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The Bride

March 24th, 2015

It all depends on the general idea and style of wedding dress. In addition, these accessories can be a successful addition to the veil itself. There is only important not to overdo it. After all, beauty is too much. One of the the most important jewelry and stylish brides are mittens or gloves.

While the former are more common. Mitts are usually made of satin or matte stretch with the application of fine embroidery and appliques, or combination of stretch and a transparent mesh with embroidery. This accessory adds extra charm appearance bride, and as it completes the image of a wedding dress. Mitts are offered very different lengths – they can be miniaturized, closing only the hand above the elbow or long – these mitts make visually more slender hand. Wedding tiara, tiara or typically presented in different styles, the bride will have to focus on any one, all again depends on the wedding dress, as well as hair. And choosing the perfect tiara, it is also important, and more.

The tiara can be the embodiment of childhood dreams of turning into a princess. Of course, to choose a tiara can be a truly magical accessory, the whole image of the bride. Tiaras are usually available in three styles: silver-coated sparkling crystals, made of pearls or gold with strass inclusions. Twigs for hair, or in another wedding wreaths, are an alternative to the diadem. But there have to be clear overall style wedding dress. Applique and embroidery on the dress should be the main factor in choosing a tiara or wreaths.

Environmental Health Protection

March 23rd, 2015

Since the early 90-ies in the scientific community that studies environmental issues, began to spread a new concept – the concept of health protection. The problem of health protection is very important for the country's economy. As assess the health of complex ecosystems, flora and fauna, and communication within the environment. Evaluation is difficult even for biologists? It is obvious that to solve even a small portion of these serious issues must be participation of each subject of the federation, each, even a small production, and, of course, large industrial enterprises, affecting the health of the environment for managerial decision making is important implement job evaluation method of environmental health in the overall system for environmental monitoring. This work can and should be carried out in several stages.

The first stage of works on this principle should be the assessment of the impact of an enterprise or production environment: soil, water, air. Consequently, each company must have the documents, normalizing and taking into account the estimate impact on the environment. Examples of these basic instruments include environmental projects: Draft standards for waste and limits on their placing DWGNDL; Project allowable emissions MPE; Project Protection Zone spz. Every enterprise, based on existing and operating in the Russian Federation legislation, should have such projects and to implement measures to improve the environment. For example, one of the principles of Environment is the prohibition of projects that may lead to degradation of natural ecological systems change and (or) destruction of the genetic pool of plants, animals or other organisms, depletion of natural resources and other negative changes in the environment (Article 3 of the Federal Law on Environmental Protection).

Developed on the basis of the company dwgndl issues for existing facilities standards for waste and limits on their placing. Based on the draft vat calculated the allowed amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere at the company. Draft Protection Zone (SPZ) developed on the basis of health regulations and establish hygienic requirements to the size of protective buffer zones, depending on the sanitary classification of enterprises, buildings and other facilities, the requirements for their organization and improvement, the reasons for the revision of these dimensions. All the above listed environmental projects (DWGNDL, mpe, SPZ) must be the conclusion of sanitary-hygienic expertise to each project to for compliance with existing hygienic requirements. All environmental projects developed in our organization conform to existing health standards. In addition, we undertake technical support of the developed design documentation and its approval to the inspecting authorities.

Carbohydrates and Weight Maintenance

March 22nd, 2015

The carbohydrates are the foods to raise quickly of weight, but it is not only enough to eat to increase corporal kilos. It does not lack of the type of people who to eat them aid not to gain weight, and much less when we want to raise of weight, we did not only wish to give volume generally to a single area of the body but. These foods to raise of weight must be carbohydrates calculating the hours and ordering the order of each type of each of them to establish a growth of muscular volume in proportion and pair to all our physicist and not in thighs, abdomen or hips that to men and women displease when they yearn for to improve its appearance and they make it inconcientemente bad. An appropriate food nutrition contained to raise of weight is the one that it owns in correct dietetic fiber ingestion, obtained proteins so much of milky its derivatives, blue fish such as the codfish, tuna, the salmon that in addition has those fats saturated enrolled for all that one that it wishes health and well-being thanks to Omega 3 and Omega 6 that contribute. The water does not generate volume muscular, but it is essential and universal for the survival and that when realising activity as it is recommended can release the toxin by means of the corporal hydration 2litros to 2,5 liters are the maximum to drink during a single day according to establish the nutrilogos. One of foods to raise of weight or appetizer to obtain it can be the water tuna, that can be consumed in breakfasts, for the afternoons and but of 2 times per week, because this established that eating fish greater to 3 times per weeks is very healthy to resist bad fats by means of the polyunsaturated fats that to report in themselves.

The almonds, and the soybean, the integral galletitas are fabulous to generate development of the muscle and at any time it is precise to contain within your sandwich shelf that is of rich value in fiber like the seeds and grains of wheat. The exercise is ideal if beams do not deport or you approach plus the sedentarismo, salt to train initiating of 45 minutes per day and graduates a goal but great every day, when you obtain intensity and you obtain changes, rests 2 to 3 days per week stops to maintain your results. In order to see what is the verified plan so that any naturally skinny man can finally increase mass muscular, you click here. Original author and source of the article.

Lean Cuisine

March 15th, 2015

Everyone knows the feeling, hardly eating anything, one feels after a short time back a feeling of hunger! WEIGHT: too many carbohydrates are absorbed and not burned by movement, so this oversupply will be converted into fat. The result is a metabolic imbalance, a Hyperinsulinism, so an increased insulin production in the body to process sugar from excess carbohydrates. Sufferers feel tired, have no energy, suffer from sleep disorders, and are easily irritable. A diet of calories from fat, carbohydrates and protein not in equilibrium are and where not enough move, ultimately causes that take and your health suffers. “” It is also about good”bad” foods to restore the balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat that you each between good “and bad” are different. It is important to make the right choice and the right amount of protein, good fats and various good carbohydrates to take nutritious food so the best that there is. Carbohydrates bad, i.e.

highly processed carbohydrates can be found in cereals, pastries, chips, soft drinks, candies and sweets and white bread, for example. These refined carbohydrates contain more sugar and considerably less nutrients and fiber as a full-fledged food, but also more quickly converted to glucose and go so much more quickly into the bloodstream as good carbs. In addition, you can make addictive. Good or healthy carbs are included in natural foods such as bread, brown rice, nuts, and vegetables. Fat bad fats are saturated fats. They include mainly chips and fatty meat. Healthy, so unsaturated fats are important for the body. They are found in fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

They contain much energy and provide the transport of vitamins and minerals in the body. Healthy fats produce a Feeling of fullness. Appetite for snacks and sweets will disappear. Many young people tend to be too fat, too sweet and too poor to fiber to feed and have to fight acne also often with the skin disease. A complete diet with sufficient intrinsic can cheap affect the skin and supportive to a medical therapy, so Dr. o Knight of Scientific Director of the DGE. The most important principles to get into balance: Keep the right balance between carbohydrates, protein and fat in the body. Protein is the most important supplier of energy, especially at the beginning the Atkins diet. Other than carbohydrates, it stimulates not the insulin production. Do not refined carbohydrates; they do not do you good. Avoid saturated fats. Renounce all types of sugar; they are dependent on and no efficient energy supplier. Provide enough exercise. Information and delicious cooking ideas, visit our website source: DGE

Migraine – And What To Do About It Can

March 10th, 2015

The stabbing pain in my head – and how to back up him migraine is a severe headache that occurs often spontaneously and maximum lasts three days. Through pulsating or throbbing pain, usually only one side of the head is affected. In Germany, about ten percent of the population suffering from migraines. While women are three times as often as men. In addition to the strong headache symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, as well as hypersensitivity to light, noise and smells.

Today, the causes of migraine are not clear. However, some studies indicate that genetic factors play an important role. Clarity about it that there are triggering factors. These include stimulants such as alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, but also the lack of sleep, stress, and mental stress. Natural remedies help often natural resources if a mild migraine attack occurs. First and foremost the person concerned to a quiet place should withdraw with soft lighting and fine food as Avoid tobacco and alcohol. Some patients report the benefits of peppermint oil that is rubbed on the temples, and cool cloths or compresses.

Also, fresh air and coffee with lemon have a positive effect in some sufferers. When the migraine attack was triggered by stress, relaxation techniques such as yoga, autogenic training and meditation help. Unfortunately this means only in weak attacks work and even then only if they are already breaking out. Medications help to patients with medium and strong migraine attacks mostly drugs. They are however almost all prescription and more common migraines should necessarily be clarified with a doctor. Medium strong attacks can be treated with analgesics and NSAID pain relievers. The combination of caffeine and acetaminophen, and ACE is particularly effective. Triptans are used for stronger attacks. These are especially effective when used immediately at the beginning of an attack. In addition also handle the annoying side-effects such as nausea and dizziness. Vote therefore the use of the medicine with your doctor. Better than drugs for prevention is, of course, a preventive behavior. On the one hand, risk factors should be avoided, and on the other hand, it is important to strengthen the body in State times. To find out the personal triggers that trigger migraines, it is helpful to keep a migraine journal. So, it can be quickly recognized pattern. Excessive alcohol and nicotine are definitely unhealthy. Stress, lack of sleep and mental stress should be avoided by migraine patients. Although migraine strongly affected the everyday life, you can minimize the number of attacks by a conscious behaviour and improve their own health.


March 10th, 2015

If doctors are at their wits end… 1980s. The patient, almost 20 years young, increasingly suffered from migraine. The attacks and increasingly severe were becoming more common. Finally, she endured approximately every second weekend in darkened rooms at as complete silence.

These attacks prompted them at the next examination by their gynecologist times carefully to ask, whether she maybe should… take a pill break for God’s sake! “, the renowned Essen doctor beat the hands over the head. Definitely not! You mess your body Yes!”you women must not everything on the pill push!”, he preached the patient further, that just completely naked and completely insecure stood before him. A link between the pill and migraine was never proven!” Finally, the slightly aged Lord enlightened the young lovers, young woman, that probably a weekend duty ‘ of the true reason for this unbearable symptoms was an inference may be based on completely unscientific, but your own experience. Weeks went into the country, the patient continued their contraceptive pill after the clear words of a woman doctor’s good. The distances between the migraines were always shorter the handle to headache or migraine medications, always more desperate.

A young man, barely in able to cope with the normal everyday life were added to permanent leaden fatigue, complete lack of motivation. Finally the first certificate of incapacity for work and yellow leave ‘ called. Due to migraine? Something is always fed ‘, probably thought the employers and provided immediately for a new employee who should take over the work of the patient. A termination was planned. The doctors returned the innermost outward, rolled completely around the patient, found no cause. The psyche of the young woman was tested, written an EEG, etc. etc. all without results. You are perfectly healthy, I can’t find. “, said finally. If you are Migranikerin, then you must accept if they terminate you. It cannot be expected to eventually a company. “, the young woman who was just at the beginning of her professional career, finally sounded. The doctors were literally at their wits end. Now a miracle had been during the past weeks and months so dramatically changed the physical cycle behavior of the patient that they decided against the admonitory words of the gynecologist, a pill pause to insert what followed now, must probably be a connection between the pill and migraine was ultimately never proven? The fatigue disappeared within a very short time. The lack of drive gave way to a hard-to-age energy and zest for life. The migraine was gone forever… (Ilia Faye)

Information Around The Topic Of Headaches And Migraines

March 9th, 2015

Questions one of which is the most common complaints about head pain & migraine headache. Almost everyone suffers from headaches, which is usually not a serious disease underlying every now and then. Here, the pain in different areas of the head can occur and have different causes. Primary forms, in which headache is referred to as an independent disease are, for example, migraine or tension-type headache. The headaches are just a byproduct of a disease as causes for colds or due to an injury, one speaks of secondary headaches. The causes of headaches that frequently are forms of headaches migraine and tension-type headache. But more than 200 types and triggers of headache are well known. Right now in the summer, including a trigger may be a heat stroke or sunstroke.

But also high blood pressure, meningitis, metabolic disorders or a cold can trigger headaches. What to do against headaches usually disappear Headaches after a short time of alone again and do not require any treatment. If the headache occurs more frequently and violently, a doctor should clarify the causes. The trigger of the pain is a cold, dehydration, or a hangover by excessive alcohol consumption, a therapy must not necessarily be. Who but suffers from severe migraines, should consider a longer-term treatment by drugs into consideration. Who wants to treat the pain, the trade offers a variety of effective pain relievers such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin. It should be noted that painkillers should be not regularly taken over a longer period of time. Who would like to use any medicines, can also draw on massages, relaxation exercises or acupuncture for the treatment of headaches. For more information and a wide range of different drugs for the treatment of migraine and headache, see

The Social Aspects Of Migraine

March 5th, 2015

Migraine, their history and their position in society the migraine is probably as long as humanity itself. At least the first migraine attack on Papyrus was detained 2,000 before Christ. A throbbing, pulsating headache and visual disturbances were described by an Egyptian physician of Pharaoh. A migraine attack is obviously stated at Saul in the Bible. Light phenomena are described with a subsequent illness 3 days during his hike to Damascus. This disease was a pain,”as much as a thorn in the flesh. God refused the request of Paul, to befreien the diseased Saul, his suffering caused by stating that this “weakness his strength bedinge (acts 9 and Corinthians 12). The migraine as malicious beings was regarded in the middle ages.

Therefore, the treatment consisted of necromancy, exorcism and drilling holes in the skull to evil to escape can be. Were scientifically based the assumptions of t. Willis in 1664, that migraine comes from blood stasis of the vessels of the brain. The cause of this blood stasis in 1873 described E. Livieng as a result of excessive nerve discharges in the brain. Many famous personalities such as Empress Maria Theresia, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Wilhelm Busch, Friedrich Nietzsche, and many others suffered from migraine.

According to the popular belief in the 15th century with persistent headaches he stone surgically removed. Was alive with a chisel hit a hole in the head and the patient explains that the “stone”was removed. Unfortunately also in the migraine one company such as exists in all diseases of the nervous system not understandable and irrational taboos. While many people like to talk about your knee pain or heart medications, many migraine sufferers are afraid to talk openly about their disease. The fear of being stamped, as a hypochondriac or hysterics is also in the otherwise off-limits-poor Society still much too large. Even today, many people don’t understand their Mitmenschen suffering from migraine because of all the blood tests and x-rays are unauffallig.

Migraine In Children – When Children Suffer

March 5th, 2015

Nothing is worse for parents than not be able to help their child. But what can you do if the child suffers from migraine? Who comes to the idea that a migraine is the cause of nausea and severe pain in the head and stomach? The symptoms suggest most parents on a cold or a flu. Often, the migraine is only recognized as such if it occurs within a short time for the umpteenth time. Will help can the child only if the cause is fixed and parents and doctors can respond appropriately. Children show other symptoms already children from the third year of life can suffer from migraine attacks. clusion.

Especially in the smallest lead the pain to do so often that they clearly can, where something hurts them. The pain is finally found, let them often still not to a migraine associated with, since the symptoms in children are pronounced differently than in adults. Such pain, which may occur in the head are typical of a migraine in adults and one half of the head are particularly bad. In children, migraine often on one side of the head is limited. Instead the forehead and both temples of the child are often hit.

The duration of a seizure in children is often much shorter than in adults. Between one and six hours most kids with a migraine attack plagues, without showing long-term harbingers or aftermath before or afterwards. But also the abdominal migraine in children is known. In this variant, accuses the child of nausea and vomits short time. Headache does not occur. Also the precursor of migraine is accompanied by completely without headache. The child is suffering these attacks of Vertigo with nausea and vomiting. These symptoms may in the long term to a migraine or aura develop. Migraine with aura is rarely occurs in children. The classic aura symptoms such as hallucinations, flashes of light, flicker marriages and speech are rarely mentioned by the anxious parents.

There Is A Life After Death

March 2nd, 2015

As survivors discover life under the motto living with death “ARD in November 2012 for a week one of the last great taboo issues of our time attacked. While the loss of a man of who is close to us belongs to the deepest cuts in our lives. Everyone then takes time to cope with the grief. But not all wounds heal the time alone. Admit sadness and experience to cope with grief, we go through various stages of grief. Initially, we want to don’t have what happened.

We are surprised with what peace we take care of the necessary organizational tasks. Our emotions are blocked, then already soon even more violently to break up. The pain overwhelms us, we feel fear and anger, because we were leaving, looking for someone to blame or even guilt. And we miss the loved one so much it physically hurts us. Then we isolate ourselves we want to be alone with our pain, our longings and our memories.

While our fellow human beings are particularly uncertain in dealing with us, retire this time. If our grief in one of these phases will freeze, we can not overcome them, do not let go. We take the opportunity to redesign our life, and need help, the mourning may melt. Relatives and friends are often are overwhelmed or even affected; then, outside help is a sensible alternative. Realize the death, to turn to the life Busum balance accompanied survivors in familiar atmosphere in the grieving process. At the end is the acceptance of the loss and the survivor is ready, engage in a life after the death of the loved one. This also applies to deaths that have very long behind it, but not adequately processed and strongly influenced and affected the lives of the survivors. Here, too, grief can be done still. A short holiday on the North Sea, free of deadlines and obligations, and the healthy, salty sea air create spatial distance and a free header. The surviving fueling new energy and can pursue back to home life.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty