. -Chicken breast. -Beans.

Healthy Person Low Weight

November 11th, 2014

Do you suffer from overweight? Do you have diabetes? Hypertension? Do not satisfied with as lights? What you need is a change of life. Overweight affects you in every corner of your life, affects your health, your self-esteem, the way in how you feel, how you do you see others who you are, anyway. Overweight takes over your life. If you already know that you are overweight and need to act fast you must submit to obesity surgery. Although the way in as we exhibit is very important because it is closely related to our self-esteem, most importantly feel good because we are healthy. It is true that we all have different body and there are people that we are born with the wide body and even though we try to always enflacar are equal, but the point is not to be skinny or fat but be healthy. To find out if you are healthy or not you should go to a doctor to see if you have or not overweight and if so you must act immediately because if you leave it then it may be too late. There are times that being overweight is such that neither the diets or exercise they do effect and all that remains is to undergo surgery for obesity. Obesity surgeries are a safe and reliable practice that end with your problems of overweight. It changes your life, become a healthy person, you will always have the option of obesity surgery.

Food Addictions

November 11th, 2014

The site offers a mental training and emotional education to prosper in the diets to lower of weight. We learn that they are not the diets those that do not work, but the people with low power level who let themselves drag and end up squashing itself. We learn that it is not the obesity the one that forces to us to make things that we did not wish. With combined of theories and very precise and simple practices, we learn that the overweight is more between the varied manifestations of the body. As much the obesity as the addiction to the food is a by-product, a materialization of brings back to consciousness. If an idea with respect to my same one had taken to me to eat too much, changing the idea of my same one it changes my behavior. If an idea with respect to my same one took body to still increase of weight taking mineral water, changing that idea of my same one, it changes the operation of my metabolism The program takes to the addict ones to the food especially, to all those customary ones to eat by anxiety, to discover the factors and reasons that inspire to their body and its cells a to behave they do since it.

With the practices we confirmed that in the fulfillment of its functions, each cell is expressing to what body belongs The program allows to verify that the best diet to lower of weight is elaborated in the mind. In order to make diet it will be necessary to take an emotional education; to use the head to become thin. Our mind is designed to collect data, to think and to extract evaluations and conjectures. We can think to us like obesity patients and suffer along with so many other fat people who suffer. Or we can choose the route of the thought, to commit to us there where we will see better and where we will find the true origins and causes of on weight in us.

The program is an essential apoyatura for all that one that wants to become thin eating, for those who suffer of obesity; for those who, accustomed to swallow emotions have developed an addictive way to eat. When we realize by own experience and we confirmed with our own body that the overweight is a materialization of brings back to consciousness not only changes our physical aspect, it changes our attitude. It is illuminated our brings back to consciousness, it improves that idea with respect to those who we are and of how much we can obtain. Our degree of self-esteem rises and the full life of color.

Fat Burners

November 9th, 2014

When it comes to losing weight, the fight of women both as men but women seem to have more frustrated because they are more aware of their appearance. In this context, women are constantly looking for new ways to lose the extra pounds and get a better figure. If you’re looking to lose weight fast but healthy way, you should know about the most effective grasa(fat burners) burners for women. Here are the top five: not breastfeeding is no secret that the pregnancy is going to make weight gain women especially during the last quarter. A very effective antidote for this is good breastfeeding to the former.

It has been shown that breastfeeding can burn up to 5,000 calories per day, which is very similar to being tied to a wheel of squirrel 24 / 7. Among the popular (fat burner) fat burners for women, this is perhaps the most effective for women who are trying to lose weight after having a child. Another burner calories of natural green tea is tea Green which has a healthy portion of antioxidants. Drink at least two cups of green tea every day, it will not only help you burn more calories, but it also helps in more efficient digestion. There are some types of tea on the market that have been improved in order to induce more rapid metabolism. In some cases, drink lots of green tea can cause a little bit of a stomach due to caffeine problem, so you may have to reduce consumption. Acai Berry supplements to lose weight Acai is a fruit very popular and for good reason. This has been debated mostly in the circles of health due to its nutritional value and effects of weight loss.

Taking acai supplements periodically will lose 10-15 pounds as possible within one or two months. Colon cleansing diets there are so many of these going around today which makes that many people are wondering what actually are the real deal. Essentially, the basic colon cleansing with the use of natural supplements is very effective in achieving a certain amount of weight loss. However, some cleaning diets are more powerful to others so it is more important to choose the correct. Power whey protein shakes if you’re in a fitness program, your list of things to drink should include protein shakes. They are best eaten right after exercise because it is when your body is more efficient in converting calories into energy, a process that is reinforced by the protein. These burners of fat for women are not the only options, but have undoubtedly proved effective in many cases and it can work for you also.

Veterinary Fat

November 8th, 2014

One of the problems of public health in recent times in the world is undoubtedly obesity, only in the United States 65% of the population is considered very fat and what is most worrying is that people with this disease do not know the true causes. You will be stunned when you know the real reason why you follow Gordo having tried almost everything to lose weight. Finally the industry reveals these dirty secrets by what people Obesas still doing the best things remain very fat and absurdity of all gaining even more weight with the passage of time. See because: a.) Las diets do not work b) cardiovascular not c) the abdominal work and exercises abdominal exercises do not burn the fat of the Abdomen d) eating well into the night is a myth e) the fat burning zone is an error f) TONING your muscles not working not waste another minute blaming you, diet and fitness is an industry multimillion-dollar, they don’t see you as a person, even as a single customer for them are a number with a dollar sign glued. These 5 truths, contradeciran everything you think you know about diet and fitness: 1. first, it is a fact clear, what you need is to lose fat not weight. If you get to lose weight, with the majority of fad diets that are out there, you lose mainly water not fat, you’re not becoming healthier you’re dehydrating dangerously!. 2 Diets low in carbohydrates, you will not lose fat in the long run because they steal your body energy, making them very difficult to follow, low-fat diets are worst, put more fat in it.

The only way to lose fat is eating the right foods at appropriate times and in the right time sounds complicated but it’s pretty easy!. 3. The long and boring cardiovascular exercise four or even six times a week, is the worst way to burn fat. If you know this little secret might that you burn 5 times the fat of the abdomen, exercising only 45 minutes a week. 4. Packaged meals from diet, backed by celebrities are expensive and slow it means that you have to keep paying them for months also ads are skipped the part where you’re buying your own vegetables, that equates to hundreds of dollars more each month. 5. Restrictive dieting (also known as die of hunger) is not only stupid but dangerous and does not work! Do because go hungry to bed when there is a delicious way of activating your system so that you burn fat all night while you sleep deeply?.

Now that you know the truth about how your diet was sabotaged, until even you start it now that you know what you do not have what to do if you ever want to be in shape came the moment that you know that it is what you should actually do to lose fat now and never regain it. This article was written by Y.M.Ayala. He is doctor of medicine Veterinary with emphasis on management and Marketing. wanna know more about the 5 great truths of quick and permanent fat loss? Click here to download a report totally free.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty