No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Lifes Challenges

November 8th, 2023

You lode to win the adversities and the challenges of the life. You already were born winning! One remembers that amongst millions of seeds You were that one that avenged. He believes that nobody is dealt with privileges for the life: It deals with to all equal way and is all under the same laws. They are our thoughts and the force that in them we place that they make everything to happen. Learn more at: Daryl Katz. Let us think about the success and it will come. Let us think about the health and it will be disclosed. Let us believe the good and it always one will reveal. Nothing it is impossible where faith exists! God speaks inside of us, even so almost always believes that IT says of the side ‘ ‘ of fora’ ‘ . For even more details, read what Garret Wang says on the issue. All time that we suffocate in them with negative hurts, ressentimentos and thoughts, we are commanding IT who if is silent. God freed of us leaves inside and all the miracles will happen!

Santa Cruz

December 6th, 2014

In the last four months was presented a growing trend of transport trucks in boat or wheeled vehicles, more commonly known as ro-ro for being an acronym of Roll On-Roll Off traffic. The goods are loaded on trucks entering the rolling boats and taken to the place of destination. For this purpose vessels have ramps and external doors close to the water level allowing trucks access to the ship. The growth occurred in the sector was 5.8% during the first quarter of the year compared to the same period of the previous year, achieving 12, 86 million tons of traffic roll on-roll off. It is the highest rate of growth in the sector, since 2007, in Spanish ports. Given the incredible rise of vehicle transport sector have turned the capital of investors to this sector by providing an investment of EUR 110 million in the coming months. Roro traffic of trucks and heavy machinery in Spain with departure of ships in Spain is mainly found in the port of Vigo prepared especially for this type of shipment. Other Spanish ports which had greater traffic of goods aboard trucks were Barcelona, Baleares, Valencia, Bay of Algeciras and Santa Cruz with 2.745.893; 2.393.926; 1.550.560; 1.547.783 and 1.112.366 tonnes respectively. From the last three decades trucks on ships shipping ro ro has been increasing achieving a total increase of 800%. It can be estimated that this growth can continue in the time since the commissioning of the short see shipping or transport of short distance will increase the port traffic of this sector.

The Argument

March 11th, 2014

AP 21:8 But, how much to the fearful ones, and the skeptics, and to abominable, and to the homicides, and the adultery ones, and the wizards, and idlatras, and all the liars, its part will be in the burning hot lake of fire and sulphur, that is the second death. We have that to be conscientious that to sin and not to use to advantage the life and yes to lose the communion with God. Is 59:2 but your iniquities make separation between you and your God; your sins had hidden its face of you, in way that does not hear you. You who if judge the smart one for practising everything that she comes in your mind, in the truth you know that not and happy, and who you have an emptiness of you inside that the women do not fill nor your money, nor your new car, much less your beautiful house, your friendships alone makes you to feel itself glad at the moment that are together, but when you put the head in the pillow to the sadness arrives and you know that this not gaining your life, but this if losing perpetual, but sees what Christ speaks now with you. Hb 4: Today, if to hear its voice, you do not harden yours hearts.

Christ opens your heart to fill this emptiness that exists inside of you, Christ wants to make dwelling in your heart. AP 3:20 Here it is that I am to the door and I beat; if somebody to hear my voice, and to open the door, I will enter in its house, and with it I will cearei, and it with me. III. ' ' But who to lose its life for love of me and evangelho' ' This affirmation of Christ does not want to say that it also judges that who to abandon the pleasures of this world for love it and to evangelho this losing the life here in the land, but it used the argument that the society surrounded that it used, therefore the text that if follows express the real thought of Christ for who abandons everything for love it.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty