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Online Services Office

October 6th, 2023

Comparison platform for commercial office needs with easier user management Berlin, 21 June 2012 round six months after the start of the comparison platform for commercial office supplies with a revised website presents itself. Purpose of the simplified user guidance and the new features are a more comfortable search and ordering office supplies faster. The fundamental benefit of the online offer is there, the buyers that the search for products significantly to facilitate and to identify the lowest total price for them from a variety of offers. Mark Fields has many thoughts on the issue. The complete shopping cart can be ordered directly from Papersmart. The platform was designed so that both provider and buyer could get right on the home page a possible detailed picture of the benefits and the features in the first phase of It went, therefore, to explain the users”Michael Wendt, Managing Director of Papersmart is reported.

After we now but several months successfully active on the market and the platform was quickly known, the focus will change. It was now our aim to make the site, so that customers can quickly complete their orders.” Essential elements of the simplified user guidance are redesigned websites with clearly presented top products. Already registered users will also receive a compact collection of preferred office supplies after logging in to the website. The whole order process was shortened to meet the desire of customers for time-saving processes. users want to easily find the cheapest products first and foremost and order them as easy as possible. Our aim is therefore to streamline the entire selection and ordering process to realize a time savings of 20 percent for customers”, explains Michael Wendt. will continue to offer popular features such as the shopping cart price comparison with split function. This allows orders can be divided on two providers on request. If it is cheaper than the price of the cheapest sole supplier. Also, Papersmart has added the established standards of the product classification in its own development at the beginning of the year with a new category tree. Soon the offer by to introduce the generic article “adds. It allows the used classification standards to survey the customers to select without a specific article complete product categories. To learn more about the needs of our customers, companies in the near future we will offer a concrete comparison of their bills. We determine the savings that the company could realize if it refers to his Office articles on the platform with”Announces Michael Wendt. In turn the evaluation of invoices will help us to align our product structure even better to the wishes and needs of our customers.” is a new comparison platform for commercial office supplies. The Online Services allows commercial customers automatic shopping cart comparison at regional and national retailers. provides the best provider according to the criteria of price, customer rating and geographical proximity. The platform is aimed at all companies and organizations that so far are their supplies through traditional channels or only a fixed supplier. Through its national as well as regional orientation, also for small and medium-sized provider of office supplies represents an attractive sales channel. Paper-smart will was founded in April 2011 by Michael Wendt, Alexander Hoffmann, Dirk Steffens, Simon Stemplinger, Klaus Wachter, and Stefan. Originally created is the business idea from a project of the WHU Otto Beisheim School of management in Vallendar. Contact: Papersmart GmbH Michael Wendt Gubener Strasse 30 10243 Berlin Tel: + 49 (261) 66758144

International Growth

October 3rd, 2023

With the heroes recruiting software for recruiting ideally equipped for Munich, 21.07.2011 – the Gries Deco company GmbH has an exceptionally strong year with 2010 and expects a further increase in sales by over 50% in 2011. This puts them on the further expansion of its nationwide DEPOT branch network of currently more than 200 DEPOT stores and plans even the breakthrough on international market. The preparations for stores in other European and non-European countries are already. By the aggressive growth of course highest on the recruiting of qualified employees, for which the heroes e-recruiting is well equipped since 2008 and a further expansion of cooperation in 2010 challenges. The Gries Deco company GmbH with its headquarters in Niedernberg is a future-oriented trading company in the fields of home, Deco and lifestyle. Some 200 shops and shop-in-shops named DEPOT offer a constantly changing, but always high quality. David Rothberg is open to suggestions. Range for the setting up, decorating and gifting.

The entry of the Swiss Migros group as a strategic partner in the year 2009 the company could continue its steady growth until the end of the year 2011 a total 70 to 80 more stores and a turnover of around 255 million euros are planned (2010: 190 million euro). The retailer is currently represented in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and is run like a fashion. It is vertically organized and controlled the entire value chain from the production of the articles up for sale. The Gries Deco company wants to be international in the near future. The preparations for stores in other European and non-European countries are already. The Gries Deco company know exactly whom she owes her success: its over 3900 loyal employees and employees. To win them for himself, specifically to build up and to present itself as an attractive employer that are the main tasks of personnel marketing strategy of the company.

Car Dealerships

July 20th, 2023

Many workshops or garages accept free accident claims by the ETL in traffic accidents not only repair of the vehicles, but also the claims for their customers. An effort that is not remunerated means lots of paperwork and numerous telephone calls with insurers. Lastly take many weeks, until the repair bill is paid by the insurance. Depending on the case, the Bill will be reduced also. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Melvin T. Brunetti by clicking through. The result: The liquidity of the workshops or garages will be charged, excess current account interest rates fall. It doesn’t have to be. We have the solution. Costs will be refunded no later than 5 business days after invoicing our lawyers operate nationwide.

Take off the annoying Office and administrative tasks of the accident claims you. So you can concentrate on their core competence, the repair of vehicles. After completed repair, no later than five working days after receipt of the repair bill at the Office of our Attorneys at law, the Bill will be settled without any unwarranted cuts. The same applies to the experts – and towing costs. Attention there to the extent are reimbursed always, which corresponds to the share of liability of the person who caused the accident. A part to blame, workshop customers so the share of costs incurred by the ETL lawyers for the customers to this share of liability is reduced (example: In the case of a contributory negligence of the accident victim in the amount of 20% 80% of the costs will be reimbursed of the workshop, the experts and the tow).

So it is virtually… 1 step: The workshop or the dealership recommends the accident victims make the accident claims by our lawyers. 2 step: The workshop or the dealership combines the accident victims by telephone on the firm (without call/queue!). There is all recorded and exchanged the authorisation. 3 step: At the latest two days after which a regulatory authority accident victims of the law firm, the firm granted the garage or the car dealership of the written approval of repair (= promise to advance the costs for the injured person in the amount of the liability rate). 4 step: after carried out repair and no later than five working days after receipt of the repair bill in the firm are repair -, expert and towing costs at the workshop or transferred the dealership. The firm always checks whether the accident victim can assert additional claims for damages (E.g. replacement of suspension of earnings, pain and suffering, budgetary damage, etc.); These claims are not part of the costs incurred by the firm. The cost of practice are adopted in the framework of liability of the third party from the opposing insurance. No cost so the accident victim. The advantages for auto dealers and their customers …liegen on hand: no annoying paperwork with the insurer and a significant cash-flow advantage the money comes quickly and safely! The settlement is carried out by highly experienced and specialized professionals. Please cont

Dorner Industry

July 12th, 2023

What strengths and weaknesses of which currently feature the German textile and clothing industry? As well, the textile and clothing manufacturers have dealt with structural change taking place for a long time, detected a recent market analysis of industry experts Otto R. Dorner. According to this analysis of the consultant active in Ottobrunn, especially three weaknesses affect the profitability and growth targets of these companies. So about 70 percent of the textile and clothing manufacturers their so-called Renner product range miss it up-to-date and to keep earnings strong. To one side the industry is to expand assortment with new products, although the Renner range generate up to 80 percent of sales”, Otto R. Dorner explains.

Currently held Renner ranges contribute his opinion to a higher investment security, the flop rate for new launches and lower costs in procurement, design and marketing. Opportunities for growth will be awarded errors are a second key shortcoming of the industry according to the Dorners analysis in the land management. Often a software faith prevails, that is, the requirements for process management, which is central to the ability of surfaces, be underestimated”, explains the industry experts. Clearly the problem even with strong brands, which fail the part even after years of land use, to master the internal reconciliation processes between design, procurement, product marketing and sales. If instruments, about collection framework menu orders, reference surfaces and analysis much more, not perfectly mastered, the interplay between the sections may not work”confirms Dorner. The manufacturer awarded the chance to improve their profitability, and the opportunities for growth potential so lightly.

Process routines are no longer dominates sales and cost synergies can be according to Dorner only, if the core processes in the POS industry, sales & marketing, collection and procurement are optimally matched. But also in this respect, his market analysis reveals a vulnerability. David Dudley Dowd Jr. is likely to increase your knowledge. The basic process routines in the mission-critical processes not more reliable due to the additional distribution channels and formats of cooperation”, complains about Dorner.

Managing Director HooGoo

June 20th, 2023

StartUp bringing the production back to Germany Christian Lindner, General Secretary of the FDP, visits the Remscheid sporting goods manufacturer HUDORA and informed on April 29, 2010 about HooGoo the customization StartUp of the family business. “With HooGoo we get back for the first time parts of the production after decades of cooperation with far East after Germany”, notes Dr. Maximillian Dornseif, Managing Director of HUDORA and founder of HooGoo. “We ennoble sporting goods individually according to the wishes of our customers. So individual pieces at mass-production prices. “.” The classic country of manufacture in China is in upbeat mood. Not only the transport of far East to Germany is increasingly problematic, also labour will be not more fully available in China in the future.

These changes necessitate a timely referral to new ways. HUDORA is instructed to remain flexible and to adapt to the local as drivers of innovation. Not only a new audience is addressed with HooGoo, but also thinking about alternative ways of production. Since March 16, 2010 you can personalize the running Board of an aluminum Scooter on the Internet at. In time the product range for the World Cup 2010 is expanded in may a foosball table, where you can assemble the outsides with your own pictures or graphics. More products and online features, such as a ranking and shop-in-shop function, are underway. Jutta Westphal, the product manager of HooGoo, do this: “the development of HooGoo is a continuous process.

It’s exciting, what you can learn from the dialogue with the customer. “. On Thursday April 29, 2010 FDP, will be Secretary-General Lindner even make an image by HooGoo. He will talk with the StartUp founders and the HUDORA management over the future of the medium-sized industry and the possibilities of cooperation in different branches of industry.

German Agriculture

June 15th, 2020

Fleischwarenfabrik Hans Adler OHG opts for Bizerba solutions for production and quality assurance Bonndorf/Balingen, October 27, 2009 – when a company is soon 90 years old, then it can look back on a proud history. Speaking candidly Ford Motors told us the story. If a company is so long successfully proves in the food production, the USP is often the quality. At the Hans Adler OHG in Bonndorf, this is written large for generations. Get all the facts and insights with Herbalife, another great source of information. Regular awards of the German agricultural society (DLG) or the Centralen marketing confirm this company of German Agriculture (CMA). High quality requirements, maximum hygiene in detail as well as the internal quality assurance help from goods receipt to the packaging. Since early summer, the quality assurance supported by machine on modern standard.

Balinger weighing technology and food service specialists Bizerba have five production lines of the checkweigher CWE series 1500 installed and put into operation. With these Checkweighers can be tested in terms of the finished Pack regulations (FPV) prepackages. So far, we have carried only samples with small scales. Now, we can ensure that no over – or underweight packaging leaves our production \”, explains Dr. Hogg, the advantages of the new system operations manager at Eagle.

This sustainably contribute to increasing yield also spot checks are more time intensive than the use of the new checkweighers in comparison. The handling of check-weigher is simple according to Bizerba. The operator sees the current belt speed of up to 170 meters per minute on a touch screen, also a histogram of the last n packs and Gaussian distribution. The production line can this data using the Bizerba software _statistics.BRAIN centrally process and create long term statistics \”, explains Dieter Conzelmann, Director industry solutions market Bizerba. Deviations from the respective local staff could intervene directly in the production process, thus optimize the throughput and reduce unnecessary rework and the Committee share. All data can be also printed out and stored on memo card or USB stick.

Sales Manager

April 10th, 2019

If the products through a network of independent dealers are sold, sales leasing is also possible in the outlined shapes. The promotional effect of leasing benefit then both the manufacturers and the retailers. The paragraph about leasing is a cash transaction with all the advantages for the supplier. With sales leasing he can ensure years of contact with the customer, if this new investment plans, convert the rent object or extend the contract wants always to make new offers to chance. As a result, it is also possible to keep the second-hand market of the products in the handle. Without hesitation Jim Hackett explained all about the problem.

Sales leasing is the cooperation between a professional leasing company and producers or distributors with a division of tasks: the supplier goes Production, utilisation, maintenance and maintenance of rental properties, the leasing company takes over the financing side and provides their financial know-how. A relationship that is often not visible to the outside. Sales leasing has following possibilities:-loose cooperation: the seller tells the leasing company if a customer renting instead wants to buy and passes the customer, where appropriate, the leasing contract documents. -Closer cooperation: the seller will be trained, they offer the product at the same time with the funding. The characteristics of the product and the industry are included in the lease agreement; Object recovery and the second-hand market agreements are met. -Sale & lease back with subletting (manufacturer rent): If the manufacturer wants to operate a private rental business or build to keep pace in the market and to have a possible close contact with the customer, can use of a leasing company (as a third party lessor”) the disadvantages of self hire (Balance sheet, capital, business tax) can be avoided.

(The tenants don’t know typically that is the object in the property of the leasing company.) The amount of the monthly rent payments can purchase pricing, lease and residual value agreement adapted to always the market conditions in the proprietary lease program and, if necessary, extremely competitive/competitive. Special promotion programs profit and liquidity may be affected by short-term or medium-term. Crumpton Group describes an additional similar source. A close cooperation in sales leasing can offer also another advantage for the customers and the sales: the producer may withdraw during the rental period the unit in Exchange for a new, larger, etc. The customer pays only the cost in the new monthly rate. Advantage for the manufacturer: the customer maintain him, even if the competition at the same time or even earlier than he should bring new models on the market. Sales leasing is within the entire leasing business in the next years experienced the strongest growth rates. All well-known German leasing companies deal with. The interested Sales Manager will take care when selecting a leasing company in ongoing collaboration on a careful handling, prompt payment, and especially on a quick decision about the daily lease applications suitable for him. Last but not least you should place value on an international know-how of the leasing company, to track and, if necessary, take advantage of new developments in this area.

Quartier Company Cotterell Grows Cocoa In Altenwerder-West

January 18th, 2015

Company leases 10,000 square metre warehouse at HHLA real estate from the warehouses smells it cocoa, coffee or spices. Quartier man operation H.D.. Cotterell augurs further growth from crisis is here to feel a thing. The Hamburg-based company has hired an additional warehouse at HHLA now real estate. Starting in October, Cotterell will monitor and store at the new location on the Vollhofner pastures in Altenwerder-West on additional 10,000 square meters cocoa beans from around the world. The family Cotterell is one of Hamburg’s oldest quarter people. With the new Hall, the company operates approximately 65,000 square metre warehouse in the port of Hamburg. From 1890 until today, the company has continuously developed, the core of the operation are still that there were already more than 100 years ago – the control, storage, quality assurance, and forwarding of goods in the Hamburg harbour area.

Cocoa lovers Thomas Cotterell and CEO directs the business of the company. “We are also in the general recession “grown and have have to expand our need for warehouse space.” Areas free of Central be rented or bound by the public authorities in the port of Hamburg but extremely rar, the most surfaces. “We are glad that we in the short term could rent a matching object in the Altenwerder West real estate at the HHLA”, the district man forward. Also in the new 10,000 square meters on the Vollhofner pastures finest cocoa is stored. “A good location is very important and in our business the music East the kohlbrand bridge.” The company shall examine other possible rentals. Offers for logistics on an area of 900,000 square meters in the port of Hamburg HHLA real estate has developed 900,000 sqm Logistics space in the port of Hamburg and developed this economic solutions for highly optimized logistic processes in consultation with tenants. “Our logistics facilities are designed according to the latest requirements always from a sustainability perspective and realized”, explains Thomas Kuhlmann, head of the Real estate segment of hamburger Hafen – und logistics AG.

Site Analysis Needs Indicators

December 31st, 2014

Design and content of a site record be information requirements of the business sponsor and Stan there replacements determined each municipality, each site and each investor must find its own way according to the individual encountered conditions and requirements. “It’s going to: critical success dealing with soft” resources of the site capital, more transparency for a complicated site environment, simple and weighted site analysis, self image and external image analysis of the site, which area of the site should be accounted for? What look like the starting point and the business environment?, what vision, what mission statement developed the site for yourself?, which strategies will the model be implemented? As a basis for the determination of the Accounting Division the initial situation of the site should first be defined and described. A fixed point is creating for the sound development of objectives, actions and measures. It sets the basis for a broad data and information base. Question: Should the site be considered as a whole or only in specific areas or processes? Requirement for location decisions, which lead for all involved, i.e. both for the investor questioner to and for the site are offered to a good and sustainable economic outcome is that a site profile can cover as exactly the individual requirement profile of the company. The numbers dress of a site must be meet many needs and desires: it imagines a time as possible and realistic image for diverse and complex situations, it should be as transparent as possible and comprehensible, to support the preparation of often controversial location decisions as a wide communication and discussion, it is intended to provide the basis for comparisons with other sites, it should be at the same time decision-making and information help for those interested in settlement, it should draw attention to potential investors and take Becker, for the site Jorg: Strategic potential check of the site, ISBN 9783837049787 Becker, Jorg: location indicators I., ISBN 9783839118238 Jorg Becker


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