No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Venus Rising Effectively

October 7th, 2023

From the time of morning awakening depends on rhythm, which will be for you a new day. We all want to live a bright, fun and full. Waking up every day in a specially calculated time, you greatly increase your chances of success in life. Wake up at dawn As far as your schedule allows, wake up at dawn. More specifically, when the sun is at Ascendant.

For example, July 10, 2009 Sun in Moscow has risen to a point in Sunrise 5:07:20 Whoever woke up at that time, including for a new day astrological chart for this moment. Until the bedtime that moment affected the daily routine of man. This compares with the way the moment of birth determines the rest of his life. Awakening at sunrise will make your day full of bright, successful events, all the questions at home and at work will be dealt with fun and easy. You'll be in the spotlight, playing the role of the collective soul. Set the alarm for the time sunrise and see for yourself! Other advantageous points for Wake, but wake up at sunrise you will not always. With decreasing length of day the sun will rise every morning later and later.

Finally it will get up so late that you just wake to work and get into trouble instead of success. For example, September 1 The sun rises as early as 6:40, which may be critical for many people who have not a short path to work. Therefore, to wake up to find other profitable aspects astrological chart. These include: Jupiter in the Ascendant or the zenith. Venus on the Ascendant or the zenith die Fortune at the zenith Example: Venus Rising Effectively use the passage of this Ascendant in your natal planets. Wake up, when the degree of the zodiac, standing up in the moment in the East, the same as your Sun, Jupiter or another planet-friendly natal horoscope. The whole next day, she will work with you to the maximum. For example, the Sun in your horoscope is located at 10 degrees Leo. Start the clock on August 2 at 5:35, when the Ascendant degree is at this point, and You have the whole day will activate the work of his natal Sun. This article is an example of elective astrology, which deals with choosing the right moment to start a case. See more work in this direction, and you will improve significantly the knowledge! Astrologer Igor Istomin Read other articles on astrological topics you can blog on the pages of astrological

Psychology Of Success

December 2nd, 2013

learn to read between the lines! Psychologists interviewed around the world more than thousands of successful people, , which led them to success. Then they brought out 'formula for success. " Its mathematical expression in general looks like this: 'Y = X + W + C'. Y is luck. X-x Characteristics of the individual, including psychological 'flexibility' ability to get along with people, a vital position. W-health, money savings, availability of friends. C-esteem and sense of humor.

Each parameter in turn, made up of many composes, which scientists estimate in points, making complex calculations. But even without such details it is clear that runs on luck. Boola that it turned out that luck – it's also the ability to go beyond proposed situations, some kind of expansion of consciousness. Professor of psychology of universities of Hertfordshire (UK), author of The Luck Factor 'by Richard Wiseman, who has taken as a basis for the principles of probability theory and quantum mechanics had an amazing experience. He has published in several newspapers obyavlinie, which suggest to people who consider themselves extremely lucky, or, conversely, unlucky to take part in experiments.

Each scientist gave a very thick paper and asked to count the number of pictures in it. The catch was that one page was a fake, there among the other ads placed his scientist read: 'Sobschite experimenter that you saw it, and get a 250 reward. " The announcement was typed in large print. The question is, who he said? Without exception, the 'lucky' see and received prizes.


March 16th, 2012

In logic they can not refuse – because dogs have helped the natives to catch a walrus. And on that old suit? There were also those who thrown out of the dead to be devoured by wild animals. Incidentally, the Masai, or as they are sometimes called Gypsies in Africa, there were still so until recently. But the predators become fewer, and the Maasai more, all can not eat it! And too bad hurt them, these Maasai, not appetizing Lovers to feed birds in the winter forest will certainly be interesting to know that the first bird feeders come up with the Persians, the fire-worshipers. That they were building an open turret, in and that the dead were placed at the mercy of a hawk.

But in some places in India and to this day, apparently more concerned about fish, and therefore discarded dead in the water current. However, with the elements of the relationship between religion still living and dead already somewhat more complicated. For example, the nomadic tribes were often left his house, and if the deceased person was significant, then the whole village at the disposal of the dead. Fear of his return as a ghost encouraged Some placate the dead: give him a property, bring food. In the desire to please often put to death his wife, the servants of the deceased, that they may be useful to him in that light. On the other hand every effort to complicate return the dead: they are often swaddled, bound, and the burial place put heavy stones.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty