No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Deise Guadelupe

April 28th, 2012

Therefore, the bigger precautions must be to especially involve practical of exercises the regular one, to minimize the risks of physical and social diseases. The Brazilian families in almost totality do not make use of economic conditions and physical structure to take care of of the aged ones, the programs and directed politics still leave to desire, the assistance programs try to cure the situation with activities that do not arrive to value the aged one as a rich citizen of experience and wisdom being able to enrich its keeping culturally alive community the history of that society, as well as capable to coexist normally executing functions and being able to usufruct of the garantios rights until then. People of the third age lack of a specific treatment and individuals that if always involve and are with it. Many are abandoned and eliminated of the society, interned in shelters, or even though jailed in its domiciles and for familiar. Very it is complicated aged to accept this fact to it.

It is observed that aged they die due to a next contact that generates love, security and good treatments. It is necessarily there that the physical activity enters, that acts as reintegrador of this person the society, favoring of this form the direct contact with other individuals of the same age, the interpersonal relationship, the work in such a way physicist how much mental, increasing its auto-they esteem and benefiting its health. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE OAK SON, Eurico Thomaz of;. Geriatria: bedding, therapeutical physician and. So Paulo.

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Stotlar Products

April 21st, 2012

Ahead of this scene, business-oriented possibilities of the industry of the sport exist inside that, according to Pitts and Stotlar (2002), is the market in which the products offered to the purchasers become related it the sport, fitness, recreation or leisure and can include activities, good, services, people, places or ideas. Some of these forms of use of the esportivo marketing englobam activities as: esportivos sponsorships, events, licensings and surmountings, materials and promotion of sales. The sponsorship, for example, requires that the company if prepares to firm commitment and supports a guided it activity more becoming the people of what the propaganda. The events, therefore, must be directed for the chance businesses, the ones that appear in result of momentary facts, such as the exploration of the good phase of an athlete, of the success of a team or the rank en vogue of one determined esportiva modality. In if treating to licensings and surmountings, Kotler (2000) explains that they understand an agreement between two parts so that one permitted can use the process of manufacture, the mark, the patent, the commercial secret or another item of value that belongs to a licenciador, by means of the payment of a tax or of royalties.

The organization of a surmounting constitutes a contractual association between a franqueador and one made available, based, normally, in an only product, service or method of operation, marks registered or clear developed for the first one. It concerns in it to the esportivo material, Melo Grandson (2000), says that this material if restricts to the negotiations that approach the athletes to the manufacturers of products come back to the practical one of the sport in itself. The manufacturers not only equip the athletes for the performance of its activities, as well as they use its image to promote its proper marks and products. They are activities of short duration destined to take the consumers to an immediate exchange.

Science of Human Movement

April 9th, 2012

In relation to the physical qualities agility and force the statistical treatment did not have significant differences in accordance with ‘ ‘ T Student’ ‘ , however in the physical quality speed was found difference significant pd0,05. One perceived that with practical of the modality of Futsal the participants of this study they had obtained to develop and to improve the physical qualities force, agility and speed.The level of physical aptitude, physical children in pertaining to school age, qualities. Academic of the Course of Physical Education Doctor in Science of Human Movement.

Dr. Marcelo Ustra The aim of this study is you determines what physical qualities that Futsal favors in relation you the practitioners of the sport. The study population ploughs students of the school Prof. Naura Teixeira Pine, located in San Jose neighborhood in Saint Maria. The sample consisted of ten (10) daily pay-adolescent males in the acts of ten (10) you 14 years practicing Futsal, which ploughs part of school staff. In applying the tests and retests practitioners were subjected you an effective training program supervised by academics of the Physical Education Course of FAMES, practitioners stimuli received two teams week will be the total of eight (8) training month where in which the total of four (4) months of training in to order you detect to whether the physical practice fosters development in the qualities required of the sport Futsal.

The strength of the legs, the forward speed and agility ploughs essential physical abilities considered will be good development in futsal. The physical a result it was found that the average of all the qualities tested before and to after training showed improvement with respect you the performance of practitioners, and the agility test and retest 17,88 16,43 6,64 and the speed test and retest 6,06 both physical qualities measured in seconds (s) and strength test and retest 1,59 1,74 measured in centimeters (cm). Standard In terms of deviation decrease of deviation related you the physical qualities agility test and retest 1,78 1,68 and 0,25 strength test and retest 0,12 tested before and to after training while the physical increased speed test and retest 0,54 0.66. Physical Regarding the agility and strength qualities did not to differ according you the statistical treatment ‘ ‘ Student t’ ‘ , to however the physical speed was significant difference p d 0.05. It was noticed that with the sport of Futsal the study participants were able you develop and improve the physical qualities of strength, agility and speed. KEYWORDS: level of physical fitness, school children, physical qualities, Futsal.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty