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Success Factors Of Live Communication

November 27th, 2014

Event agencies organize live events for companies In the last years the declining brand loyalty as a new challenge for companies has been identified. This trend is mainly due to the entry of strong trademarks and international competitors, what event agencies has helped to a significant upswing. Earlier, a relatively minor role in the communication mix was written to live events, they have gained in importance in the enormously in recent years. They allow companies in collaboration with specialized event targeted productions emotional brand agencies to convey product and company messages. Live communication is to develop emotional worlds and the long-term loyalty of consumers through a combination of acoustic, Visual, and tactile stimuli paired with the transport of living messages. Whether in small or in large part, whether simple or complex, are the most successful events unique concepts underlying.

The following are the Central rules of live communication lists and explains. The first step within the framework of the live communication planning is the definition of the communication objective, which is to be achieved with the help of the events. The company must work out a clear definition of the communication objective in collaboration with an event agency and make sure to lose sight of this goal. This followed the creation of a substantive framework based on the idea from concept creation, so. To be successful, event agencies must sure that these profound concepts of communication be accompanied by a professional project management, and include something new and unique.

In the context of the subsequent implementation are most notably the experience, character and uniqueness of the implementation of central importance. Even though this is often connected with high contact costs, it represents the most effective way of the placement of brand personality and brand identity. Especially a multisensory speech events can contribute to the success. According to experts, are less than 10% of all events conceptual multi-sensorial aligned, causing enormous potential is given away. Event agencies and companies must understand that the inclusion of as many senses can significantly enhance the impact of the Embassy and represent an important differentiation factor. It is also particularly important to insert the Live Communications as an equal in the marketing mix of companies and be coordinated with other communication tools, such as TV advertising and sales promotion. Only companies who understand events as operational and strategic field within the communication policy, can have success in the long term with them. The target group of such events can be both internally and externally. Companies must understand it to bind also employees, suppliers and other direct business partners through the use of live events in themselves. Summary, is to say that a consistent corporate message across all marketing instruments the credibility, market presence and uniqueness of companies significantly strengthened.


November 22nd, 2014

Inducted into the ESRI partner network (EPN) can NetSys.IT the industry-specific knowledge combined with the ESRI expertise. NetSys.IT, an innovative medium-sized company, developed the product AVIATOR. The ArcGIS extension is used for displaying virtual cockpits for the visualization of information. They silver partnership with ESRI, as a result of the development of the AVIATOR, excellent complements its portfolio of solutions. Inducted into the ESRI partner network (EPN) can NetSys.IT the industry-specific knowledge combined with the ESRI expertise. Thus, the AVIATOR represents a high-quality and innovative solution that provides users with added value. Through this cooperation, NetSys.IT and ESRI share a common goal-the satisfaction of our customers, through easy-to-adapt cockpits.

NetSys.IT developed standardized ready-to-use solutions that are based on ESRI technology as a solution partner. This combination of ESRI expertise with complementary information technology and industry knowledge is a key success factor for the customers. The AVIATOR makes it possible to create a virtual cockpit with minimal effort. Thereby, different methods of information processing and compression be applied to visualize also temporal changes of information. Also, the AVIATOR has a wide range of ready-made graphical tools for the presentation of information. The user can arrange the data individually depending on the desired application, the cockpit. Since no programming knowledge is necessary, the extension is very easy to integrate. At the beginning, the AVIATOR available is the ESRI partners in Germany and of Switzerland.

Developed the NetSys.IT as imaginative IT service provider information & communication GbR for businesses and administrations tailor made information and communication solutions. The company provides innovative software solutions developed at all levels of information processing, and supports the customers in the development, maintenance and backup their systems. The core competencies lie in the development of individual software and Web applications. For more information about the company and to the innovative products and services under. Press contact: NetSys.IT information & Communication Caroline Schilling marketing, PR and sales Weimarer Strasse 28 98693 Ilmenau FON: + 49 (0) 36 77 / 20 81 53 0 fax: + 49 (0) 36 77 / 89 45 51

Learning Journey 22-25 June 2011

November 22nd, 2014

Executive Education program at HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance Executive package embedded in c/o pop festival and Convention of 22 25 June 2011 the HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance offers an expedition for those exclusive learning, who want to know more, who want to see how creativity translates into innovation and business. Be there when the thinkers, makers and decision-makers in the entertainment and creative industries meet! On a four-day journey through the creative melting-pot of c/o pop and the Convention is experienced, what creative business innovation. The interplay of action learning and implementation workshops, Peer Learning, networking and benchmarking shows how creativity and innovation driving business of tomorrow. With the Executive package you can be today. Learning from the creative industries creative economy is enthusiasm, hype, fan culture. Customer loyalty in the form of tribes is the normal, not the extraordinary here. Total passion, absolute and unconditional dedication Perfectionism was marked by the way of the artist long before the excellence initiatives and the high performance organization.

Creativity as a business is characterised by re-invention and comeback. This is true for creative, such as for the business and its business models. This is true for the 21st century. The focus of the learning journey is learning from the creative industries. How is reinvent the creative industry? With what models she does and how can learning be drawn from them for their own company? How does the transfer avant-garde-> pop-> business model? These and other questions this guide the participants on your learning journey. Beneficial investment transfer learning stands in the foreground of the exclusive learning expedition.

Again, the question will be to provide for the practical use, because it depends on. The entire learning journey is an investment in the individual development, innovation and business. A limited number of participants allows individual targeted and reflected experience and learning settings. Last but not least loads the intensive exchanges in the group to get to know and build a new relationship. It ensures a deep plunge into creativity, innovation and business. And it is ensured, that no Pearl lost this are our experienced partner of moderation by the systemic Excellence group – independent think tank for leading practice. Services of the Executive package: tickets for the c/o pop Convention and the c/o pop festival visit the Convention with over 50 events in the Staatenhaus am Rhein Park visit the Festival with about 30 music – and pop-cultural shows and events bilingual (German/English) hosted learning expedition on all four days of structured action learning and Peer Learning Settings specifically moderated resonant spaces for impressions and impulses excursions and meals (VIP dinner at 24.6.), Lunch at 24/25.6.) Exclusive boat shuttle from the art’otel to the venue cost: 1.950,-for more information at: HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance or on our homepage. Contact: Ms Annekathrin Wilke /. Mrs Claudia Flick email phone: + (49) 30 2005 971. 20

Lose Weight

November 20th, 2014

Lose weight with simple tips and tricks for everyone makes their own weight today in Germany to create many. Many look on the Internet for the latest tips and tricks as they can lose weight as quickly as possible. Thus it but should know that a quick weight loss has nothing to do with effective weight loss. This report shows all that want to reduce their weight, as this will be the most effective. Why doesn’t a quick weight loss? Who tried the pounds quickly tumble, making needed this usually, he feeds the body less food than he. A reduced caloric intake enticing the body to make the attached fat reserves. So far, so good, but the problem with most of the diets that are based on this principle is that you can’t go longer she. Already after a few days or most fall weeks again into the old scheme and occurs the so-called Yo-Yo effect.

The weight increases. For this reason you should make sure that in addition to the lower calorie intake also sports driving, to increase your calorie consumption. This of course assumes that to to his diet, because the body otherwise quickly defends itself with feelings of hunger. The most important and biggest meal should be the breakfast. You should make sure but that also this meal consists of carbohydrates and proteins, and contains so little fat as possible.

Fats should generally be avoided if you want lose weight effectively. Who do without sweets and and get a piece of chocolate cravings, should make sure to enjoy it in moderation. A good trick is when it ordered up high-quality diet pills from an online pharmacy and takes them before dinner. These pills are based on natural ingredients that cause that the body has less hunger. Thus it is faster satellite and is not dangerous to eat too much of the sweet treats. Who effectively wants to lose weight should always remember that this is a process that is slow. All Quick diets do any good indefinitely. It is more effectively every day to much take just a little less calories and but consistently do this. Therefore, you can prevent that enters the yo-yo effect and everything was free. Sports should be driven only to an extent by making a fun. You should feel no compulsion to play sports.

Missel Weight

November 20th, 2014

Stefanie Missel accompanied their participants as of September 2010 on the way to your ideal weight in their rooms in the Dorotheenstrasse. “Hamburg, August 30, 2010: flexible and healthy weight loss with the concept of WeightWatchers and the support of a coach in the meeting now in I came even as a participant to WeightWatchers, took off successfully and keep my weight since then”, explained Stefanie Missel, partner and coach of WeightWatchers. For me, the everyday concept is the best form of nutrition for a slim and healthy life. I’m not hungry and need to renounce to anything”, the meeting Director justified others in their loss to accompany their motivation and help to change your diet. For 40 years, people in Germany take off successfully with the nutrition with the concept of the WeightWatchers. A pillar of the success is the support provided by well trained coaches in the weekly meetings, exchanging with like-minded participants and can motivate each other. In Hamburg-Winterhude, held the meeting from September 2010 with views over the rooftops.

In an appealing atmosphere, there is information about a healthy diet, motivation for movement and change in behavior. Discrete cradles and the expertise and motivation of your coaches complete the offer, offering support on the way to your desired weight the participants. Thus, the concept of WeightWatchers everyday health offers for the individual as well as for couples or the entire family.

Lose Weight Already

November 19th, 2014

The real reason for losing weight every time you look in the mirror and sees as his body is accumulating fat each day, proposes that that day is going to start a diet to lower or will at least start to eat less, will leave the sweets, ice cream will not be more his temptationthat you will not eat more cookies, which will prevent the fats and sweets. But those good intentions only last a day, maybe two. Allows that time wrap around again in the routine of an unhealthy diet, which does not provide good nutrients, only fill you and every day is more antojado of goodies, and tells inside that it will only be once and the next day repeated dose or gives much of excess calories to your body with the pretext that is something different and which will not repeat it. But every day does the same thing with something different and another excuse! Is also left to wrap by the routine of the Office, the offices of the household and boring television; do not let this turn your life into a nightmare, that obesity, laziness, bad habits ruin everything you post you in nature and must preserve as best as possible. Be healthy, healthy, active, lively, happy, with a good attitude towards life, is only your decision, you are only one who does it and only you can do it. Many people undergo tortuous diets, risky surgeries, dangerous treatments, putting at risk the life and sometimes leaving it in the attempt. Don’t let this happen to you, do not allow that the consumer society slave to this situation again without achieving major changes and getting you the person that keeps this form of capitalism.

That is why it must change its way of seeing life, change your style of living, must do what is in their hands to make every day of your life, your environment, your family, your work, every moment that has for you. Lose weight gives you health, gives you a new vision of life, sometimes we don’t notice but depression, bad thinking, bad attitude changes from the inside out losing weight, but this is not magic, not nobody succeeds without that we do not allow it, because if you lose weight without effort and awareness it is almost certain that this will return accompanied, possibly, a few kilos more. It is here, now, and at this time you need to take that decision, his goal, with their objectives, definitive change don’t write in a paper for when the solution has to be taken out of obligation, because your health thus determines it, allow us to help you in that change, in that solution and make it in your mind, in your body and is his life to achieve it and have a good healtha good body and an excellent attitude to life. It is now! Courage, forward and success!

Good Weight Loss Pill

November 18th, 2014

Decline in the body weight due to change in diet or life style is known as WEIGHT LOSS. A variety of non-prescription pr prescribed pills for weight loss are available today. Now a days everyone around is tempted to loose weight in the fastest way possible. Being fit and healthy is the latest trend worldwide. Everyone under the sky wants to be fit and look good. Some people refer getting lean to being healthy. Whereas there are a few who simply do not care of the extra pounds they carry, and ignore the flab hanging from their body. Or it may be that they have given up hopes of loosing weight.

As for the people, who have given up on trying, summoning up the Pro verb “try try till you succeed”. Amongst working out, dieting, yoga, diet supplements, slimming teas etc weight loss pills are so a weight loss product. The market is flooded with numerous dietetic appendages and loose weight pills. With each product claiming to be the best in its own way confuses the consumer on which one to pick. A well informed and thoughtful decision is necessary while selecting weight loss pills. One needs to do a research very carefully by taking information from the producers of such products or by talking to the people who have already tried it (success stories of the individuals) etc. The manufacturer of the weight loss pill must be reputed and genuine. These are few things to be kept in mind while choosing weight loss pills.

Weight loss pills are categorized into two main categories-the prescription weight loss pills 2weeks by health care professionals or efad or the ‘natural’ weight loss pills available at any medicine store or health store. Before the emergence of ‘liposuction’ and other surgical treatments to reduce the fat in the body, the pills for losing weight were very popular. There are some pros and cons of these weight loss pills. The weight loss pills reduce the painful exercises in the gym in order to generate sweat to loose weight. It is very easy to use. People are so busy nowadays that they don’t get time to hit the gym. The day’s calories cannot be burnt if the gym is missed. You just need to pop a pill in the mouth and you are done for the day. You may injure yourself while exercising and put on weight while recovering. But with the weight loss pills there are absolutely no such problem unless of course you bite your tongue! Every weight loss pill contains more or less the same ingredients and is similar in action. The pills have both the advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable to have a good research before trying out as “trial and error” when comes to your health is quite dangerous! Weight loss pills though give fast and quick results, is not the healthiest way to reduce weight. Leena Babuta is providing information on new diet pills, diet pills, diet pills from mexico and other weight loss medications.

Health Bypass

November 16th, 2014

Obesity is a disease causing aggravation of more acute and lethal diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and any related heart disease. Many people suffering from obesity have tried to lose weight with diets made specifically for your body and have failed, or even with exercise but they have not been successful, by which resort to a surgical intervention that can help them lose weight fast and safely. Gastric bypass is the best choice for these people who have suffered from obesity for at least 5 years and who have a BMI greater than 40. Scientists have shown that with the completion of a gastric bypass, patients suffering from hypertension or heart disease have improved significantly, and that patients with diabetes have been reached to control his illness to the degree never need injections of insulin. Gastric bypass can be performed in two ways, via open and through a laparoscopy, which consists in the realization of a small incision by which to enter a camera to be able to perform the operation. The second option is the most widely used, by the fact of being less invasive also by the fact that his recovery time is shorter and the scar is much smaller. In Monterrey, obesity is one of the main diseases causing deaths, so many doctors have specialized in the realization of this surgery, the gastric bypass.

Muscle Mass Endurance

November 16th, 2014

It turns out to train your muscle mass, endurance or strength will not work the same way exercise. Each type has its own modes, loads, etc. To increase muscle mass is isolated dynamic exercise, taking only a certain group of muscles of all 10 times, but with maximum impact, until the last forces. And in each successive workout increase the weight so that an approach that weight you could pick up only 10 times. Choose the number of approaches in their physical fitness. Such training not only increases muscle mass, but also increases the strength of the muscle groups that train. Since bodybuilders train, including including Arnold Schwarzenegger and other famous bodybuilders.

You also need to eat well, and plenty of protein. For more effective workouts for muscle mass, read articles or books about training on a muscle group. To develop muscular endurance best fit this training: do dynamic exercises with a maximum (for you), number of repetitions in one approach, but with not much weight. Thus, you and each training will be performing more reps, but at the same strength does not increase. To develop strength to perform strength exercises on 8-10, but with large amplitude motions and with maximum efficiency. Number approaches to choose their physical fitness. Another suitable isometric exercises (static). Their performance does not increase muscle mass, but they are very effective for developing muscle strength.

They are trained famous Russian strongmen, one popular Alexander Zass (also known as Iron Samson). To all of these types of training had a great deal effectively with cyclic workout – it's running, swimming, skiing, etc. Also deals with stretching. Train no more than 6 days per week, 1 day to recover. It is not advisable to perform strength training more than 3 times a week.

Healthy Foods

November 11th, 2014

To increase muscle mass there are those who always indicate consume many foods to fatten, but not just any food. If you want to improve in terms of muscle and weight, the percentage of nutrients must be varied giving greater importance to some that others and at meals should not miss the following foods. 40% Protein (2gr/kg. of weight per day)-Yogurt. -Milk – eggs – tuna. -Protein powder.

-Turkey Breast. -Meat beef. -Egg whites. -Salmon. -Chicken breast. -Beans.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty