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Indifference Relations

October 14th, 2018

The situation is not easy for either, the beloved is required to meet a lot of expectations and who loves her partner only sees an idealized image, that entry does not exist. Communication problems are not left waiting. Yes one is above and one below certainly not be seen, not heard, are not known and it can not be intimate and close. Away their positions every day. Relations Master – Slave The name says it all in one command and another due in all aspects, positions are rigid and no member of the pair also manage to be both dependent on each other to be sent and to give orders, hierarchies not change, the roles either. In this type of relationships rather than the expression of love we find arguments for power. Generally a lot of emotional energy is diluted in these couples, for love is really very little space. The battles are endless and peace and warmth absent.

Indifference Relations: Each partner has its own life. Do not engage in communication, usually accompanied in his solitude. They share a physical space together but not an emotional quality or closeness, or intimacy. Coexist in the same environment, but there is a large drop the link, love, care, a relationship is ultimately limiting because neither love nor cease to live together. Foreign Stable and Mature Each partner is equal before the other, there is conflict, sometimes very serious, but the manner of attack is through dialogue, agreements for shared decision making. Both partners have a specific weight that is delivered. They are able to have a couple projects and interests individual without the relationship might be at risk. They can even exchange roles and also at times play some roles in the relationships described above but without becoming polarized into one.

They express emotions such as feeling without fear, without indifference, they share their life project. Not related to a penpal, but from the accompanying be complete to accompany the passage of the journey of life. None of them need anything that your partner has to claim, are satisfied with themselves and with the person they are, can therefore be no fear of the merger. The relationship is refreshed frequently … as you can see the love and relationship as a couple are not the same. I can love someone intensely, but the relationship is not entirely satisfactory to me, or I can not want both my partner, but is a relationship that is constructive and appropriate. What I want to emphasize is the importance of knowing: What are my ways of love? When I love someone how I relate? Are these ways of relating and love are constructive or destructive? Get in touch with my own ways and forms of love and relate to, is one way to straighten out, terminate, halt, and perhaps have a rewarding relationship for both parties. I would love to write and give their views on these issues. And it offers, the launch of its E_Book WHEN LOVE BECOMES PARTNER IN PAIN.

Theory Human

July 1st, 2015

As already cited previously (CHIAVENATO, 1999), with the Theory of the Relations Human beings was transferred to study it the influence of motivation in the behavior of the people. Although this is only one of the internal factors that influence the human behavior, it is given as much importance because the motivation acts, in general, on the necessities of the individuals, in order supriz them to reach the objectives, personal as in such a way organizacionais (CHIAVENATO, 1999). These necessities human beings, had as active and impulsionadoras forces of the behavior, present an enormous imensido. This because the people are different between itself, possess different necessities and these, consequently, produces behavior standards that vary of individual for individual. Although all these enormous differences, in research carried through concerning the human behavior, were evidenced that the process that dinamiza the human behavior is more or less similar for all the people. Being based on the estimated ones of Chiavenato (1998, P. 76-77) three assumptions can be defined to explain the human behavior, of which the analysis in them is valid, therefore they are closely related with the motivation process: ) The human behavior is caused, that is, a causalidade of the behavior exists. As much the hereditary succession as the environment influences decisively on behavior of the people.

The behavior is caused by internal or external stimulatons. the concept of motivation in the theory of the relations human beings b) the behavior is motivated, that is, it has a purpose in all human behavior. The behavior is not causal, nor random, but always guided and directed for some objective. c) The human behavior is guided for personal objectives. Underlying the all behavior always exists an impulse, a desire, a necessity, a trend, expressions that serve to assign the reasons of the behavior. Being the human behavior basically guided by objectives, they are known or unconscious, it is evident the importance of if associating motivacionais attitudes to these objectives.

Human Body

June 15th, 2015

R the human body, nowadays, is being observed and tratadoatravs of a vision relacionista, and less reducionista. Thus the cutaneous alterations can be associates the psychic riots as cause or as effect. For A.MONTAGU (1988) the skin is the mirror of the functioning of the organism, with color, texture, humidity, dryness, etc. and thus, each one of its too much aspects, reflects our state of being, our psychological one, our physiological one. For GROSSBART (in a text of GOLEMAN and GURIN) our skin can be compared with clothes that never we take off, but as everything that we dress, dumb as the mood ours of each day and the occasion.

We can have that the skin exerts a factor of protection, shelter, and is accurately here that we can stand out the bonds between emotional riots and the illnesses of the skin. The skin also acts as a dentro-fora limit, I-other, I it world, and thus it is a faade that protects in them and at the same time it displays in them. ANZIEU (1989) affirmed that the skin is the envelope of the body, as well as this envelopa the psychic one. We can until daring to say that the skin nothing more is of what a thermometer of ours I, our emotions, our temeridades, our desires, etc Old already if it spoke of a neurodermite, wanting to emphasize certain aspects of a nervous origin for eczemas (of the Greek kzema), that it is about an illness of the skin where vesicles, exsudao and scales if make to notice. The psicodermatolgicas clutters can be described through a division: – 1) psicofisiolgicas clutters (eczemas, acnes, psorase, seborricas, urticrias dermatitides, etc.). 2) primary psychiatric clutters (tricotilomania, excoriations neurotics, etc.). 3) secondary psychiatric clutters (vitiligo, etc.) the states of estresses, depression, fears, phobias, anxiety and others, can with certainty, to configure and to make to unchain psychic ruptures and dermatological ruptures in susceptible people, at a moment of bigger emotional fragility. Therefore, if you present some singular dermatological characteristics, search aid through a medical support and psychological, that certainly will be able to offer a clinical support to it for the confrontation and consequence improves of such discomfort. The Psychoanalysis left of being a science auxiliary of the psicopatologia and if it also converted into the starting point of a deeper, indispensable psychology for the considered understanding of normal (S.Freud, 1900) the Source: Scielo Psychology for Suely Bischoff Axe of Oliveira email.

Psychology Of Success

December 2nd, 2013

learn to read between the lines! Psychologists interviewed around the world more than thousands of successful people, , which led them to success. Then they brought out 'formula for success. " Its mathematical expression in general looks like this: 'Y = X + W + C'. Y is luck. X-x Characteristics of the individual, including psychological 'flexibility' ability to get along with people, a vital position. W-health, money savings, availability of friends. C-esteem and sense of humor.

Each parameter in turn, made up of many composes, which scientists estimate in points, making complex calculations. But even without such details it is clear that runs on luck. Boola that it turned out that luck – it's also the ability to go beyond proposed situations, some kind of expansion of consciousness. Professor of psychology of universities of Hertfordshire (UK), author of The Luck Factor 'by Richard Wiseman, who has taken as a basis for the principles of probability theory and quantum mechanics had an amazing experience. He has published in several newspapers obyavlinie, which suggest to people who consider themselves extremely lucky, or, conversely, unlucky to take part in experiments.

Each scientist gave a very thick paper and asked to count the number of pictures in it. The catch was that one page was a fake, there among the other ads placed his scientist read: 'Sobschite experimenter that you saw it, and get a 250 reward. " The announcement was typed in large print. The question is, who he said? Without exception, the 'lucky' see and received prizes.

Hygienic Factors

October 2nd, 2012

The important aspects of the work for the growth necessities are called factors Motivation. As for the hygienical factors it affirms that they are those that the people must receive from the companies as a minimum so that they are strengthenn in the work. They include: 1. Conditions of work and comfort 2. Politics of the organization and administration 3. Benefits 4.

– Wages 5. – Security in position 6. – Relations with the superior and the colleagues. Herzberg concludes that, later that these factors is satisfied, it does not advance to try to increase one of them to obtain greater motivation of the professionals. The expression hygiene serves accurately to reflect its character preventive and to show that they are simply destined to prevent insatisfao sources. Nobody goes to work with more tenacity because a company decides to include, for example, a odontolgico plan as I benefit additional.

However, if the people will not be satisfied with some of these factors, them do not go to strengthen themselves very. In this context, Chiavenato (1983, P. 283) concludes: ' ' The hygienical factors do not obtain to raise substantial and the satisfaction lastingly. However, when they are precarious, they provoke insatisfao' '. While the theory of Maslow is based on a structure uniform, the hierarchy of necessities and of Herzberg in two classrooms of factors, both rest in the implicit swaggerer of whom &#039 exists; ' a way melhor' ' to motivate the people, either by means of recognition of the pyramid of necessities human beings, either through the application of the motivacionais factors and the enrichment of the position. However, the evidence has demonstrated that different people react in different ways, as the situation where they are placed. Victor H. Vroom (1964) developed a theory of the motivation that rejects preconceived slight knowledge and that it recognizes these individual differences.


March 16th, 2012

In logic they can not refuse – because dogs have helped the natives to catch a walrus. And on that old suit? There were also those who thrown out of the dead to be devoured by wild animals. Incidentally, the Masai, or as they are sometimes called Gypsies in Africa, there were still so until recently. But the predators become fewer, and the Maasai more, all can not eat it! And too bad hurt them, these Maasai, not appetizing Lovers to feed birds in the winter forest will certainly be interesting to know that the first bird feeders come up with the Persians, the fire-worshipers. That they were building an open turret, in and that the dead were placed at the mercy of a hawk.

But in some places in India and to this day, apparently more concerned about fish, and therefore discarded dead in the water current. However, with the elements of the relationship between religion still living and dead already somewhat more complicated. For example, the nomadic tribes were often left his house, and if the deceased person was significant, then the whole village at the disposal of the dead. Fear of his return as a ghost encouraged Some placate the dead: give him a property, bring food. In the desire to please often put to death his wife, the servants of the deceased, that they may be useful to him in that light. On the other hand every effort to complicate return the dead: they are often swaddled, bound, and the burial place put heavy stones.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty