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See Hardness

March 31st, 2019

Also, thanks to this property Onyx is used to create stained-glass windows and mosaic panels. In general, for decoration use marble onyx. This affordable and a redkiyOniks are often, but only in six countries of the planet maybe its industrial production: Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Iran, Mexico. Experts say that the world reserves of onyx are limited when compared with the other facing stones. But even despite this, the popularity of onyx the designers are very high, which is primarily due to its decorative properties.

Onyx is able to change the spirit of the room, make the interior a refined and at the same time, calm, warm and soothing. Marble onyx – exceptional discovery for designers and dekoratorovEta thick sedimentary rock characterized by the presence in the structure argonita or calcite, as well as fiber and grains of carbonate, which provide the possibility of mineral to transmit light. In texture marble onyx is of radical radiant or layered. For this, he got its name: the structure – a marble, a drawing – onyx. Physico-mechanical properties of onyx are quite similar to the properties of most fine-grained marbles: the average density (bulk weight) of 2700-2900 kg / m.; water absorption – 0,1-0,3% porosity – 0,3-0,95%, compressive strength – 50-110 MPa; attrition – 1,0-1,9 g / sq. See Hardness – 7.0 on the Mohs scale, density 2,5-2,8 g/cm3, shine glass. These properties, according to experts, put the onyx on a par with the best kinds of marble.

Often, some indicators (water absorption, toughness, cold resistance) even better than the onyx marble. Products from onyx. Sophistication in onyx treated in different ways. Blocks of onyx cut to slabs and tiles, which makes it possible to carry out cladding, fireplaces, create mosaics. Ideal solution for Onyx is light, which can reveal the structure of the stone. Thus, the tabletop in the dining room, bar, stage, illuminated from below, or within, give a stunning effect. Extraordinarily beautiful and elegant looks floor lamp made of onyx. Fireplace, made of onyx, will illuminate your inner glow, creating a zone of comfort and peace. Onyx mosaic – an opportunity to revitalize the interior, giving it individuality, uniqueness. Mosaics onyx incredibly alive thanks to a wide palette of color of the mineral. Properties allow the spread of stone mosaics inside the house or decorate the exterior interior. They can decorate swimming pool, fountain, entrance to the house. And everywhere, Onyx will look elegant, stylish and elegant. Separately, it must be said about finishing the bathroom, where onyx can be used not only for walls, but also for the manufacture of bowls, sinks, countertops. Certain products made of onyx, – vases, jewelry boxes, figurines, lamps, candle holders – are able to make the interior very attractive, to create comfort and harmony. Particularly impressive look products made of onyx, combined with bronze. Onyx has long enjoyed well-deserved attention. Balustrade of the main staircase in Paris and the interior of the mausoleum of Gur-Emir in Samarkand is finished with this stone. Onyx was used in the decoration of the metro station "Belarus" in Moscow. But most of all, according to interior decorators, this stone is right for home interior decoration as a way to make the room warm and cozy.

Dental Issues

March 13th, 2019

What are sealants? Seal is a natural barrier to the development of pathogenic bacteria, as well as saturates tooth fluoride, strengthening tooth enamel. What are sealants? Fissure sealants – a filled and unfilled low-viscosity composite resin chemical or light curing. By their nature, they are hydrophobic. Blind Sealing pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces of small and large molars is an effective measure to prevent tooth decay. This method is based on the principle of prevention to avoid contact of carbohydrates and microorganisms of oral cavity and enamel fissure. How is the sealing of fissures? To begin the tooth is thoroughly clean of plaque with a brush and paste, and then dried in air. Further fissures treated with 32% of the acid etching for 30-40 seconds, washed with distilled water and again dried. Then they fill the liquid phase of the composite filling material.

Under the action of ultraviolet light curing material is 40-45 seconds, then remove the hard head carborundum excess and grind in the material on the chewing surface. What is the life of sealants? According to some authors, fissure sealing is effective for 5-8 years. How much does it cost? Fissure sealing allows save quite a large sum of money. If we compare with the treatment of caries, fissure sealing is cheaper than a factor of 2-3! Which teeth should apply sealants? Fissure sealing is best done on the molars, as well as in dairy teeth. What gives such a procedure? 1. Reliable protection of teeth from dental caries: excludes food and bacteria from entering under the sealant. 2.

Stop caries in the early stages (stage white spot "): Seal blocks access of the substances necessary microflora, the bacteria cease to proliferate, and the pathological process stops. 3. Protection of the tooth from secondary caries. 4. Supermodel is actively involved in the matter. If the tooth is the treatment and is filling, the sealer is additional means of mechanical fixing of the seal, thus prolonging its life. Can I use dental floss, if costs sealant? After sealing the can and should use the thread floss. Sealants – a only the first big step in protecting teeth from caries. Brush your teeth, use dental floss, eat, and most importantly, regular visits to the dentist – a necessary preventive measures and sealants without them. Stomatology 'Ruzan'


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty