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Physical Education Professors

September 8th, 2018

In a fast look, the personal to trainer seems to be the brought up to date version of the private consultant of the first Bossle centuries (2007). As Muller (2008) this increase of interest of the public stimulated the proper evolutivo interest of the responsible ones and created a new category to the professors of physical education in terms of equipment, instruments and technology. At the beginning of ' ' years 90' ' , it appeared a new modality of market in the area of fitness and well-being, influenced for the North American marketing model and the particular lessons of physical activity that already occurred in the country. The support of the added media the quality of the professors who acted at that moment, had made with that the personal training if firmed in the market, having opened possibilities of work in academies, condominiums, spas and companies MOSCATELLO (2007). The work of the Personal does not have to be limited to the emphasis in the appearance, for the opposite, it must be in position of prominence for being somebody in who the customer will be able to trust its body and life for a work of prevention of illnesses and individual rescue of the proper physical and mental health. it will have formation and ability to make it VIEIRA (2009). The risks are average, therefore all success of a personal to trainer or center of personal training, is directed to the conquest and maintenance of the clientele. For having a requirement of quality much more raised, the differential before the competition comes of the specialization of the professional, the attendance to the clientele and the level of technology and used instruments PORT (2000). Exactly being informed for the doctors and the media of the danger it excess of weight and certain habits of life and in the diet and that a good program of exercises and good feeding can revert this process all, doctor’s offices still seem to be overloaded of people suffering from the same badly from the century, illnesses developed for obesidade VIEIRA (2009).

Health Of The Aged

September 25th, 2015

In the development of the research process, we use as procedures technician the bibliographical research, the documentary research and of field. For the bibliographical research, we use books and diverse productions of authors consecrated in the subject aging, violence, public politics of health and family. In the present work, it contemplates a documentary research on the Violence against the Aged ones, carried through in the House of Charity of Muria- So Paulo Hospital, analyzing the form for which comes being treat the aged interns violence victims and which are the actions developed in the direction to guarantee the efetivao of the rights assured for law, for the efetivao of the National Politics of Health of the Aged one. In accordance with the exercise of reflection on the national production of the problematic one in question, had been identified texts that deal with the violence stop with the aged ones focusing the following subjects mainly: politics of health, legislation, characteristics of the phenomenon of the violence, and still forms of prevention of the violence stop with the aged ones, beyond exploration of the thematic one of the aging and of the .causing factors of violence it stops with the people of this etria band. The collection of the data it occurred by means of interviews, having questions half-structuralized and structuralized carried through with 10 (ten) aged ones interned and 10 (ten) professional of the House of Charity of Muria – So Paulo Hospital being: (02 Social Assistants, 01 Nurse, 01 Physiotherapist, 01 Doctor (Geriatrical), 01 Nutritionist, 01 Psychologist, 02 Technician of Nursing, 01 Nurse aid). The joined data had been grouped and analyzed in accordance with the subjects that if it intended to approach in the study: characteristics biosociodemogrfica of the aged ones (to know the reality); the paper of the family in the violence against the aged one; legislation of protection to the aged one; hospital public net; In order to identify the process of the violence against the using elderly of the hospital public net, the study it was divided in chapters: In the First chapter, an analysis directed to the Process of Aging and the Health of Aged as well as the Politics of Health and the Legislaes will be developed that base the cited subject.


December 7th, 2012

These glycoproteins if bind the receivers, particularly in the cells of Sertoli and Leydig. Its action occurs through quinases dependents of AMPc, who regulate the events intracellular. The FSH regulates the number and the activity of the cells of Sertoli, promotes gens for the vital protein synthesis, as carreadoras proteins of tiamina and transferrina and regulates the production of andrognios. The inibina and the activina are produced in the testicules and regulate the activity of the FSH through feedback and parcrina action. The inibina controls the production of andrognios and inhibits the FSH secretion.

The activina stimulates FSH secretion and can regulate another activity. The folistatina can modulate the effect of the activina and the folistatina can be involved in the development to folicular (RUTZ et al, 2007).


August 17th, 2012

It is important to be intent the certain illnesses, as: of Marek, aviria Bouba, of Newcastle, infectious Bronchitis and Gumboro, in the hour to create a vaccination plan, however, each farm is different of the other and needs, therefore, of cares and programs of different conservation of health that take care of its necessities, in conditions of good handling the only obligator vaccine is of Marek (LANA, 2000). Discarding the birds are called discardings that if find outside of the average standard of development of the lot. This discarding must be made precocious possible, thus preventing losses with ration (LANA, 2000). Source: Registers the registers are basic to raise the levels of quality and productivity, as well as monitoring the hygiene and the sanitary control (LANA, 2000). HANDLING OF 12 DAY To the EXIT OF the LOT Is in this phase, that according to Lana (2000), the chicken reaches its maximum potential of development. Cares in the Exchange of the Equipment the exchange of the equipment, for the definitive ones must be made of slow form and gradual, from 3 day comedouros and water throughs already can be changed by definitive, them must be adjusted to the size of the birds and must be always clean (LANA, 2000). Program of Light always Remains the program of the beginning of the handling, importing itself in observing if the light bulbs are burnt and clean and if the illumination is not exceeding the 22 maximum of 20 lmens/m (APPLEBY et al, 2010). Handling of Bed is carried through the same cares of the beginning of the handling, that is, cares with empastamentos, emptyings of water throughs, cleanness constant etc. (LANA, 2000). Handling of Ventilation the ventilation is important, therefore it supplies oxygen, it renews carbon dioxide and other toxic gases, it regulates the temperature and it assists in the control of the diseases and the humidity.

Deise Guadelupe

April 28th, 2012

Therefore, the bigger precautions must be to especially involve practical of exercises the regular one, to minimize the risks of physical and social diseases. The Brazilian families in almost totality do not make use of economic conditions and physical structure to take care of of the aged ones, the programs and directed politics still leave to desire, the assistance programs try to cure the situation with activities that do not arrive to value the aged one as a rich citizen of experience and wisdom being able to enrich its keeping culturally alive community the history of that society, as well as capable to coexist normally executing functions and being able to usufruct of the garantios rights until then. People of the third age lack of a specific treatment and individuals that if always involve and are with it. Many are abandoned and eliminated of the society, interned in shelters, or even though jailed in its domiciles and for familiar. Very it is complicated aged to accept this fact to it.

It is observed that aged they die due to a next contact that generates love, security and good treatments. It is necessarily there that the physical activity enters, that acts as reintegrador of this person the society, favoring of this form the direct contact with other individuals of the same age, the interpersonal relationship, the work in such a way physicist how much mental, increasing its auto-they esteem and benefiting its health. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE OAK SON, Eurico Thomaz of;. Geriatria: bedding, therapeutical physician and. So Paulo.

Atheneu, 2000. CASPERSEN, C.J. MATHHEW, M.Z. Physical activity, exercise, and physical fitness: definitions and distinction will be health- tells research. Public health Reports. Rockville, v. 100. n.2, p.172-9, 1985. IBGE. Demographic census 2000 – Resulted of the universe. Available in: . Access in: 02 of March of 2010. RASP, Deise Guadelupe. Physical activity and quality of life in the work. In: Annals of the I Congress Center-West of Physical Education, Sport and Leisure; Brasilia, September of 1999. MATSUDO, S.M.; MATSUDO, V. Lapsing and benefits of the physical activity in third age. Magazine Horizon, So Paulo, N. 54, P. 221-228, 1993. MIRANDA, Robert Dischinger. Geriatria: Physical activity and Aging. Available in: , access in 14 of February of 2010. SAUCERS, T.S.; WALNUT, J.L.; RODRIGUES.; AMORIM, M.G.; OLIVEIRA. the F. the recreation in the third age. , access in: 02 of March of 2010 RIFIOTIS, Theophilos. Aged and the modern society: challenges of the gerontologia. Pro Position, v.18, n.1 (52), jan/abr, 2007. RODRIGUES, Magaly of the Coast. The Social preconception in the third Age: depreciation and discrimination of the aged one. Tiradentes university. Aracaju, 2004. TAKAHASHI, Sandra Regina Da Silva. Benefits of the physical activity in the best age. Digital magazine – Buenos Aires – Year 10 – N 74 – July of 2004. Available in: , access in 12 of February of 2010. WAGORN, Manual Y. of gymnastics and well-being for the third age: for a happy and healthful aging. So Paulo: Landmark Zero, 1993.

Science of Human Movement

April 9th, 2012

In relation to the physical qualities agility and force the statistical treatment did not have significant differences in accordance with ‘ ‘ T Student’ ‘ , however in the physical quality speed was found difference significant pd0,05. One perceived that with practical of the modality of Futsal the participants of this study they had obtained to develop and to improve the physical qualities force, agility and speed.The level of physical aptitude, physical children in pertaining to school age, qualities. Academic of the Course of Physical Education Doctor in Science of Human Movement.

Dr. Marcelo Ustra The aim of this study is you determines what physical qualities that Futsal favors in relation you the practitioners of the sport. The study population ploughs students of the school Prof. Naura Teixeira Pine, located in San Jose neighborhood in Saint Maria. The sample consisted of ten (10) daily pay-adolescent males in the acts of ten (10) you 14 years practicing Futsal, which ploughs part of school staff. In applying the tests and retests practitioners were subjected you an effective training program supervised by academics of the Physical Education Course of FAMES, practitioners stimuli received two teams week will be the total of eight (8) training month where in which the total of four (4) months of training in to order you detect to whether the physical practice fosters development in the qualities required of the sport Futsal.

The strength of the legs, the forward speed and agility ploughs essential physical abilities considered will be good development in futsal. The physical a result it was found that the average of all the qualities tested before and to after training showed improvement with respect you the performance of practitioners, and the agility test and retest 17,88 16,43 6,64 and the speed test and retest 6,06 both physical qualities measured in seconds (s) and strength test and retest 1,59 1,74 measured in centimeters (cm). Standard In terms of deviation decrease of deviation related you the physical qualities agility test and retest 1,78 1,68 and 0,25 strength test and retest 0,12 tested before and to after training while the physical increased speed test and retest 0,54 0.66. Physical Regarding the agility and strength qualities did not to differ according you the statistical treatment ‘ ‘ Student t’ ‘ , to however the physical speed was significant difference p d 0.05. It was noticed that with the sport of Futsal the study participants were able you develop and improve the physical qualities of strength, agility and speed. KEYWORDS: level of physical fitness, school children, physical qualities, Futsal.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty