No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Berlin Women

June 30th, 2024

“The new Berlin humor book from Pascu publishing in his new book, sharp jeschnitten and sharp jequatscht” from Pascu publishing overheard Dietrich Novak in a humorous way the lovely Berlin ladies in their chats at the hairdresser: on Monday afternoon, the Salon remains Marina “closed for the clientele in Berlin-Moabit. Because as the owner receives their three girlfriends, which vary by age and in their nature. Two of the ladies are also Urberlinerinnen as Marina, the other is indeed zugereist, but already feels like Berliner. In a relaxed atmosphere Marina makes crooked hair them”. The four about the large and small worries, of course the men get off their fat chat over coffee and cake. Incidentally, receives the reader information about the Moabit of yesteryear and today. Memories of long-forgotten buildings, and entertainment sites of this district be awake. Singer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

And is always the typical Berlin humor with his proverbs and sayings in the foreground. Be well entertained you and laugh at “with, though sometimes the famous tear in the button hole” is. “Sample: Hello, Friedel”, welcomed them warmly Marina. Once washing Hinlejen or do you prefer washing and moan?” “Hinlejen” was meant the turning with curlers and moaning “the blow, but the required no more explanation already because it was a running joke between them, Friedel had invented. By wejen Hinlejen, ick jleich oblige you. “Ick wants Yes nich’ look like my eijene grandmother”, Friedel grinned. “I hope is’ the coffee already Mary.” Ipoh, wat do you think? Come because you can out kieken rin.” Friedel dropped her jacket, the next, Sylvia, was more or less happily married and working part-time as a shop assistant. It wasn’t looking at her advanced age too. She was late forties, was appreciated but mostly to ten years younger. Well, her app.? Habter me yet ‘ a puddle of coffee left jelassen? “, she asked cheerfully, after” She had embraced both women.

The Mystery Of The Eternal Light

June 11th, 2024

Lodges, secret societies and the way to enlightenment, the 17th and especially the 18th century were the stage for the formation of numerous societies, lodges and order: Masonic, Rosicrucian and Illuminati leaders count Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Adam Weishaupt be singled out here only as an example. Elements of ancient mystery cults mingled with occultism, real or fake, ancient and medieval writings formed the ideological foundations of these federations, which also progresses were politically active and effective in the flow of the enlightenment. Some of these orders still exist today and find new followers among no less confused sense seekers of today who expect an individual access to genuine spirituality and wisdom in a world dominated by the extreme materialism, the traditional religious organisations seem no longer to offer with its sometimes confusing and useless, alleged cults. Learn more at this site: Mayuree Rao. Often the offerings of such associations turn out to be sooner or later as a delusion structure, the Seeking to leave with their disorientation and not infrequently with vigorously plundered purses. In the new book by Wolfgang P. Rehmert the mysteries of eternal light \”also has a number of stops along the way of his quest has history in the 18th century played Narrator of this truth behind, until he meets Lux eterna the lodge. Surrounds this Covenant to a certain mystical aura, but wants no one impose an opinion or a world picture him here, or even a kind of brainwashing him perform. Rather signs be given him, about the judgment to form and, where appropriate, to set up is always free. Despite some internal resistance and difficulties, the seeker that can be, and no longer is the same person who he was at the beginning at the end of his inauguration route. The riddle of self is while (still) not been resolved, but a path is detected and already some way gone.

Christoph Schneider

June 4th, 2024

The fantasy epic “The heritage of the time” appears exclusively for iPad / iPhone and iPod touch as an acoustic book. Tap the highlighted words while reading and even deeper plunge into the world of magic and science, by you hear what’s happening. Selected novel scenes were also underlaid with songs of bands like L ame Immortelle, Letzte Instanz, Nightwish and Xandria. The result is a unique reading experience, so still has not seen the world. . -562 pages concentrated fantasy – 177 sound effects – 15 songs of well-known bands – 8 designs (bloody, faded and classic paper) Christoph Schneider is full-time game developer.

He wrote more than six years on the novel heir to the time and completed it after his diploma and advanced master degree of in media informatics. Another two years, he developed the idea to his Book (allusion to eBook, short form for AcousticBook). He contacted selected bands, which were excited after a short description of its project idea. Both textually as well as acoustically he sought out solely music pieces, which fit perfectly to the atmosphere of his fantasy epic. Sound effects additionally enhance the sound experience. In this way, he created a completely unique novel that he introduce intends at the Leipzig book fair from March 17-20th of the public. More detailed information under: pages/the heritage of time/130852513652375

Lady Macbeth

February 19th, 2013

They could foresee the future, even knowing when the battle would be to over (sunset). There is an ambiguity, because Macbeth disdains fortune. He is reduced you the image of dwarfish thief and conceptualized eating up it until nothing is left. The witches and Macbeth threaten you bring the world back you its first soils, the Bolton puts it, creating very hell upon earth, the hell of world without sovereignty. Lady Macbeth asks the Devil you unsex to her and this is because woman was considered inferior, and when she mentions the milk woman' s breasts, the liquid that is virtue of women, and the negations of it, from Lady Macbeth. Patriarchal She subverts authority in to manner typically connected with Witchcraft, suggesting to her impotence, considering to her husband coward, and showing the structural antithesis that establishes the relation between women and witchcraft, the undermining of patriarchal authority and sterility.

Unnatural She is an mother and sterile. Like the witches, Lady Macbeth and to her husband constitute an unholy family, family whose only children ploughs the murdering ministers. Author When the mentions the development of the relations of Lady Macbeth and witchcraft, there is very curious aspect you be considered. Lady Macbeth acts, like person seduced by the devil. Her sleep-walking, the demoniacal somnambulism, and perhaps it can be considered the compunctious of visitations of Nature. It is strange when she asks to her husband you go you bed, with the words: ' ' You bed, you bed, you bed' '. Doesn' t it mean that she had the sense of reality? Witchcraft is associated with female rule and the conclusion of the play reestablishes both, the offended to father and to father, paradoxically, not born of woman, and the witches can simply to disappear, in this context of miraculous work, the prophetic vision of Banquo, and finally, legitimate king.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty