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Annular Silestone Slabs

June 21st, 2023

Cosentino presents result of cooperation with Swedish design studio form US with love the conceptual artwork consists of annular Silestone -plates, which are connected via a 40 cm-high metal bracket so that created a waterproof vessel of the vase. Stockholm, 7 February 2012 the Cosentino group, world leader in the manufacturing of quartz and natural stone surfaces, unveiling the results of the cooperation project with the internationally acclaimed Design Studio form US with love. This cooperation resulted in the unique, conceptual artwork of Silestone slab vases”vases made of single, different colored Silestone sheets in the form of ring. From 7 to 10 February the Silestone vases on the form US with friends can be admired exhibition Stockholm design week during which between 12 and 18: 00. It’s believed that James Alesia sees a great future in this idea. The exceptional, creative artwork several annular Silestone panels composed, which are connected via a 40 cm-high metal bracket, so a waterproof Vase vessel arises.

The variable ring sizes, shapes and different colors, the vases can be put together individually. Aim of the community project is the conventional Silestone forms such as kitchen and bathroom surfaces and the Visual and tactile ways of the Silestone to break through to discover parts. Jonas Pettersson, founder of form US with love, says to the Silestone project: Although the product is artificially produced, natural materials are used like natural stone. To the natural product, about five percent are mixed Binder, resin and paint, creating something entirely new. This interaction has impressed us intrigued and very work and as an industrial designer.”with form US with love can we visualize a whole new side of Silestone and show how variable the material can be used and how versatile it is. We are very proud to work with this fantastic, talented design trio together”, so Vanessa Feo Kutsch, communication and Marketing Manager Europe of Cosentino group. .

Claudia Moser

April 1st, 2023

KUMO opened online shop for authentic Japanese lifestyle. Now the entire KUMO range in Japan is lamps, Japanese room dividers, role models and traditional Japanese umbrellas available to online customers in the German-speaking shrihari So that our customers can already feel the charm of Japanese craftsmanship when you visit the online shop, we have given us great trouble with the visual appearance of the products,”as the founder of KUMO, Claudia Moser. The generous display with detailed information about products, designers and manufacturing, as well as a user friendly navigation – a platform that makes visiting the experience is completed. Claudia Moser continues the original idea of KUMO with the new online shop. The “luminosity” traditionally made Japanese furniture and accessories has fascinated me so, that I wanted to wear this experience in as many living room”, she brings her target on the point. It is arguably unique combination of clear, calm design, high quality materials and careful processing, based on centuries-old Japanese traditions, bringing these products to the “light”. (Similarly see: David Dudley Dowd Jr.). Claudia Moser. .

Sewer Rehabilitation

May 20th, 2015

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation, skating and short liner derive from contaminated water, wastewater and rain water that constantly through the channels into the sewage system. As long as the channels do their service and are intact, we’re wasting mostly no thought of the useful pipes. But if the unfortunate happens and a channel plugged or leaking is, we must unfortunately closer regard the channels. For all the channels that are not accessible from the inside, must the surrounding soil dug up either tedious or the channel be repaired through a trenchless sewer rehabilitation. In the private sector, the most channels are not accessible and require therefore a trenchless sewer renovation or a so-called liner renovation, if you want to dig up not the whole plot. Plastic seals put the channel back in operation the not walk-in channels are with a liner renovation by a specialist again closed, so that no water can penetrate more into the ground. These are usually Seals made of plastic in the sewer pipe pulled and squeezed on the damaged area by means of air pressure from the inside.

This liner renovation the channel reduces only very minimal in its cross section. This is important, of course, so that in the future all effluents can quickly drain. An enormous advantage of this method is of course a completely unspoilt by the trenchless sewer rehabilitation garden. While digging up a garden would be mostly even the smallest problem. The Canal under a building on paved surfaces, or by a method other than the trenchless sewer renovation anyway only with enormous effort and high costs is to realize. Short liner seals with inner tube cuff from the inner tube cuffs, which used to be used for the trenchless sewer renovation or the so-called short liner, glass fibre hoses or felt hoses are soaked with a reactive resin. This special resin adheres particularly well on wet or contaminated surfaces, as it It represents a broken sewer pipe. At ambient temperature, the tissue with the resin hardens quickly to a reliable short inner tube.

For longer damaged bodies, several cuffs can in a row be brought into the tube and completely redevelop so long cracks or breaks. Careful preparatory work ensures the success of the channel must be no obstacles, because the Packers placed the fabric cuff in place, is only slightly smaller than the diameter of the pipe. Therefore, the affected channel tube before the inliner renovation with a high pressure rinsing process is cleaned. Previously still any sewage jammed up is pumped off to allow the trenchless sewer renovation at all. Usually, a hole must not even be dug for the work on the sewer pipe, because the existing inspection openings are usually sufficient to perform all the work. If the damaged area was successfully repaired and the curing time is completed, is parts checked as a precaution with a camera, whether all completely are wetted and thus sealed with resin. Then the channel will do then more years without his service for many. Uwe Rieken


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty