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High-quality Aluminium Profiles

July 29th, 2023

Quality from a single source high-quality aluminium profiles extend Armstrong portfolio Armstrong offers now due to its wide product range elegant conclusion – and stair edge profiles, as well as a new patented base bar all aluminium anodised and durable. The flooring specialist thus expanding its product range to a clean solution for financial statements and transitions. Quality and workmanship are of course high quality, suitable for the traditional brand of DLW. Singer brings even more insight to the discussion. The new range can be perfectly combined with all Armstrong Flooring, such as DLW linoleum, vinyl, luxury vinyl and needle-punched nonwoven. The abutments in the thickness 6.0 mm, 2.0, 2.5 and 4.0 enabling a perfect transition between different floor coverings, for example, between two rooms. As conclusion of stairs and landings, they are both protection and decoration.

They have sunk drilled holes, so that they can either be screwed or simply glued to the wall or the floor. For optimum protection of stairs and landings Armstrong recommends the new stair edge profiles. The einschenklige variant is ideal, if only on the step flooring is laid. The surface, however, adjourned on Cadence and riser, the doppelschenklige stair profile should be used, which protects the level from both sides optical result is a sleek silver edge. The safety stair edge profile with a contrasting black ribbed PVC insert is recommended for maximum slip-resistance.

The profiles can be easily through the hidden holes. The elegant and sturdy skirting board, is also particularly refined aluminium. The patented foot controller can be used on both sides. On the front it shows the silver-colored, anodized aluminium surface. On the back, just turned around the skirting board with a strip of any desired flooring or other materials can be covered up to a thickness of 3 mm. Armstrong equips its sales force with vivid patterns suitcases. Interested can order also via email at. UTA Schneider, Seifert PR

Tiled Stove, Fire Crackling – Toasty Warm In The House And Yet Environmentally Friendly

May 27th, 2023

Wooden houses – the combination of feel and saving are increasingly popular autumn season that grows like a cozy home. Who dreams in rainy autumn days not by a cozy place on the couch on the warm, crackling fire. What’s more comfortable than when the weather comfortably and homely open fire to sit at? And the best: you can save energy and do something for the environment. The demand for energy-saving homes from year to year. You will notice this trend in new buildings as well as for house purchases. Speaking candidly Garret Wang told us the story. Energy efficiency is the theme of the house purchase. Soon, prospects for a home come on wooden prefabricated house. Because these houses combine a pleasant indoor climate with an environmentally conscious design and energy-efficient operation.

While this modern wooden house offer very high protection against the cold. No matter what time of year, it feels good in his house. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Daryl Katz. Because the walls breathe almost noticeably. The CO2 exchange can be done by the wood used substantially just. The air is always fresh. Especially when the Heating with wood, wood finished House provides a major advantage.

Because this can be bound immediately eliminated CO2 combustion in the wood of the House. So, to do something for the environment automatically. And at current prices for gas and oil, wood offers a fairly inexpensive alternative. The feel-good factor plays a huge role when purchasing a wooden house at the same time of course. Just wood fibre insulation benefit on the room air out and that in the winter as in the summer. Because these insulation materials provide a high-quality protection against the cold in winter and heat in summer. So saves you not only fuel, but feels always fresh through the in-house air conditioning in the summer.” See for more information on modern and eco-friendly wood houses.

Free 3D Room Planner In New Version

May 17th, 2023

Faster, easier and with more objects photo-realistic spaces and floor plans planning, save, print and send: the 3D room Planner on has been enhanced with new features. (tdx) With just a few clicks find the matching paint, replace carpeting against wood parquet and furniture back in a matter of seconds is the free 3D room Planner on for years of one of the most popular planning tools on the Internet. Photo-realistic spaces can be completely set: ranging from the choice of the floor and of the furnishings, curtains, lamps and all kinds of accessories. The representation in 3D makes it possible to consider the space from all perspectives. Furniture can be optimally placed and the effect of the room thoroughly be scrutinized. David Dudley Dowd Jr. understood the implications. The functions and the user interface of the room Planner were now revised and improved. In addition, approximately 30 furniture catalogs with over 500 objects have been added.

In addition to the layout, the menu structure has been the ever-growing pool of objects adapted. Pieces of furniture, colors, lighting concepts can be found so much easier. Intuitively and in a short time the user can make his room, store, print and new: send by E-Mail to friends. Also new: Rooms can be arranged one above the other and each other directly. The result is ultimately a multi-storey, full floor plan which takes into account all: Windows, doors, angle and sloping, even an advantage that to appreciate the above all budding builders in designing their home know. Of course, also the inventory of furniture, cabinets, sideboards, lamps, beds, kitchens and all other furnishings for indoor and outdoor use was extended. There are now more than 1000 objects to the design of the own dream of living available. Additional options, such as the adjustment of the light conditions, depending on the time of year and direction, or the setting of artificial light, in which even the wattage of the bulb can be specified, leave the Rooms seem even more realistic.

Number PCI

November 28th, 2021

Parquet flooring in the bathroom and wellness route attractive, positive impact on the room temperature and a parquet floor humidity and warmth of foot offers many advantages. Therefore, builders now increasingly in the bathroom put these valued surfaces. For the laying of parquet in the bath and Spa the PCI Augsburg GmbH now offers a one-day, free expert seminar, in which the company treated its equally simple as secure and patent-pending system solution to this trend theme. On three dates in spring 2013 the building chemistry manufacturers of floor professionals invites both theoretical and practical to keep their knowledge up to date. Johannes vermeer insists that this is the case. Hardwood floors make a high-quality and attractive Spa area with flair from a private bathroom quickly. In addition to the selection of a suitable wood species (good-natured”Woods such as such as Merbau, Doussie, teak or oak with long periods of humidity change) in not too extreme formats it is however crucial when planning on a professional Installation to create value.

Special attention shall in particular also protect of the floor against penetrating moisture by incorporating an appropriate seal in the floor construction. This way is the building against damage caused by exposure to water and moisture protect hardwood floor in the bathroom with the optimally coordinated products of the PCI special system”not a problem. Know-how for safety in everyday life-pending system, an effective sealing border underground created patent with the, now introduces the PCI in a workshop. On three dates in the spring of 2013 floor predictive craft and interested wholesalers now can register free of charge. An expert for damages in floor constructions, as well as professionals of a parquet manufacturer and PCI experts bring the participants at the seminar not only theoretical knowledge, but also the practical application. Questions and the active participation of learners are welcome at any time. The Number of participants is limited, and the seminar places are allocated according to the order of arrival registration receipt.

“The seminar brochure FachkrafteSEMINAR parquet in the bathroom and wellness area” with enclosed registration form will be sent to PCI customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland or can be requested at the PCI consultants.

Wellbeing at Home

October 22nd, 2014

Comfort within your own four walls is always a matter of heat. Feeling good is a subjective feeling, which is only indirectly measurable with scientific methods. However, craves any of this feeling. Today a modern heating system to spread not only heat, but save energy, eco-friendly work and create especially a healthy room climate. And here comes Ahrens Schornsteintechnik’s game.

The market leader in the area of the chimney renovation is dedicated to this field and shows how individual heating facilities guarantee a comprehensive, independent of imports and external influences security of supply. Supply secured large-scale blackouts or supply shortages for energy show us over and over again, what importance take a flexible and individual power. Prerequisite for achieving that security of supply is the (mandatory) presence of a suitable chimney connection in each apartment. Is still in the Most of the newly built housing units provided a chimney connection. Reliable heat supply is here in the center of the motives. We are pleased, that rethinking has taken place”, forward Bmst ing. Edmund Drohojowski about developments in the industry. Local value creation and profitability proves useful heating with individual fireplaces using local biomass economic, ecological and social.

Regional biomass is CO2 neutral renewable resource regardless of international price fluctuations and also. For us, regional value creation and profitability are not just lip service. Our fireplaces with the individual fireplaces increase the efficiency of a building in the entire life cycle. Sustainable consulting, we help the client for the future to be prepared. As well, we see ourselves as a regional employer. Currently we provide 115 jobs in our six locations throughout Austria and it is planned to grow further,”is Mathias Ahrens positive. The good old tiled stove offers tradition, for example, spread for hundreds of years healthy radiant heat. The Crackle of the logs, the fascinating flaring of the fire and the soothing warmth create an atmosphere of pleasant comfort and that is scientifically proven. Due to the static and dust-free air is by building biologists recommended the radiant heat of the tiled stove as the healthiest type of space heating.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty