No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


November 18th, 2023

Lic. Irma Liliana de el Prado * organize the space and time to create a propitious climate, are indisputable. ** Objects, materials, tools, instruments, accessories, boxes, tubes, hats, papers, ribbons, costumes, dolls, stones and a myriad of objects with possibilities to symbolize more or less easily. ** The size of the group, it is linked with the quantity and variety of games or tasks that can be performed at one time. ** The teacher must attend carefully planning the school spaces, meet with furniture is counted and the materials with which the task is planned. Take into account not only the fixed space of the classroom, but think about other possible to be occupied spaces. ** The time plays an important role in the Organization’s activities.

* Interaction between the protagonists: students and teachers. The teacher can do various activities, importantly, always this is where children need it with unselfish and available care provision in the various situations arising from the game. * School content: this should be interjugar with other variables from the intentionality of teaching, with clear reference to the use of language as a mediator. The treatment of school content implies that the teacher deliberately conducive to addressing information, facts, of conceptualizations of standards, skills, that Iran shelling in the process of the playful situation. It is not a unique and precise moment, but defined, why it is necessary that the teacher handled them fluently, with authority, that have previously planned them so that it will be available when the dynamics of situations determined by. ** The atmosphere or climate of the class.

Throughout school and playful situation especially, must deal with a positive and flexible in time and space, environment rich in possibilities, with a multiplicity of objects and situations that invite to observe, manipulate, and explore exercising actions on objects. A climate that will allow a fluent social interaction and Linguistics between teachers and children, to help reflect on what is being done, what we think, what is discussed and which is concluded between all. A teacher must be bouncy and stimulating so it favors the harmonic combination of knowledge and the game in the classroom.

Panamericana Television

October 13th, 2023

Jose. R. Lindley: The drink of national flavor, yours is a famous story of a single surname. Speaking of Inka Kola is speaking of the Lindley family. Since 1910 when Jose Robinson Lindley founded the factory the santa rosa engaged in the business of gasified waters. Then change the name by Jose R. Lindley and sons s.a..25 years later appeared the soda that gave them international prestige: Inka Kola. In 1928 is looking for a different, soft aroma and unsurpassed flavor.

That search prolongo for 7 years. But in 1935 Jose Robinson Lindley found the flavor that you were looking for, launching Inka Kola. In 1945, Isaac Lindley, the youngest of the sons of Jose Robinson Lindley assumed leadership of the company, encouraging change in the image, identification and development of Inka Kola. It acquired the first machine automatic it bottled 36 units per minute. Change bottle labeled by one of their own with the brand in high relief and coined a phrase: Inka kola not only There is and does not resemble any.

In 1959, Isaac and his son Johnny Lindley, join to Genaro Delgado Brandt and his sons Hector and Genaro Delgado Parker; Main shareholders of the nascent Channel 13 Panamericana Television. Inka Kola, immediately began to give the guidelines for ad spending on television. I sponsorship figures and many artists live. He became one of the main announcers of major programmes of the era, such as Limenisima, driven by Chabuca Granda. In 1960, coined a new phrase: Inka Kola, the drink of national flavor. In 1969, the coins: the flavor that unites us. In the Decade of the 80s Inka Kola entered the international market. In 1999 the Coca Cola Company acquired all shares of Inka Kola, but continuous bottling it and producing by Corporacion Jose r.. Lindley.

Treatment Infection

February 7th, 2020

Often seek treatment for herpes in many places and forms that we cannot imagine that you can be more closely than what we think. Although we are not talking about a cure, if we are referring to carry the infection without too much pain and the least inconvenient way. The treatment of herpes may consist of several points as: decrease the intensity of the symptoms, accelerate the healing of wounds, decrease the frequency of regrowth, however there is not a single method that ensures all these points, you should combine several methods to get something close to the ideal. There are specific drugs against herpes that may meet some of these points and have proved not to have any adverse effect especially if ingested daily as part of a supresito treatment, is best to consult your doctor, since although they have no adverse effects in the long term, if they can have side effects in some susceptible people such as headachesdizziness, nausea, etc. Currently still looking for a vaccine against the disease, seeking to have effect both in people who still have not been infected in those who already suffer from herpes. For luck, the disease is not deadly, with the exception of the newborns, is why alternatives to available treatments can do the best so can take a life with greater normalcy as possible, since the virus tends to attack about 4 times a year in which it is likely to have symptoms that causes the infection. Don’t forget to get examined by the physician, to rule out if it is an infection by herpes or if it’s any more aggressive than a herpes simplex infection as the case with the virus is herpes zoster. Discover how you can eliminate outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here..

Lose Weight Faster

May 30th, 2013

Recipes for weight loss. When it comes to losing weight fast is necessary to know which recipes prepared. These should be simple, tasty, nutritious and low-volume, quick diets are restrictive and therefore very low in calories. Recipes for quick weight loss are restrictive diets, therefore it is necessary to know that cooking, especially taking into account that the volume of meals is reduced. Juices, milkshakes or smoothies you can be referenced within the recipes to lose weight fast, which tend to be very useful. These provide satiety, low in calories and nutrients such as antioxidants that improve cellular activity. For example you can prepare combined fruit and vegetable juice such as plum, carrot and peach juice, a juice that can cleanse the body and remove hunger, providing few calories.

We reiterate that diets to lose weight quickly do not provide the nutritional requirements that the body needs and its extension over time can cause health problems. People with diabetes or with different health problems they cannot perform any type of diet to lose weight without checking with your doctor. Diet to lose weight fast first day breakfast: nonfat yogurt, te or coffee with skim milk or alone. Lunch: Lean meat. Salad of fresh vegetables and dessert fruits dinner salad: A portion of rice and a salad of raw vegetables. Second day breakfast: A yogurt diet, coffee, or you lunch: Eggplant grilled and salad of raw vegetables, dessert an Apple dinner: fish fillet roast accompanied by lettuce and grated carrot, dessert baked or grilled fruit.

Third day breakfast: A low-fat yogurt, te or coffee. Lunch: Souffle of pumpkin and salad of raw vegetables, dessert fruit salad. Dinner: Tuna or fish fillet with lettuce, tomato and grated carrot for dessert an Apple. Diet for quick weight loss can be carried out on three consecutive days or on different days, for example, diet is made the first day, the second not and continues to the third party. The important thing is that the 3 days of the diet are carried out within the same week and the days that don’t follow the diet to avoid eating fried foods, fats and sugars. The recipe for quick weight loss must be accompanied by the ingestion of a liter and a half or two of water per day.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty