No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


January 30th, 2012

Let's try with you to understand what is meant by atherosclerosis, whether it is dangerous to life and can anything be done to him. To begin with we give the definition of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis – a process of fat deposits in the interior arteries. What is the process? – Alas, to no good. Consequences of atherosclerosis are plaques that block the vascular lumen, with all its consequences – sickness, pain, heart attack … Arteriosclerosis develops at all with small children.

Each of us is destined to own the intensity of this process, but there are factors that accelerate atherosclerosis of the arteries, which we may impact – it's not smoking, eating fatty foods, as appropriate diet, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption. And according to our forces there to get rid of the effects of atherosclerosis – atherosclerotic plaques? Some offer miraculous techniques and products to "clean up blood vessels," but until today the most effective methods are coronary stenting and coronary artery bypass grafting. Stenting – is a medical procedure, the essence of which is to extend the existing restrictions of the vessel. It is implemented by means of stent – a special device that is inserted inside the container and place restrictions expands, thus eliminating pripyatsvie for blood flow. Aortokoronaronoe cardiac bypass – it's an open operation to create a 'workaround' for blood flow, bypassing thus covered with atherosclerotic plaque plot coronary artery. What to prefer – stentiroanie or coronary artery bypass surgery – doctor decides. In summary, the treatment of atherosclerosis is not that easy, then you can not – drank tabletochku and kicking myself! Lead healthy lifestyle, do not abuse the fatty foods, alcohol, or smoke – then the likelihood of rapid development of atherosclerosis is significantly reduced! Good luck! Based on materials from the site Dr. Lieberman

Proper Diet

January 17th, 2012

What is the correct diet in Chelyabinsk? Which products should be taken. Chelyabinsk, the capital of the southern Urals, and a large industrial center. Chelyabinsk is a very polluted city of the large number of factories, so we requires a special diet. Special diet for Chelyabinsk Diet – many people, when they see the word immediately come to mind about the limitations in eating, fasting, that we should huzhet and so on. But diet is not always slimming. More and more people are beginning to realize that diet, hay diet, balanced diet – although it far, but synonyms. What is the Chelyabinsk diet? It is a complex food specially developed to meet the climate and the Chelyabinsk ecology.

In the summer should eat more vegetables and greens, and winter (which is cold), more fat and hot. That is what Chelyabinsk diet from my point of view. Food for Chelyabinsk Foods are different. Go only to any supermarket and see at once: vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, dairy products and much more. But how to understand what products are needed precisely to us in our environment? You can use the already computed complexes and methods. And you can take a table kalloriynosti and the body's needs for vitamins and minerals, based on this by myself to come up with such a system. And you can use the advice of specialists Living The line, which will be able not only in words to convince you that the food is tasty and useful, but will also prepare and deliver special food just for you dovoy or office at a convenient time for you.

Fiber Intake

January 16th, 2012

List could go on. But I think that you are more interested in the practical side. Let's look at how better to accustom themselves to a diet rich in fiber? Here are some tips. 1. Start with a small amount.

For all the usefulness of fiber intake too much it can cause side effects: flatulence, bloated stomach and other disorders. In the first week increase consumption 5 g fiber for 2 days. Then slowly bring the content in the diet to the recommended level (at least 25 grams daily). It will take about a month. 2. De reach it to dehydration. Balanced diet with high fiber content helps even with constipation, but can occur in reverse.

If you drink enough water, you literally clog. To avoid such troubles every day, drink 6-8 glasses of water. 3. Diversify your diet. Better during the day there is a variety of foods containing dietary fiber, than to prefer one type of food rich in fiber. 4. Do not forget about greenery. Beans, beans, and fruit much can enrich your diet. And also good to choose fruit containing edible seeds (kiwi, grapes). 5. Add extra fiber to the diet. Priobritite in a supermarket bag and oat bran sprinkle them all that is possible: cereals, fruits and salads. Use them for breading cutlets, as well as to give the density of soups and sauces. 6. Carefully read the labels. It is not always written the word 'fiber', 'fiber' 'Bran' means that the product is within the required necessary. All the time figure out how many and what kind of ingredients contained in the product. 7. Choose more whole foods. Instead of a glass of fresh juice try to eat the whole fruit or vegetable. When preparing the juice, then in the process of push-ups, all tissue is removed. Instead of mashed potatoes, eat a few potatoes, baked in their skins. 8. Please be aware that dietary fiber – not panacea for all ills. It is foolish to believe that drinking large amounts of fiber gives you a reason to eat more fat and sweet, thinking that the bad material will still be removed from the body. Fiber works well only in combination with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. We can only wish you to remain always young inside and out and as long as possible to preserve youth and beauty! Source: 'source of health' – all for Health (Omsk).

Harmony of Body and Soul

January 15th, 2012

The new route 'Harmony of body and soul' in the new year we have a route 'Harmony of body and soul', this route will pass through the most wild places of the mountain area where there is no nearby villages no roads, clean mountain air and crystal clean water, is only the first factor detoxification program in the campaign, we will consciously engage in cleansing our body, is primarily a balanced diet, without various additives, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc. The main diet will be present on the route, it is a living food, not processed by heat treatment, it is fruits, vegetables, nuts, all that gives energy to our physical and subtle material bodies, special complex decision-spring water, will help to clear all the internal organs of the body, breathing techniques that purify the blood and the consciousness of debris, and of course hike over rough terrain will give an enormous cleansing whole body, all this together can help you lose unwanted goods issues, internal slags, and lead you to creating life. Well, the place itself is very impressive for its beauty, we visit along the route Caves, rivers, peaks, lakes, and of course at the end of the campaign sea we will have a truly wonderful air and salt water. Esoteric tourism..


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty