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Health Of The Aged

September 25th, 2015

In the development of the research process, we use as procedures technician the bibliographical research, the documentary research and of field. For the bibliographical research, we use books and diverse productions of authors consecrated in the subject aging, violence, public politics of health and family. In the present work, it contemplates a documentary research on the Violence against the Aged ones, carried through in the House of Charity of Muria- So Paulo Hospital, analyzing the form for which comes being treat the aged interns violence victims and which are the actions developed in the direction to guarantee the efetivao of the rights assured for law, for the efetivao of the National Politics of Health of the Aged one. In accordance with the exercise of reflection on the national production of the problematic one in question, had been identified texts that deal with the violence stop with the aged ones focusing the following subjects mainly: politics of health, legislation, characteristics of the phenomenon of the violence, and still forms of prevention of the violence stop with the aged ones, beyond exploration of the thematic one of the aging and of the .causing factors of violence it stops with the people of this etria band. The collection of the data it occurred by means of interviews, having questions half-structuralized and structuralized carried through with 10 (ten) aged ones interned and 10 (ten) professional of the House of Charity of Muria – So Paulo Hospital being: (02 Social Assistants, 01 Nurse, 01 Physiotherapist, 01 Doctor (Geriatrical), 01 Nutritionist, 01 Psychologist, 02 Technician of Nursing, 01 Nurse aid). The joined data had been grouped and analyzed in accordance with the subjects that if it intended to approach in the study: characteristics biosociodemogrfica of the aged ones (to know the reality); the paper of the family in the violence against the aged one; legislation of protection to the aged one; hospital public net; In order to identify the process of the violence against the using elderly of the hospital public net, the study it was divided in chapters: In the First chapter, an analysis directed to the Process of Aging and the Health of Aged as well as the Politics of Health and the Legislaes will be developed that base the cited subject.

Health Professionals

September 12th, 2015

Attention to the health: ‘ ‘ The health professionals, inside of its scope, must be apt to develop action of prevention, protection and whitewashing of the health, as much in individual level how much coletivo’ ‘ 14. To give integral and continuous assistance following the rules of the ethics and biotica. Taking of decision: ‘ ‘ The work must be based on the capacity to take decisions, aiming at the appropriate use, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, of the medicine, work force, equipment, of procedures and prticas’ ‘ 14. Being thus, they must possess abilities, established in the technician-scientific knowledge to evaluate and decide on the behaviors most adequate to be taken. Leadership: ‘ ‘ The professionals had had to be apt to assume leadership position, always in view of well-being of comunidade’ ‘ 14.

Ability that adds individual values as responsibility, empatia and communication for the one determination ‘ ‘ ideal style of leadership for each situao’ ‘ 15. Some studies demonstrate that the authoritarian power must be left of side, that instead of controlling, to suffocate and to inhibit allow the freedom, the diversity and the union. This form of being able values the human being in all its potentialities, beyond fortifying the sense of equipe19,6,13,20. Permanent education: ‘ ‘ The professionals must be capable to learn continuously, as much in its formation, how much in its prtica’ ‘ 14. This practical consists of a continuous update that it searchs to innovate and to supply the necessities of update in the work, having to together have also a comprometimento of the institution of health with the worker. Communication: It is the exchange of information facts, ideas and meaning.

Promotion Of Health

September 10th, 2015

It also focuses the SUS and the health of the family, as well as its composition. The NASF, nucleus of support the health of the family and the politics of mental health are engaged of important form of the context of the research, immediately afterwards it is presented the analysis and quarrel of the data harvested with nurses of ESF of the city of Colatina. 1 PROMOTION OF the HEALTH the promotion of the health since that it started to be argued represents strategies that serve to assist and/or to improve the process health-illness that affects the society in general. It has the objective to form the union to know technician and popular, mobilization of institucional and communitarian, public and private resources for proper benefit of the society thus promoting one better quality of life. Since the spreading of the Letter of Ottawa in 1986, the concept of promotion of the health comes acquiring diverse changes thus walking, in harmony with the world-wide evolution. Amongst the factors that are part of this update, it is distinguished improvement in the quality of life, health, solidarity, equity, democracy, citizenship, development, participation and partnership, among others. Two great referring groups to this change are distinguished (BUSS, 2000).

Of the first group, the promotion of the health consists of transformation of the behaviors of the individuals, focando in its styles of life and having as base in this process the family. In this in case that, the programs are based on the education process making with that the individuals acquire the self-control.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty