No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Natural Materials

October 15th, 2016

Food – this is a mystery. Therefore, it quickly ceased to be a simple satisfaction of primary needs. And that is why mankind has never missed an opportunity to make the process of eating a nice, useful and creative pastime. Gain insight and clarity with celebrity trainer. The first step in the process of cultivation of food, of course, it was the heat treatment. And on the second, but no less important – the invention of pottery. Due to the production of tableware products first Eating foods gradually transformed into a feast, and even in the ritual. The first dishes, according to scientists, was ware of ceramic.

The main material from which made this dish was clay, and for the first time it was used for these goals for 6-7 thousand years BC. Until now, ceramic dishes are in demand because of its beauty, convenience and bezopasnosti.Osobennym demand began to enjoy dishes made of porcelain after its invention in China in the VI century. The climax of the Iron Age for mankind became metal utensils – forks, spoons, and knives. They help produce content for the pottery has become easier and more convenient, as well as to drive away from food and other less-equipped competitors. In addition, metal ware was more heat-resistant and impact resistant than ceramic. About five thousand years ago, wise, but the ancient Egyptians had discovered the secret of the glass, and a mere couple of hundred years in the kitchen Pharaohs cabinets firmly established glassware. Glassware and crystal, has quickly gained the respect due to its aesthetic qualities, though much inferior in strength and metal ceramic ware. And only in the XX century man has decided to invent his own material for cookware, making up the plastic.

More durable than ceramic and glass, lighter than metal, utensils made of plastic does not absorb and smells, it's cheaper and much easier dishes made of natural materialov.Odnako absorption process of eating plastic dishes for some reason loses the charm possessed by ceramics, porcelain, glass, metal. A person can not experience of oneness with nature, connecting with dishes of artificial polymer. Sacrament of the meal takes a back seat, becoming the only way to get more or less tasty calories, depriving humanity something important, dorogogo.No thankfully saves us a love for the classics. And we go into stores and looking for a tea set of bone china, grill or pan, pan for microwave heat-resistant glass and … enjoy a meal. Because all of must be able to enjoy life.


May 15th, 2015

Valora company professional NOVA renovated flat roofs with patented concept! The company professional NOVA concept GmbH & CoKG founded 2006 after grant of a patent to the flat roof-Abfangung and rehabilitation. Initial situation: The roof is one of the most stressed components of a building. Extreme rain, heavy wind, tons of heavy snow and permafrost with massive ice slabs set extremely especially flat roofs. Is the roof surface is damaged, threaten momentous, just elaborately restorable damage to the entire structure of the building. Our solution: Halls with ailing flat roof structures are secured with help of a structure above the roof-mounted against the collapse. In brackets are attached through through the ceiling to the roof trusses. A design mounted on the brackets ensures the building along with the dilapidated roof. Short construction times investment comparable to or lower than flat roof durability maintenance no maintenance costs, simple dismantling alternative financing second use Competent financial partners provided an overview of application cases PPP leasing financing and technical documentation, visit the website of the provider: there is a pattern calculations to find that underlines the economic viability of the professional Nova concept. A coherent concept, that especially in times of empty coffers an economically highly interesting alternative to traditional flat roof – redevelopment offers. (Michael Weinberg)

Wellbeing at Home

October 22nd, 2014

Comfort within your own four walls is always a matter of heat. Feeling good is a subjective feeling, which is only indirectly measurable with scientific methods. However, craves any of this feeling. Today a modern heating system to spread not only heat, but save energy, eco-friendly work and create especially a healthy room climate. And here comes Ahrens Schornsteintechnik’s game.

The market leader in the area of the chimney renovation is dedicated to this field and shows how individual heating facilities guarantee a comprehensive, independent of imports and external influences security of supply. Supply secured large-scale blackouts or supply shortages for energy show us over and over again, what importance take a flexible and individual power. Prerequisite for achieving that security of supply is the (mandatory) presence of a suitable chimney connection in each apartment. Is still in the Most of the newly built housing units provided a chimney connection. Reliable heat supply is here in the center of the motives. We are pleased, that rethinking has taken place”, forward Bmst ing. Edmund Drohojowski about developments in the industry. Local value creation and profitability proves useful heating with individual fireplaces using local biomass economic, ecological and social.

Regional biomass is CO2 neutral renewable resource regardless of international price fluctuations and also. For us, regional value creation and profitability are not just lip service. Our fireplaces with the individual fireplaces increase the efficiency of a building in the entire life cycle. Sustainable consulting, we help the client for the future to be prepared. As well, we see ourselves as a regional employer. Currently we provide 115 jobs in our six locations throughout Austria and it is planned to grow further,”is Mathias Ahrens positive. The good old tiled stove offers tradition, for example, spread for hundreds of years healthy radiant heat. The Crackle of the logs, the fascinating flaring of the fire and the soothing warmth create an atmosphere of pleasant comfort and that is scientifically proven. Due to the static and dust-free air is by building biologists recommended the radiant heat of the tiled stove as the healthiest type of space heating.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty