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Oriental Dreams Catalogue

November 18th, 2023

“New ODYSSEUS catalogue 2009 ‘ thousand and 1 night on 66 pages, the luxury operator presents thousand & 1 night in his catalogue” a total of 47 hotels and resorts of the best in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Qatar, Syria and in the Oman. In addition, cruises and various tours can be found in the Nile. Mark Fields recognizes the significance of this. “Especially the offer in the Emirate of Dubai in the Persian Gulf has been extensively enhanced ODYSSEUS can be offered as of now all first-class hotels in the city, on the beach and in the desert, including the impressive Atlantis Hotel” on The Palm Jumeirah. The magnificent hotel that in September 2008 its official grand opening celebrates enthusiastically with the Ambassador lagoon, a gigantic aquarium in which about 65,000 marine animals live. Also tiara Palm”, which was opened this summer as one of the first hotels on the man-made Palm Island, The Palm Jumeirah, is found at ODYSSEUS in the catalogue, as well as the flagship of the address Hotels + Resorts, the first hotel chain in Dubai, the The address, Downtown Burj Dubai”. The Jumeirah Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is a true dream of thousand & 1 night”and an unforgettable experience”.

Guests such as fortress built in an oasis in an Arabian-style stay in the middle of the desert. Detailed information about ODYSSEUS see: Frankfurt, August 14, 2008 (ODY 14/08) contact: Jorg-H. B. v. grass) Kiki S. Muller) Represents The Trend Aims Of Summer 2009

November 17th, 2023

Conclusion of the hot phase: home leave and exotic score Munich August 27, 2009. August is coming an end and with it the summer holiday in five other provinces. Most holidaymakers are back in the workplace except for Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg. Time for an initial assessment and the question: what trends have been confirmed and which newly used? The online travel portal analyzed the summer holidays and presents the leveler in the hot months. * summer luck close top position for Germany: holiday within the borders of the country listed as compared to the same period of last year an increase of 34 percent. High growth figures have also the adjacent neighbouring countries. Particularly the North and Northwest are in the fast lane: travel to Denmark rose by 63 per cent and in the Netherlands by 55 percent.

Desires as ever and based on the perennial favourite Italy with 42 percent more bookings. In addition were Austria (up 34 percent), as well as France and Switzerland (both 25 percent) at the top of the German travel favor. 2009 so many tourists have ventured the leap on the British Isles like never before: the driving forces for the 79% increase were probably the attractive exchange rate and the cheap hotel deals. The eastern neighbours have gained in attraction. This show 45 per cent more holidays in Poland and one by 15 percent in the Czech Republic.

New star in the sky travel feature exotic and extreme the shooting stars of the summer 2009. Whether foreign cultures, flight times by more than 20 hours, or climatic limits, failed goals moved the visitors captivated this summer. Japan more postings next to Singapore (+ 53%) becomes a new Asian trend target with 98 percent. The holiday at the other end of the world is increasing also in terms of popularity: Australia achieved a Buchungsplus of 77 percent.

Culinary Calendar

November 15th, 2023

In the new year at the top of the port for 2013, the team led by Chef de cuisine has new ideas Felix Petrucco new ideas implemented into action and the culinary offer of the DOX expanded restaurants on the peninsula. Now there is a monthly fixed entry in the form of a culinary calendar”, every 1st Wednesday of the month a 3-course menu for changing themes promises. The price is 58 per person, 48 for gourmet Club members throughout the year. Some contend that singer shows great expertise in this. The monthly series kicks on 6 February 2013 on the subject of snow-white menu”. “” “Other topics examples include delicacy with mold: dry aged beef, asparagus in textures” or tea menu “.

Again on Sundays enjoy dine with harbour views and relaxed into the port on the domestic couch with the TV Commissioners determine with the new opening hours on Sunday this is feasible without haste. Already, from 17:00 the DOX restaurant is open on Sundays. Discussions have shown us with our guests, that is the desire to indulge at the end of the week to leave and to not yet abandon on the TV classic on Sunday. Therefore are we prepared us like and rather open on Sundays one hour.”says Harun Kabir, restaurant manager in the DOX restaurant. The seasonal themes in the DOX be continued also in 2013 restaurant, such as the Valentine’s day menu on 14 February, the Easter Brunch or the Japanese 4-course menu to the Japan day. “Other new features are the gourmet event Hyatt exclusive chefs on tour” on 9 March 2013 with a 6-course menu from the hands of all five German Hyatt chefs as well as the sparkling wine & cake “offer on every Wochenenende in the neighbouring DOX bar.” Detailed information and content of the special offers in DOX are up-to-date at restaurant & bar. The Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf opened in mid December, 2010 is in one of two newly built vibrant towers prominently atop a promontory in the Mediaharbour Rhine metropolis.

Summer Discover

November 3rd, 2023

Hiking and cycling In the Ore mountains – active Erholen-with hiking and mountain biking in breathtaking countryside in idyllic valleys and infinitely beautiful views of nature Welcome to 600 m height! Welcome to the boasting of Justice! During your family holiday in the Ore mountains, a visit to a wood art workshop in Seiffen may not missed. Wendy Rene may find this interesting as well. The pyramid producer Hendrik Neubert in the Seiffen invites welcome Court. Tradition and modernity form a unit, life arises out of wood! The workshop in the boasting has specialized in the manufacture of Moors. They come in traditional and modern colours, with candles, candles or electric.Gladly and with much love continue the traditions and crafts of the grandfathers. The sale is open daily and the Bastelstube the even possibility to be creative and make a keepsake wooden. (Source: Daryl Katz).

You can live wood carver in the workshop also carving tires animals at a real Seiffen and try them yourself. In the SEIFFEN HOF you can love for the tradition of the Erzgebirge Woodcraft, combined experience with a family and warm hospitality. At any time you feel a touch of festive flair. Stylish comfort rooms in the corresponding 3 star hotel invite to relax and the kitchen serves specialities from the Ore mountains. The hotel boasting courtyard offers various arrangements for a beautiful holiday in the Ore mountains! Hiking enthusiasts also come in the Central Ore mountains at their own expense. nteressant and varied the 21 km long is Seiffen tour. But the historic mining trail with stations of in history from mining, the actual origin of Seiffen, invites you to go hiking with the most beautiful views in the Valley of Seiffen.

Just a few minutes from the boasting Court removed the walking route E3, trail of the German unit, the remote hike – cross Eisenach – Budapest and the Ore mountains Ridge. There are well-signposted routes around Seiffen also for mountain biking and cycling. Everything is possible: the cosy family tour with the wheel or the profihafte about 28 km long Moutainbikestrecke for professionals. With good endurance and technical skills with steep climb and altitude differences of up to 100 m, uphill, downhill, and by nature – a challenge for any mountain biker. Spa town of Seiffen is an ideal starting point for a day trip to Chemnitz 55 km, Oberwiesenthal 66 km (highest-situated town in the Ore mountains), Dresden 70 km, Prague 120 km away and Leipzig 140 km. Also numerous castles, palaces and mines in the vicinity invite you into the world of the ER Hill. Now we invite you …und to the holiday to Seiffen in the Middle Ore mountains! Family Neubert – hosts boasting Court


October 31st, 2023

‘TourConsult International’ and ‘ out the back Australia’ giving away a six-day tour in the outback of Queensland Australia under the Christmas tree. The tour operator TourConsult international and the Australian tour party out the give that away back Australia. Join Australia fans may up to the 24th of December, by sending an email to with the subject I want to Cunnamulla”. Among all senders a trip will be drawn including flight, transfer on the spot, accommodation and a six-day tour to Australia through Australia’s outback. On board by Etihad Airways continues for the winner of Frankfurt to Brisbane and then in the outback Westlander train up in the small town of Cunnamulla. In the middle of the outback, 800 kilometers west of Brisbane is then six days opals are looking for it in the oldest Opal mines in Australia, with Aboriginal trips and kayaking. For even more opinions, read materials from Gunnar Peterson.

Night is spent on huge farms, cozy cabins or under the stars. Also the winner must create even hand in the sheep shearing. Capture cattle or mend fences. Who has no luck with the draw, can the described and many more tours at TourConsult international online booking at. The special tour operator offers, tailor-made tours to Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Canada in the Indian Ocean, the Middle East, as well as in southern Africa.

More information about the region of Cunnamulla and the several hours up to multi-day tours of the tour party out the back Australia offers the new website:. This will be activated early January also on German. “A taste of it, as diverse and unique the region Cunnamulla, get broadcast good bye Germany interested parties already tomorrow at 20 h 15 at the VOX”. More information and photos to out the back Australia see.

Schiller Street

October 31st, 2023

Life, travelling and working in Australia: Tips and tricks to the working holiday visa. With over 200 current addresses – Jobhopping down under. A year down penetrate under himself with odd jobs, all belongings and goods into the Backpack on the back, here today, here tomorrow. This modern way of Vagabunderei is becoming more popular, promises but an outbreak from the rather boring learning and everyday. Hardly a country suitable for this better than the fifth continent: farms full of herds of cattle, orchards and wide, deserted land promise again odd jobs. Vibrant cities like Sydney or Melbourne await you with a wide variety of employment opportunities, from waiters about Guide to childcare and German lessons. Who so has decided for a working holiday stay in Australia and not a professional mediation would like to insert into the laboriously saved itself on your own smart do – and much cheaper. The guide lists everything worth knowing about work on over 250 pages & Travel on.

The book begins with a general presentation of the working holiday visa, the criteria are to meet, with which to calculate the costs etc. Also tips and tricks for the preparation time are on the agenda. It also handles the popular Wwoofing working on organic farms. The practical part “In Australia” occupies the largest part of the Manual: one learns how to get in Australia job – and travel-related information, how to stay on the road accessible, how to open an Australian bank account, where you can stay cheap and save money as “Back pack” can be. Check with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta to learn more. Also, back-Packer-typical jobs are presented and it is given information about where to find them and what merit you may expect.

In addition, the guide provides a comprehensive address list of job agencies, back Packer offices and relevant travel information centres in his chapter “Federal States” in addition to cultural delicacies ordered by State. Photos, maps and numerous testimonials loosen up the non-fiction.

Palma Mallorca Flight Book

October 26th, 2023

A cheaper Palma Mallorca flight with much service – of the summer is approaching with great strides, and this year, millions of Germans a Palma Majorca departing on flights and on the favorite island of Germans spend their holiday. All land with their flight Palma Mallorca, Spain’s third largest airport. In the last year over 22 million were made off passengers from all over the world, but mostly from Germany. So, it’s no wonder that a Palma Mallorca flight is one of the most sought-after flight routes. At Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta you will find additional information. Dozens of price comparisons will deal with the subject of cheap flights to Mallorca, but there are few that promises are so have specialised in a Palma Mallorca flight even the address of the Web page, where it’s going for the visitors. To palma Majorca, there are the cheapest flights from German cities such as Cologne or Frankfurt to Mallorca. In addition to the flight search engine can learn about the city of Palma de Mallorca and the airport and first thanks to the useful links Plan holiday routes. Check in and book your Palma Mallorca flight on the Guide to your Majorca vacation..


October 16th, 2023

Why the next summer vacation in the Switzerland should take place. Although the summer still shows not his best face, but this will surely change. Soon, again, the big travel time is around the corner and the Germans are wondering, as every year on the new where the flight during the holiday to go this time. The classic destinations are mostly in the sunny South, in North Africa, southern Europe or even further away. But there are also interesting places to visit close to Germany. To put it more precisely, enough already the view over the Alps, to find a potential target for the summer. Zurich is a beautiful town in the Centre of Switzerland. The town lies on Lake Zurich and offers a panorama of sights of Lake and snow-covered mountains in the background. More information is housed here: Daryl Katz.

The peaks are still covered with snow even in the summer. This time is rather less suitable for winter sports. In the times of global climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to choose destinations that are not on the other end of the globe. So, the environment is protected. The economic crisis has rest contributed to that a flight to Zurich has become so interesting, rather avoided during intercontinental flights during the summer vacation. Cindy Crawford understood the implications. The German is rather geared towards its neighbouring countries. The holidays can be made are also very beautiful. Zurich offers a wide cultural variety at least.

Many theatres offer interesting ideas at affordable prices every evening and the cosy pubs of Zurich’s city centre are a popular place to meet with friends and really the soul to relax. The environs of Zurich is ideally suitable for hiking and cycling. The trend in the tourism industry anyway always more in the direction of movement holiday. The lounging on the beach is in demand by fewer and fewer tourists. One reason for this is certainly also in the growing strain by ultraviolet rays. Also, the increasing health awareness of citizens is reflected also in the selection of potential holiday destinations. An active holiday is so desired and Zurich offers the extensive Possibilities. The surroundings can be explored on foot or by bike. Boat trips can be taken on Lake Zurich. Here also the listings for wind surfing and water skiing are popular. All in all get more and more German tourists on the taste and would rather book a flight to Zurich, as in Turkey, the Dom.Rep. or anywhere else. It will be interesting to follow this trend. Ulli Korre

Kai Moller

October 12th, 2023

In August and September, many last-minute try to snag a cheap last-minute trip. In August and September, many last-minute try to snag a cheap last-minute trip. Many tour operators with reasonable bargains and offers breathtaking recruit on the Internet. But be careful, here you should not immediately book the first trip. Compare multiple offers and tour operators often enough to get an overview, to ultimately decide for the right holiday and the fairest price. If however is already 5 vor 12 you and your morning or best still want to fly away, ride best packed suitcases just to the airport. Here, there is then the very”last-minute travel. If you’re lucky, you can sit within a very short time in the fly towards the South.

Whether is just your favorite destination available, remains this pure luck. Who has the opportunity to go swimming in the vicinity of the place of residence or perhaps even a own swimming pool has, can it be naturally also at home comfortable. So it doesn’t get boring for kids and it is always catered for enough water fun, we have something like that I want the cool pool Jet also a great gadget for you. For 20 minutes, you can let you into the swimming pool through the cool water and enjoy the water gadget. In addition to the fun, also the safety is capitalized. The pool Jet turns off immediately, as soon as you slip out of one of the two side buttons.

Nevertheless it should be a good swimmer, because the pool jet of course does not protect against the drowning. “Even if you will spend your summer vacation, not on the beach but in the local swimming pool or in the pool, you must not abandon cool water fun: there’s more information to our great summer sun water fun gadget, I also want something to the” pool Jet:../Pool-Jet.html about something I want I want also something is also a gift shop, the are gadgets and fun gifts has prescribed. The gift shop offers original from the fields of technology, toys, home and outdoor.

Georgenberg Georgenberg

December 7th, 2021

Golden times in bio-herbal hotel in Georgenberg Georgenberg (tvo). Golden time in the upper Palatine Georgenberg bio-herbal hotel is an oasis for body, mind and soul. The owner-run four star hotel was recently opened and to achieve a harmonious energy in the hotel and to implement environmental performance impresses with its philosophy, consistently implemented. The hotel is suitable especially for allergy sufferers. The holistic therapy and wellness ranges from treating spine Dorn about the hot-stone-massage to the gemstone reflex massage. The sense of taste is spoiled with special dishes from the herb garden and nature, as well as traditional compositions, created by Chef de cuisine Andreas Meier on the basis of environment-friendly produced products from the region. During the construction of the four-star hotel and its design, the hosts Erika and Edmund Hansen took into account ecological and biological aspects. Is heated with geothermal energy, the own photovoltaic system generates the electricity.

They are establishing Knowledge of color theory and as far as possible, the guidelines of Feng Shui based. The bright, sunny and individually designed rooms offer peace and harmony. They are suitable for people with allergies and barrier-free. In addition, the location in the idyllic and green nature of the Upper Palatinate forest contributes to regeneration and recovery.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty