No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


December 27th, 2009

La Ermita Shortly after the founding of the colony, on 23 September 1892, opened a small chapel for worship, fulfilling one requirement of the Law of the Colonies. It was a hall attached to the Soriano residence was built for the summer retreat. That old two-story house was restored and from May 2003, the Ethnographic Museum Carlos Soriano. That same year opened the new chapel, located on the same site of previous neo-Romanesque style. School With the start of the agricultural colony was also the first public school in the area. The grant by the City at first teacher was appointed on 12 October 1887. His name was Jos Ferrer Gomariz and had been teaching in the field of Molina de Segura. He had no title, but Carlos Soriano, who worked at City Hall, he sought regulatory approval to teach. Thus, the colony’s children could attend school.Church of Our Lady of La Purisima The present church dates from the twentieth century, specifically opened on 30 November 1967. This is a modern construction that puts the theory of Vatican II and which can locate the altar from all angles. In the early twenty-first century placed the wooden deck. Carlos Soriano had much to do in choosing the patterns of the district: the Immaculate Conception and St. Charles Borromeo. The latter had been a wealthy nobleman who lived near the village, living a life of asceticism and prayer. Buildings House of Canon XIX century and is in the Huerta de Abajo. It is so named because it belonged to the brothers Merida Perez, both canons. One of them, Jesus, was dean of the University of Murcia and also bishop of Astorga. In this house, surrounded by fruit trees and painted in white, highlights its tower and palm-lined promenade leading from the gate at the main entrance.Orchard House Do a Amalia is also the nineteenth century. It belonged to Juan Martinez, a painter from the province of Jaen. At his death he inherited the farm, which occupied about 32 taull, his nephew, a well-known cabinetmaker named Antonio Gonzalez Martinez. In one of his trips to Paris he met Amalia Grieger Guen and married her. Today remains only one side of the house, the rest is completely rebuilt. Social Center Social Center of El Llano was inaugurated on 17 May 2003 to facilitate a meeting space for associations of the parish and offer training courses and workshops for all inhabitants. It presents various units and equipment for a wide range of ages and hosts the local medical clinic. The Social Center opened in 2003 with the aim of meeting the cultural needs of an ever-growing hamlet. The building is located on the corner at the confluence of the Calle Mayor, Antonio Machado and occupies a total of 960 meters.Previously, he was on this plot of 770 square meters the old school. The facade is very simple and completely painted white. The building is in the ground floor a multipurpose room, classroom elderly woman’s room, medical office and warehouse. On the first floor are classrooms of youth, the residents association and various offices. Each association has its own activities in the community center. The group of women, for example, organized a painting workshop and gymnastics twice a week, plus crafts and yoga. The biggest hold meetings and talks at local agencies, while young people have a study hall and a classroom with Internet access. The assembly hall is also used for showing movies. Ethnographic Museum The Ethnographic Museum Carlos Soriano is located in the house that molinense lawyer, Carlos Soriano, had in its agricultural colony of El Llano, a place of singular beauty of the Vega Media del Segura.The City of Molina de Segura always thought of providing the facilities of the colony of Carlos Soriano of social use, in order to exploit this area of unique beauty for the benefit of local culture. The projectof foundation of the Ethnographic Museum began in 1999 with the acquisition of property by the municipality of Molina de Segura, having as one of its objectives the conservation of the kitchen, and bedroom tinajero original marriage. The Ethnographic Museum “Carlos Soriano interesting houses archaeological collections, found in the town of Molina de Segura, huerta exhibitions of traditional costumes, household items and original furniture from the house of Carlos Soriano, old canning machinery and miniature hydraulic useful and the garden. This beautiful museum, which set the chapel also part attached, was opened on 17 May 2003 The Ethnographic Museum Carlos Soriano is in a beautiful spot huertano de la Vega Media del Segura, with the Ferris wheel at The Plain in the vicinity .


December 24th, 2009

The term Greenwashing (cleaning in green) is used to designate a marketing operation using organizations (companies, governments, NGOs …) to proclaim a responsible environmental image. Greenwashing is used to accuse certain institutions that spend more money on advertising ‘green’ that real action for the environment. It is a term used to describe the practice of certain companies, to give a turn to the presentation of their products or services to make them look as environmentally friendly. However, this change is merely formal and not substantive and therefore becomes a misleading use of green marketing. An example of this would be to change the packaging to a product made with chemicals harmful to society and / or the environment, making him look like friendly nature.Companies often use the Greenwash pora several reasons, one of them is singled out by society for their bad practices, another is that currently, products virtuosos emerged genuine political and social responsibility programs are finding good response part of the community. It is then that, trying to capitalize on this new trend, some brands simply put makeup to look like environmental friendly (environmentally friendly) without being necessarily. Some of the clearest examples of Greenwashing are achieved through misleading packaging, eco-labels exist or legends that are actually false, but marketers are very attractive as energy Eficiecia “,” 100 natural, “” Organic Product “or” friendly environment.

Trust For hard

December 22nd, 2009

Trust For hard rock band, see Trust . For the song by thrash metal, Megadeth, see Trust (Megadeth song). The term trust (English word “trust”) refers, in the economic field, at a concentration of companies under one management. Legal control of the constituent corporations was vested in the board of trustees, changing the shares of companies for trust certificates. It is the union of different businesses under one central management for the purpose of exercising control over sales and marketing of products. Usually given as misrepresentation of the holding. The trust tends to control a sector where possible and exercise of monopoly power, could be horizontal, when the companies producing the same goods or providing the same services, or vertically, the Group had conducted business activities.The step towards the emergence of trust is the collaboration between several companies who join in order to obtain certain economic benefits from such collaboration. This cooperation between the signatory companies do not have a binding effect, so it gave some instability. To give greater force to those non-binding agreements establishing the trust. The first combination that took this form was the Standard Oil Trust, founded in 1882. In 1890 the Sherman Act outlawed trusts in the United States.

Alcohol: another battlefield

December 20th, 2009 alcohol: el otro campo de batalla/428783 The Binge drinking is accentuated among veterans. By Lizette Alvarez The New York Times New York – Most nights when Anthony Klecker, a former Marine, came at last to sleep, he was back on the battlefields of Iraq. In an article published in the Huffington Post who is president of The Campaign for a US-Afghanistan Partnership She awoke in a panic and struggled futilely to get back to sleep. “The problem is that in today’s armed forces, the soldiers must be warriors, murderers, make war, but do not allow them any freedom as we used to do,” said Bryan Lane, a former special forces sergeant who received a traumatic brain injury in Iraq and suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, by its initials in English. “You can not go out and drink, can not get into fights. This is totally inconsistent with reality.” Armed forces, he said, are trying to create a contradiction: “a perfect warrior and then a perfect gentleman.”

Mercantilism as a

December 17th, 2009

Mercantilism as a set of economic ideas Most European economists between 1500 and 1750 are considered today as mercantilist. However, these authors did not see themselves as participants in a single economic ideology, but the term was coined by Victor Riquetti, Marquis de Mirabeau in 1763, and was popularized by Adam Smith in 1776. In fact, Adam Smith was the first person to formally organize many of the contributions of the mercantilist in his book The Wealth of Nations. The word comes from the writers Latin word mercari, which has the same meaning to the Castilian trade in the sense of conducting a business, and that comes from the root meaning merx merchandise. It James Urbaniak was initially used only by the critics of this theory, Thomas Jay Ryan such as Mirabeau and Smith, but was soon adopted by historians. Mercantilism itself can not be considered a unified theory of economics.In fact there was no mercantilist writers to submit a general outline of what would be an ideal economy, as Adam Smith would Henry Fool later to classical economics. Instead, the mercantilist writer tended to focus their attention on a specific area of the economy. It would be after the mercantilist period when scholars who came later integrate the various ideas on what you would call mercantilism, such as Eli F. Heckscher who sees in the writings of the time both a political power system, a system of regulation of economic activity, a protectionist system and a monetary system with the theory of the trade balance.However, some theorists reject completely the idea of a mercantilist theory, arguing that it gives “a false unity to disparate events.” The historian of economic thought Mark Blaug notes that mercantilism was rated over time as “bothersome baggage”, “fun of historiography” and “giant balloon theory.” To some extent, mercantilist doctrine itself made it impossible that there was a general economic theory. The mercantilist economic system viewed as a zero sum game, where the gain of one party involved the loss of another, or following Jean Bodin’s famous maxim “there is nothing that someone wins another does not lose” (The Six Books of the Republic).Therefore, any system of policies that benefit one group by definition would also do harm to another or others, and there was no possibility that the economy was used to maximize the common wealth, or the common good. It appears that the mercantilist writings were made to justify retrospectively a series of practices, rather than to assess its impact and determine how best to complete them. Mercantilism is therefore a doctrine or economic policy that appears in an interventional period and describes an economic credo that prevailed at the time of birth of capitalism, before the Industrial Revolution. The first mercantilist theories developed in the early sixteenth century were marked by the Bullion (English bullion: gold ingots).In this regard, Adam Smith wrote: The dual role of the Money, as an instrument of trade and as a measure of value, has to IMDB occur naturally popular idea that money makes the wealth or the wealth consist in the abundance of gold and silver … . It is argued in the same way with respect to a country. A rich country is one where money director is plentiful, and the easiest way to enrich its own, is amassing gold and silver … . Due to the growing success of these ideas, the different nations of Europe have been devoted, though without much success, to seek and accumulate gold and silver in every way possible. Spain and Portugal, holders of the principal mines that supply Europe with those metals, have banned its export threatening severe reprisals, or have undergone enormous fees. The same prohibition has been part of the politics of most nations of Europe.One finds even where you least expect, in some ancient records of the Scottish Parliament, prohibiting, under heavy penalties, carry gold and silver out of the realm. The same policy was launched in France and England Thomas Gresham, merchant and financier English during this period, substantial quantities of gold Parker Posey and silver flowed from the Spanish colonies of the New World to Europe. Bullionism for writers like Jean Bodin and Thomas Gresham, wealth and state power are measured by the amount of gold they have. Every nation must therefore increase its gold reserves at the expense of other nations to grow their power.

73 of smokers in the West Bank began before age 16

December 10th, 2009

The 72.9 vitamin of smokers in the region of weight loss Ribera began in snuff consumption before age 16, compared with 4.8 he did after 18, according to a survey conducted among patients health at health centers in the region by the nutritional Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (Semfyc) during the supplement months of April and May this year. This was stated health supplements yesterday Tobacco Group Coordinator Department of Health de la Ribera, Juan Antonio Ribera, who, along with managing director, Dr. products Manuel Marin, network marketing offered a press conference on the occasion of nutrition the celebration on Sunday the World No Snuff. Dr. Ribera assure that, with regard to liquid smokers older than 18 years, “the average daily consumption is nine cigarettes, whereas among adolescents nutritional supplements aged 14 to 18 years that consumption rises pyramid to eleven cigarettes diaa. Both the coordinator of the Group on Smoking as the managing director of the Department both highlighted the “tabacoo harmful effects. These effects, they said, “are the business opportunity source of more than thirty diseases, especially lung and broncho-cardiacas . skin care solutions and weight management products are sold by has long recognized that maintaining a healthy body weight is critical to achieving a good quality of life. Thus, 78 of lung cancers, reviewed, are caused by smoking, while 50 of heart attacks also have their origin in the use of herbs snuff. To overcome this, the Department of Health “has conducted a Plan for Prevention and Treatment of Tabaquismo ” said Dr. Marin. herbal Furthermore, it has vitamins set up a consultation for smoking cessation professionals. In supplements this sense, the 14.81 of those who have come to this natural consultation are now over a year are smoking. This week health products has been placed on information tables and health centers have given talks to schoolchildren.

Can you successfully apply business intelligence in SMEs

December 10th, 2009

Worldwide, the langkawi areas of finance and retail are big users kesan of shah alam business intelligence solutions, followed by telecommunications and government sectors. In malasya Latin America, the pahang largest investments have been made in kepada the areas of finance jawatan kosong and johor telecommunications, followed by the sectors of government klang and retail Both business intelligence, data warehousing and are probably the cuti cuti main technologies that IT senarai departments ringgit must contend today. These investments tend to be increasing gradually. Without doubt it can successfully apply business intelligence in small businesses. Although for kota kinabalu this, companies have to work with jalan smaller data motor trader warehouses, matching the amount of information available.Thus, this investment is viable in the petaling jaya medium-sized pelancongan companies and small. In these malyasia cases, the user will have available malasiya fewer functions, but the benefits provided to companies are enormous. Currently, global enterprises are kuantan adopting first tools for reporting, secondly, consulting solutions and datamining, continue with universiti analytical resources, such as dashboards and Balanced Scorecard and finally, integrating melaka business intelligence into corporate applications. perniagaan In the United States and in Europe, four stages are well advanced, but most businesses in Latin America kancil are still in the second usahawan stage. This situation motortrader should begin to change over the next five years or more.In addition, there is great room terengganu for growth in malaisia the perodua region, taman as sarawak only the selangor 10 to 15 of companies in Latin America are using kl map business intelligence. Director of UBG berhad serves as the Chairman of The Risk & Investment Committee I feel a great need for small businesses in our country kedah intelgencia kelantan consider business as an alternative to more growth. So our country can achieve one of the pioneers in the software industry to obtain higher levels malasyia of growth so COLVEN DENIS LOPEZ GUTIERREZ malesia

The San Jose

December 9th, 2009

The San Jose Milk Bank collects donations mother’s milk from mothers who have extra milk and are willing to share. There are sick babies in neonatal intensive care units across the country Whose delicate digestive tracts can only tolerate human milk. The milk bank will Facilitate everything for you from telling you how to become a donor to picking up your milk. There is no charge to you as the donor. It is easy, and it is literally life saving. We would love to have as many of our moms donate to this worthy cause. According to Dr. Nancy Wight, neonatologist at Sharp Memorial Medical Center in San Diego, has stated “Human milk is liquid gold for the pre-term infant” If you are in the position to donate, you will be helping so many babies and their families. The mothers Whose babies receive donor milk are so grateful that you have made this their hospital food choice available, and they are indebted to you. The gift you have given is like no other! Your first task is to call the San Jose Milk Bank at 1-866-998-4550.Let them know that you are part of the Pump Station’s Milk Drive. They will take you through the easy steps to donate. At that time they will send you a certificate thanking you for your donation. Once you’ve received this certificate you can bring it to the Santa Monica Pump Station on Saturday Nov 22nd and join Jessica for Milk Cookies from 2-4pm! Jessica will be available to answer your questions regarding breastfeeding or milk production. While there you can redeem your certificate for Milk Money that can be used towards any transaction you make that week. Value 20 off! If you have any questions about this process please contact Jessica Sacher RN MN IBCLC, at the Pump Station in Santa Monica. The Pump Station Santa Monica San Jose Milk Bank at 1-866-998-4550 The Pump Station Santa Monica 2415 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 998-1981

How do become more attractive in MLM Network Marketing

December 9th, 2009

Now there is a topical question! The world of Internet Marketing and running a home business, multi-level marketing Whether or ‘Get Paid Today’ systems, the web is a very competitive place to be right now. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is is a ceo recruiter You are being taught that in order to attract more business you need to brand yourself, to have a unique angle with with to attract people to you as Opposed to sending links and endless unsolicited e-mails or to wreck your finances on expensive PPCs. ” yourseld position as a leader and they will come ‘. That is very sound advice and those who get it are comfortable or even making significant incomes from training provided by the likes of Mike Dillard and his Magnetic Sponsoring Formula. However, many of you recruitment out there will be asking “How to I brand myself as a leader, when I do not feel like one yet ” Neurolinguistic programming will go so far, in terms of getting you beyond living in the past and turning your back on the rocky road you traveled to this point in your life. So many recruiting people join MLM with the passion and the enthusiasm to go out there and make their fortune, but after you’ve have been slogging away blogging, plugging, advertising, marketing only to find a small number of short-term consultants / affiliates, You may feel defeated, de-motivated, recruiter deflated and even annoyed at your Company or your sponsor It could be worse, you could have been in a business that suggests you start off by alienating your family and friends. How would you feel if I told you that there is a way to feel like the leader you want to be within 90 days, starting right now. No preparation or investment is required (although you may need to change the contents of your fridge and buy some running shoes). There is a way you can generate more energy, stamina, determination, IQ, self-confidence and success and that is quite simply be making a few modifications to your lifestyle.Furthermore, in terms of attraction, how would you fel with a better Palora, younger looking skin, clearer skin, healthier hair and maybe even a better physique Do you realize that how you feel is a combination of your state of mind and your diet and exercise regime Follow this blog and over the next few weeks and months I will give you the formula I used to go from being a tired, worn job search out, smoking, couch potato, to being an energetic, self-confident business recruiting success and you’ll get it for free! Change the way you feel and make yourself fit for success, without having to restrict your food intake or run a marathon. You may be saying to yourself “Diet Exercise Me , You’re joking sales jobs “. Put it this way, you need the determination to take the first step, after that your endorphins and the satisfaction about the way you feel and look will give you the energy to see you through the rest of the way. WARNING – If you can not summon the effort and time to look after yourself, do you really think you should be looking after a business If you are not attracting anyone into your business right now, are you beginning to understand why Let me help you change that. Keep in touch. Best wishes Jonathan

Recent history

December 9th, 2009

Recent history Main article: Economic history of France Since its inception, the economic power of France has often been linked to demography. Under Louis XIV, France was the most populous country of Europe and, therefore, the economically dominant. The country was, however, hampered by the structural weakness of their commercial and military fleet. While the first industrial revolution began in England in the eighteenth century (which allows you to overcome France), and then spreads to the Benelux, France knew only industrial boom during the second half of the nineteenth century, thanks to economic liberalization under the Second Empire and the beginning of the Third Republic. At the end of the century, France was a prosperous and powerful, which has passed the economic power of England and continued to extend and expand its settlements. In 1880, it produced 10 of world production.Then, its economic power gradually weakens as a result of poor economic policies and a low population growth of its agricultural population. The two world wars of the twentieth century, then, decolonization, will reduce the economic weight of Europe in general throughout the world, and France in particular. Between 1946 and 1973 France experienced a period of strong growth (averaging 5 per year) than the economist Jean Fourasti classified Thirty Glorioso. This strong growth was mainly due to a very substantial periods of work and a strong increase in productivity. Increased productivity due to technological upgrading for the superpower, the United States because the French economy had much economic backwardness. In 1950, the average income of a Frenchman stood at just over half that of an American (55 ), while that reached the four-fifths in 1973.The final recovery coincided with the end of the period of strong growth. The task force recently growth in this period, despite the baby boom, because the labor force to study longer than before. The French economy has benefited from European Common Market, for 1957. France was one of the founding countries of the European Union in the fifties. The French enjoy a high standard of living, but its meaning is to live a period of crisis since the end of the Thirty Glorious. For a long time, this “crisis” did not prevent significant growth, and maintain enviable global economy, but since the 1980s, the themes of “decline” and the fear of foreign competition (globalization, including integration European) have been much more important, while economic indicators are increasingly alarming.In particular, unemployment has increased and, despite a decline from 1997, the average rate of unemployment remains more than 3 points of the G7 countries. In France in 1990, GDP per capita in PPP represented 75 of GDP per capita in the United States, compared to only 70 in 2006. For years, France has remained the fourth largest economy, and the difference with Britain (2 346 million in 2006) has been low. However, excess in this ranking by China, and later by India, is inevitable. Some macroeconomic statistics show a significant decrease in part of international economic classifications of the twenty-five years. In 1980, France was one of the world’s richest countries: GDP per capita was the sixth largest in the world behind the United States, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Iceland and Canada. It was over some economic rivals such as Germany, Japan or the United Kingdom.The standard of living in the Scandinavian countries was also below the level of French. The 1980s were a relative economic decline. In 1994, GDP per capita of the French was the thirteenth in the world. Some, like Germany or Japan, have seen a significant rise. Others have fallen even stronger than the French economy, like Canada (which is recovering for 1995). The next decade was a steeper decline. In 2004, GDP per capita in France is the 16th or 17th largest in the world. During this period, countries like the UK (long considered to be in crisis), Ireland (once one of the poorest countries in the European Union), following the liberalization of their economies, have significantly increased their level of life. In 1999, the introduction of the single currency under the desire for closer economic cooperation in most countries of the EMU.In 2005 the French public debt exceeds the 60 of GDP, is to say a cost equivalent to the revenue of income tax.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty