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Children And Nutrition

January 26th, 2018

How much lesser the lesser the calrica reserve and shorter child is the period that it will be capable to support starvation. The nutrition demanded for the child is, for unit of corporal, bigger size in the latency in virtue of the fast growth during this period (LAMOUNIER, 1996). TECHNIQUES AND CARES DURING the PERIOD OF Schmitz BREAST-FEEDING (2006, p.37) quotation that: Preferential the first one suck must after happen soon the birth of the child, before exactly of the delivering of the afterbirth or secundamento. The more early after the childbirth to happen to first suck, the biggest one the possibility of well-being occurred. Such measures they not only favor breast-feedings precocious, as well as they contribute so that the uterine involution occurs faster and physiological for the ocitocina discharge that is set free with it I stimulate of the suction. Follow others, such as Pershing Square Capital Management, and add to your knowledge base. Other cares must be observed to preserve the maintenance of the Lctea production. During the first days of breast-feeding, Clayden and Lissauer (2003) they relate that the mother produces colostro instead of milk. Colostro differs from mature milk in the fact of that its content of protein and imunoglobulinas is well higher.

The volumes are low, but it is not necessary to supply water or artificial milk to complement to offers of maternal milk. The success of breast-feeding and its continuity all demand a preparation on the part of the mother, attitudes that seem simple contribute of satisfactory form for this so special moment. The place chosen for act to suckle must be comfortable for both, and the breasts must be alternated, following a logical interval between one suck and another one, respecting the time of child, who is determined in agreement its proper necessity (ABRO, 2006). The mothers need to have a puerprio without disturbances so that they obtain to suckle its children satisfactorily, therefore, psicognicos factors or the generalized stimulation of the likeable nervoso system in all its body will be able to inhibit the ocitocina secretion diminishing the milk ejection (MORAL; FIELDS; SILVESTRINI, 2005).


February 9th, 2017

Nowadays, breastfeeding in units neonates has gained new proportions. What, previouslywas lives restricted, today presents wide vision, due you the behavioral technological changes and in health institutions. Sentimental The importance of breastfeeding breasmilk is food benefits and. Breast milk is the food unique you children until the sixth month of life and, following this line of reasoning, the must also be present the feeding of infants hospitalized.

You encourage breastfeeding is neonatal units, various stimulates programs ploughs being discussed and available. Among can them we mention the method mom kangaroo and the encouragement of breast milking, when the breastfeeding is not initiated within the first hours to after delivery. Also in this segment of the neonatal units stimulates you recommend the suction, which can be done by nasogastric tubes, aimed at facilitating the breastfeeding future in the womb. Keywords: breast, UTI, neonatal, newborn. 1 Graduandos in Nursing in the College of Technology and 2 Sciences Orienting Professor of the College of Technology Sciences 1.INTRODUO In virtue of all the benefits that the maternal aleitamento brings, breast-feeding is the best option of feeding just been born, beyond consisting of one of the main factors of approach between mother and son.

Caesarean Health

October 5th, 2015

INTRODUCTION the puerprio is a period where if they process the involutivos phenomena of the pregnancy. In the immediate puerprio beyond the woman to suffer physiological changes has its attention directed toward just been born. Thus, one does not allow essential cares, that can facilitate in cares with the baby. A puerperal of quality and humanizada attention is basic for the health materna and neonatal and, for its humanizao and qualification. Illness becomes necessary to construct a new to look at on the process health/, that understands the person in its totality body/mind and considers the social environment, economic, cultural and physical in which it aims at to establish new bases for the relationship of the diverse involved citizens in the health production, users and managers, and the construction of a culture of respeitos to the human rights, between which the usual rights and the reproductive rights are enclosed, with the valuation of the involved subjective aspects in the attention.

The objectives of this research if bases on pointing the immediate cares in the puerprio and telling the main cares with the woman in this important phase. I searched to justify in my research that the immediate cares in the puerprio need special and qualified attention to provide to an attendance differentiated to purperas of normal childbirth or Caesarean childbirth preventing complications, infections, hemorrhages, among others. According to Health department, (2002) was observed that the puerperal attention is not consolidated in the health services. It would like that the return of the woman in the first month after childbirth was not only the concern with the evaluation and vaccination of the just-been born one. This work is about a bibliographical revision, that it aims in accordance with to explain in definitive care the indexado theoretical referencial, being able to be made of independent form. For elaboration of this research, it was necessary to consult works published in scientific books, articles, reviewed, in accordance with proposal previously selected. .

Resolution Health

September 24th, 2015

The Sanitary Monitoring, through the Resolution in the 18 of 30 of April of 1999, says that ‘ ‘ allegation of functional property: she is that relative one to the metabolic paper or physiological that the not nutrient nutrient or has in the normal growth, development, maintenance and other functions in organismo.’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Allegation of health property: she is that one that it affirms, it suggests or it implies the existence of the relation between the food or ingredient with illness or condition related to sade.’ ‘ (Resolution in the 19 of 30 of April of 1999, Sanitary Monitoring). The Sanitary Monitoring affirms that ‘ ‘ The food or ingredient that to allege functional properties or of health can, beyond basic nutricionais functions, when to be about nutrient, to produce metabolic and or physiological effect and or beneficial effect to the health, having to be safe for consumption without supervision mdica.’ ‘ (Resolution in the 18, of 30 of April of 1999). According to Sea (2000) apud Angel (2004, P. 145) ‘ ‘ functional foods are defined as any substance or component of a food that provides benefits for the health, also the prevention and the treatment of illnesses. ‘ ‘ The functional foods must present beneficial properties beyond the basic nutricionais, being presented in the common food form. They are consumed in conventional diets, but they demonstrate capacity of regulating functions corporal to assist it to form against illnesses as hipertenso, diabetes, cancer, osteoporose and coronariopatias.

Health Professionals

September 12th, 2015

Attention to the health: ‘ ‘ The health professionals, inside of its scope, must be apt to develop action of prevention, protection and whitewashing of the health, as much in individual level how much coletivo’ ‘ 14. To give integral and continuous assistance following the rules of the ethics and biotica. Taking of decision: ‘ ‘ The work must be based on the capacity to take decisions, aiming at the appropriate use, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, of the medicine, work force, equipment, of procedures and prticas’ ‘ 14. Being thus, they must possess abilities, established in the technician-scientific knowledge to evaluate and decide on the behaviors most adequate to be taken. Leadership: ‘ ‘ The professionals had had to be apt to assume leadership position, always in view of well-being of comunidade’ ‘ 14.

Ability that adds individual values as responsibility, empatia and communication for the one determination ‘ ‘ ideal style of leadership for each situao’ ‘ 15. Some studies demonstrate that the authoritarian power must be left of side, that instead of controlling, to suffocate and to inhibit allow the freedom, the diversity and the union. This form of being able values the human being in all its potentialities, beyond fortifying the sense of equipe19,6,13,20. Permanent education: ‘ ‘ The professionals must be capable to learn continuously, as much in its formation, how much in its prtica’ ‘ 14. This practical consists of a continuous update that it searchs to innovate and to supply the necessities of update in the work, having to together have also a comprometimento of the institution of health with the worker. Communication: It is the exchange of information facts, ideas and meaning.

Promotion Of Health

September 10th, 2015

It also focuses the SUS and the health of the family, as well as its composition. The NASF, nucleus of support the health of the family and the politics of mental health are engaged of important form of the context of the research, immediately afterwards it is presented the analysis and quarrel of the data harvested with nurses of ESF of the city of Colatina. 1 PROMOTION OF the HEALTH the promotion of the health since that it started to be argued represents strategies that serve to assist and/or to improve the process health-illness that affects the society in general. It has the objective to form the union to know technician and popular, mobilization of institucional and communitarian, public and private resources for proper benefit of the society thus promoting one better quality of life. Since the spreading of the Letter of Ottawa in 1986, the concept of promotion of the health comes acquiring diverse changes thus walking, in harmony with the world-wide evolution. Amongst the factors that are part of this update, it is distinguished improvement in the quality of life, health, solidarity, equity, democracy, citizenship, development, participation and partnership, among others. Two great referring groups to this change are distinguished (BUSS, 2000).

Of the first group, the promotion of the health consists of transformation of the behaviors of the individuals, focando in its styles of life and having as base in this process the family. In this in case that, the programs are based on the education process making with that the individuals acquire the self-control.


May 4th, 2015

The credibility of what we communicate is influenced 7% for the words that we say, 38% for the tone of voice and 55% for the corporal language (PAZIN SON, 2007). In the situation of aid to the health of the other, the verbal communication and the not-verbal one must be propitious, efficient and therapeutical. Therapeutical communication is the capacity of the professional to apply its knowledge on communication to give assistance to the patient, so that it can face its problems, to agree with the others, to adapt it what he cannot be modified and to surpass the blockades to the auto-accomplishment (STEFANELLI, 1993). For Arajo, Silva and Puggina (2007), the communication, for being a basic necessity of the human being, determines and effects the attendance of the expressive area of assistance to the patient, being denominating common of all the actions of the health professionals. Therefore, the communication is not only plus a basic instrument for the therapeutical relationship, but also ability or interpersonal capacity must be considered.

this ability is essential for the nurse, independent of the area where it acts, therefore it allows to take care of to the necessities of the patient in all its dimensions. For It hisses (2006), the adequate communication is that one that tries to diminish conflicts, misunderstanding and to reach objectives to decide the problems detected in the interaction with the patients. The nurses, in its daily one, use the communication for the performance of its diverse activities related with the patient. Therefore, to develop communication ability facilitates that the objectives of the nursing assistance are reached (STEFANELLI, 1993). Strengthening this idea, Isabel Amlia Mendes Coast declares: ' ' not it has doubt of that the nursing assistance will be in such a way more efficient in the provisions of well-being in the perfect patients the more will be its resources of comunicao.' ' (MENDES, 1994, 41) As it affirms Stefanelli (1993), the health professionals, worried about the human being, look for to develop ways, instruments, techniques, abilities, capacity and ability to offer to the patient the chance of a worthier, more comprehensive and less solitary existence.

Educative Actions

February 9th, 2015

In the educative actions, at the moment of the high one and developing of the assistance, the nurse must take in consideration the perspectives and cultures of the patient and family who can differ from the perspectives of the health professionals. (DANTAS, 2002 P. 346) Demonstrated through the study of Pear tree (2007, p.346) reality that needs to be modified, as 72.08% of the interviewed patients tell that it did not have the participation of the nurse in the process of orientation for high. that 81.40% of the informers answered that the orientaes for high had been carried through by other professionals as doctors. Juliani (1999, p.130) in its study, demonstrates the story of nurses who evaluate the system of reference against reference as precarious in its functioning, being the nurse the manager of the units of health and educator of the team in conditions to make possible the guiding. For bigger understanding of the team to interdisciplinar Chuang (2005, P. 118) describes minimum script of what if it must contain in the one against reference the high basic unit after hospital: ' ' A script of planning of high of the customer, consisting of activities of education, necessary information to the maintenance of the health and available services in the community, can be used with the purpose to facilitate the transistion of the customer for the domicile and in conditions for a more independent life. In concise and instructive summary on the supplied information it must be prepared by the health team and delivers to the customer/member of the family or to the nurse of the basic unit of health in the occasion of high hospitalar.' ' Of great importance as script and cooperative function the registers of the activities if become basic in the system of against reference, where all the health professional can have access to the occurrences during the treatment, thus preventing repetitions of information, they become what them tiring the patient and facilitates the continuity of the care.


June 15th, 2012

Sleep is essential for life, for the good functioning of our organism, but mainly essential to our cerebral functions. As Lecendreux (2003, P. 27), ' ' sleep is a complex, natural, necessary function physiological to the organism and the brain, to restore an ideal standard of functioning of corpo' '. Therefore, the process of sleep must be carried through completely and effectively, so that it is possible to get the waited results. Results these that if they mainly relate to the question of the recovery of the physical consuming and of the functioning of the vital functions of the brain, moment where the information gotten during the day are processed, organized and stored in accordance with the necessities of the individual.

As Todeschini (2007), is during the sleep that the brain storages the information, the musical comedies is stored in the first minutes, whereas the referring ones to the logical and mathematical reasoning are registered in the final stages of sleep, during sleep REM. It gave credit that in sleep the activities in the biological and psychic systems were interrupted all of organism, perhaps for none another reason of what the lack of external stimulatons. But the discovery of Kleitman demonstrated that, even so the asleep body seems inactive, the asleep brain certainly is not (BECKER, 1993, p.15). In case that sleep is not used to advantage in all its largeness, it has great possibility to harm the logical reasoning, the planning capacity, the memory and others many important abilities to the life human being. It respects its body in the sleep that relaxes, untied, premakes use, it organizes hormones, eliminates the excesses, recompe all the cells of our organism, frees the unconscious one for the meeting with the universal energy. Sleep without racket, interruptions, telephone, with soft bed, sheets of cotton, peace, silence, tranquillity (SNAKE, 2008, p.78). Therefore, so that it is possible to understand the process as a whole, one becomes necessary to recognize the phases of sleep.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty