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Psoriatic Arthritis

June 19th, 2023

Psoriatic arthritis: So will relieve the joints inflamed joints causing pain and they are often also limited their mobility. Patients who suffer from rheumatic diseases, are aware of the problem. Such complaints may occur in patients who suffer from psoriatic arthritis. Even everyday activities, for example the wearing of clothing or cutting bread, can be difficult. According to Smart Sites, who has experience with these questions. In PSO currently 2/2010 do we explain, how you can relieve the joints through appropriate behavior and specific tools, so that the joint disease impairs as little as possible the life. Other topics of issue 2/2010 from PSO currently, the Advisor for people with psoriasis: endogenous protective shield: How does actually work the skin barrier? Laughter is healthy: what’s behind it? Depression: Out of the mood deep psoriasis patients on travel: what they should pay attention nourishing SOAP themselves do UV therapy at home a free sample booklet worth can see the link probeheft.htm be requested.

Contact person for the press: Publisher: K.i.m. InfoService GmbH Marlis Proksche P.o. box 1260 86635 Wertingen Tel.: 0 82 72 / 48 85 fax: 0 82 72 / 48 16 email: editorial: Dr. Judith Neumaier Geyer str. 24 80469 Munich E-Mail: about PSO PSO currently the Advisor for psoriasis is currently a magazine which has been published since 1991 in the German-speaking world.

We want to attract all of the Psoriasis (psoriasis) interested parties and provide them with useful information about all relevant issues. With PSO we currently have the claim to provide a real Advisor. Psoriasis is a chronic disease with millions affected in Germany the term epidemic alone”deserves. There are today no cure for psoriasis. PSO news is published in magazine format four times a year and is produced by a dedicated team of stakeholders and experts. See more information about psoriasis

Simple Method

June 16th, 2023

Anyone looking for them, the simple way to Nichtraucher/in to be? Easy, 100% success, now, guaranteed or successfully to the non-smoking the full-bodied promises are. Methods such as hypnosis, acupuncture, courses and books are offered countless. The smokers and smokers who have tried it unsuccessfully with the one or the other method are also numerous. Of course, there are also former Raucher/innen who have succeeded with the above methods and are happy Nichtraucher/innen. Asked why some make it and the other does not, even though they have unsuccessfully tried one or other, or several methods? First of all, both groups had the desire to quit smoking.

Managed the successful group in contrast to the unsuccessful, to also become a wanting desire. It is this unconditional, which ultimately resulted in the success to set. The selected non-smoking therapy supported only this desire and also offered help, with the more or less feared or actual withdrawal symptoms to cope. The smoking of the unsuccessful group tried to make to fulfill their wish. They believed no longer having to smoke, you could as presented to get a birthday present.

This is impossible. Each former smokers will confirm this. Sure, many of them have also once believed this would be possible. Only when they separated by this belief, they have succeeded. Conclusion: Who wants to stop smoking, must be out of his desire a want. Then he can let successfully from his addiction. To achieve this, ensure appropriate non-smoking books, such as for example the book non-smoking in three steps are a help,”Siegfried Muller

As V.I.P. In The High Old

July 5th, 2022

Weiterstadt, July 2009 who has done much to last a lifetime, has best performance in the age. \”Treat yourself to more and more seniors of different service providers, premium service far beyond the standard services of a normal\” care service, individual claims meet. Some former nurses and caregivers offer your service as a daily companion for the elderly. You support on the way to the doctor, shopping or go along on walks. If there is a later physical impairments, these orderlies and nurses continue to the page and support the senior often jointly with a local cleaning service. Good for the person concerned, who knows a person familiar to him at his side, which regulates the basic things.

\”- But there is still a different model: how about a premium service provider everything from a single source, as the company\” offers: help around the House, Garden, pets, on purchases and at some point, if it is necessary, also in the care? There is no? Is there! Erika k treats herself to this luxury for almost three years now. With its 82 years, she is still active, but some days running is difficult, the stairs make the load, to bring such as drinks from the basement. Therapon employees then takes over that. Therapon is a premium provider in this area and has a wide range of services. The Therapon employee accompanied Erika k. for three years, as the support was necessary.

Also coffee trips, cut back the large rose bushes in the garden or common television are included. Mrs K. is a good example how you can really enjoy his age. It can be to do things that are difficult for you, and if she has made a specific plan for the day, we implement it together with you. So she have to forgo anything and everything will be done in its favour.

Visual Potential

November 12th, 2021

In our knowledge-based society, we take today visually the most information. Hear from experts in the field like John Amos for a more varied view. The sense of sight is our most important sense. It is all the more surprising that around 40 percent of Germans do not know how it is ordered to their current visual performance *. So, it’s time to answer the most important questions related to better vision: by recognizing the low vision until the Sehlosung the most important questions and answers. How to recognize a low vision? Some people suspect their poor eyesight in everyday situations sees road signs blurred, the book must be kept getting further away, occur also physical complaints such as headaches or neck strain.

An unnoticed degradation of lightheadedness is unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. Early detection of impaired vision, you should regularly test its eyes. The practical online reputation check from ZEISS ( sehtest), or also give a first assessment on the own Visual performance “Consumer app myGlasses” by ZEISS ( myglasses). But only a regular watch check or vision test brings comprehensive clarity, as it stands to the current vision, optometrist or ophthalmologist. Optometrist or ophthalmologist who is the correct contact person? The optometrist is contact person for checking the Visual performance, optimal selection and ordering glasses and vision solutions. The ophthalmologist is contact person for all diseases and changes of the eyes and of vision. Eye doctors diagnose, treat or operate medical eye disease.

You carry out eye tests and prescribe recipes for medicines as well as eyeglasses and eyewear. How often should children and adults test their eyes? Every tenth toddler looks bad. Parents should check so early on the Visual performance of their children. First sight tests for abnormalities are possible in the second month of life months already, the investigations with 6-7, 3-4 years and to school, pediatricians do often automatically on. After pediatricians based on this simple eye tests but not can help diagnose many deficient, it is advisable, specialist opticians to verify the eyes regularly by an ophthalmologist or on children.

Biological Dentistry

November 4th, 2021

Dentist in Berlin specializes in holistic dentistry what is and what can organic holistic dentistry as a complementary medicine special? The Orthodox dentistry takes care of the \”sick fish in the Lake\”, which means that she looks on the symptom, namely the caries and loose teeth. (Similarly see: John Amos). Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes understands that this is vital information. You going on mainly using mechanical methods such as drilling, filling, remove and replace. So increasingly loses the patient in the course of his life on his own tooth substance and gets increasingly tooth replacement in the form of prostheses and implants. \”The biological dentistry takes a holistic approach, however, and primarily cares not about\”the fish\”(the symptom), but the\” Lake \”so to the mouth. \”The Lake\” the environment of the oral cavity – flips out of its ecological balance, thats the actual cause of the disease of \”fish\”, so here the teeth and the periodontium. Thus the therapeutic approach is targeting the root cause of the disease and also known as holistic prevention causes real and permanent cure, lifetime effect and has the preservation of own teeth to the target, instead of dentures.

The usual filling just the next resulting hole with mercury amalgam, or – in the case of major damage – the uberkronen with metal alloys (in dentistry is not all gold that glitters, gold is too soft, it always alloys with up to 10 different metallic components are used), leads to a DIS balance in oral ecology. Mouth metal cause a galvanic element (mouth battery), resulting in a drastic drop in the pH of saliva. You need to know that the body to a pH value of around 7.4 is dependent on. Would he drop in blood by 2/10-tel to 7.2, (as this can be the case in accidents involving large blood loss), that has meant acute danger to life. In the supply of metal fillings/crowns however there is a much more dramatic pH waste, namely until down to 5.8 in the sour! This has devastating consequences! It will derail all metabolic processes, and it comes chronic gingivitis and-blutungen.

When Is A Sinus Infection Chronic?

April 23rd, 2020

The chronic sinusitis belongs in the hands of the ear nose and throat doctor. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses. When a runny nose the nasal mucous membrane swells and the entrances to the sinuses are closed. Now can no longer drain the mucus out of the sinuses and ignite. Sufferers notice this by a considerable pressure in the face and pain in the upper jaw. Get more background information with materials from Charles Margulis . A sinusitis can pretend also toothache. It comes in the course of a normal cold these symptoms, a neck nose should be consulted immediately ear doctor.

He has the necessary experience and the instruments that are necessary for a safe diagnosis. Inflammation of the paranasal sinuses occur more than four times a year or longer than 3 months, complaints are then referred to a chronic sinus infection. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are similar to the acute form, but usually not as pronounced. Increased mucus, mucus in the throat”, recurrent infections, disabled Nasal breathing and smelling errors are the main symptoms of a chronic sinus infection. The chronic form can emerge from the acute sinusitis. However, this is a rare disease.

Rather, risk factors for the development of a chronic sinus infection are a bent nasal septum (septal), a Turbinate hyperplasia, allergies or nasal polyps. Therefore they consult an ENT – physician already at the smallest suspicion. This will perform a sonographic examination after a detailed investigation and sufficient suspicion and make a computed tomography of paranasal sinuses. Depending on the size of the findings is then either conservatively treated or advised even directly to surgery.

Salmonella Infection

March 17th, 2020

A salmonella infection is caused by certain bacteria, salmonella. These can be E.g. infested food. You can already much has heard of salmonella infection (salmonellosis). There are bacteria that have a stick form.

You can trigger very serious diseases. These include the food poisoning, typhoid, paratyphoid, accompanied by high fever. The germs are dangerous. You can get in drinking water or food. This happens when you neglect the hygiene rules.

Is a person suffering from salmonella, he eliminated many bacteria in urine, and also with the Chair. In the disease of salmonella, there are no differences or a classification according to gender: it all can become ill. But of course there are weaker people who are particularly affected. So, children and the elderly have a strong immune system and can withstand worse salmonella. How can I protect myself against the salmonella? Simple hand washing brings much benefit. One should always and everywhere do that, but especially, if you have to do it directly with the food. Soaping and rinsing thoroughly with plenty of water are very important. There are now so many types of salmonella, one counts approximately 2300 different bacteria. Actress contributes greatly to this topic. They attack the stomach and intestinal tract. And it’s not only people but also animals are affected. There are some difficulties in treating salmonella illnesses, because just the main agent against several remedies are resistant. It is dangerous at high temperatures. The salmonella feel very at home here and multiply rapidly. When the salmonella illnesses you get diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting. You should put no vegetables there, where you what had to do with other foods, which could have salmonella. What foods would include? The example includes the following meat: poultry, all kinds of wild, molluscs and shellfish. Handling of these products, you should take care on the cutting board. The plastic cutting boards are better than wooden boards because they are easier to clean. Cut meat and vegetables on same surface should be avoided. You can avert the danger of salmonella by more hygiene in the kitchen. More often, one would have to change almost every day the wash cloth. There are those that you can also wash. Some foods spoil quickly, which should be in the fridge. Special care must be taken with poultry and egg-based products. Must you won’t leave this products. What can you do to keep the salmonella infection? The preparation of the food is important. Considering the simple rules, while the salmonella illness can erupt. The food must be well cooked, the heat of 70 degrees should be achieved. Is discovered the salmonella infection, so treating the sick with antibiotics. During this phase, also the liquid is very important, it must be sufficient. There used to be many more cases of salmonella illnesses. The consciousness of people has changed. You know now the products better, which could represent a risk of salmonella. The people had to learn to deal with such food in everyday life. Anyone can contribute much to the prevention. The rules are pretty simple. By coming together in agriculture, in factories, in kindergartens, schools and other public facilities to the thing properly, the salmonella have no chance.

Course Prevent Bladder Infections

February 14th, 2020

Healthy bladder can affect it anyone. All of a sudden you have frequently to the toilet and water, even if there are only a few drops, is extremely painful. You must be sure to diagnose no doctor: it is a bladder infection. She can be well treated with appropriate measures of the antibiotic up to tea. But that’s enough? It’s not as important to avoid that the same problem occurs again in a few weeks? Of course, but to the bladder must be supported even after the acute cystitis in the fight against the bacteria. Often used in these cases to antibiotics.

There is also an alternative from the nature. The American relationship of our local cranberries has proved to be very effective in the treatment and prevention of bladder infections. Chronic recurrent bladder infections are characterized by the fact that those affected in the year are repeatedly afflicted by the painful infections. Most frequently it is true women. This is due to the anatomical Conditions in the urogenital tract of the woman and the short urethra, through which the pathogens easily can Ascend, to establish itself in the lining of the bladder. This set the Agent prevents usually an intact immune system and a strong bladder mucosa. But not always.

Then, often only a permanent use of antibiotics can help. Before it does, but extracts of the American cranberry (Cranberry) can provide valuable assistance and prevent the occurrence of recurrent bladder infections. \”The ripe Cranberries contain substances that the docking\” of the bacteria in the lining of the bladder can effectively suppress. As a result the bacteria in the bladder are not killed although, they can be rinsed out however easily by the natural flow of urine. Compared to an antibiotic this method got the advantage, that protects the natural and useful microbial flora, not may result in resistance and so the effectiveness of antibiotics for really important cases remains.

Fungal Infections

February 13th, 2020

Fungal infections are as unclean or as a sign of lack of hygiene. Only a few are aware that it can affect anyone in principle… A fungal infection is considered in society often unclean or unsanitary. This widespread assumption is wrong. A fungal infection arises only when a suitable environment offered the mushrooms. This also applies to the risk of lavalier and portability.

The fungus like feuchtwarm. Therefore is a common form of athlete’s foot, which offered an ideal environment due to airtight sneakers and synthetic socks, to reproduce many women suffer from a completely different form of fungal infection: vaginal fungus. The unpleasant infection is caused by the Candida albicans fungus. The fungus can often go unnoticed on the skin live without, that it comes to an actual infection. About 10 15% of women, the fungus in the vagina even lives without causing the onset of vaginal fungus. Only changing the natural balance and brought out of balance, it goes back to the vaginal fungus Infection. Women who suffer from vaginal fungus, frequently assume, in the swimming pool, on strange toilets, to have infected mushroom in the sauna or through sexual intercourse with the Candida albicans. However, more, often unknown factors, mostly out of eight are allowed.

The following factors favor also infection with Candida albicans: sweet environment. The fungus eats mainly sugar. The sugar content of the vaginal secretions is particularly high, favors the a proliferation of Candida albicans fungus. There is an increased sugar budget by high blood sugar (diabetes) or a higher estrogen levels. Antimicrobial milieu. The natural balance of the vaginal secretions can be disturbed through the use of antibiotics. Important bacteria die off through the intake and allow the fungus to proliferate uncontrollably. Humid environment. The fungus like it just feuchtwarm. Narrow and synthetic underwear favour this climate, so that the fungus can spread freely. Lack of personal hygiene will also cause this unwanted humid climate in the vaginal area and can thus lead to a fungal infection. Weak milieu. The body’s defences are too weak, you can multiply the fungus without any restrictions and cause a yeast infection. Damaged environment. Also, an injured vaginal mucosa promotes vaginal fungus. Such damage can be done by inserting a tampon or through sexual intercourse. Excessive hygiene by perfumed toiletries can lead to deterioration of the mucous membranes, causing an accelerated growth of the fungus. Before you start treating a fungal infection, should be found out beforehand what type of fungal infection because it is. Only then can be taken specifically against the fungal infection and Candida albicans are successfully addressed. Already simple tips can speed up the treatment: underwear should be changed daily and from natural Fibers are. Gently and regularly clean the genital area. On scented products is to give. Keep the blood sugar, by sweet is not much. A fungal infection is a disease that can be caused by different and often unforeseen factors. In principle, every woman can suffer from vaginal fungus. Vaginal fungus or other fungal infection is therefore not a sign of uncleanliness or lack of hygiene. Fungal infections are no cause for shame and treatable with proper measures.

Bladder Infections And Cranberries

February 11th, 2020

Fruit concentrate prevents bacteria that harm many people have with infections of the urinary tract, such as cystitis, bladder wall for the beneficial and curative effect of American cranberries discovered. You swear on this natural product and compare its effectiveness even with the antibiotics. This setting is only based on the application’s own positive, however subjective experience or there are also verifiable research findings, which recommended the use of cranberries in bladder infections generally leave? And if so, what are the correct dosage forms for those affected with cystitis? Infections of the bladder (cystitis) can affect anyone and are often very painful and uncomfortable. If left untreated it can rise and cause damage to the kidneys. Women are most frequently affected by bladder infections.

This is due to the anatomical conditions in the urinary tract of women, by which the bacteria easily can Ascend, to establish itself in the lining of the bladder. Is this set of pathogens prevent an intact immune system and a strong bladder mucous membrane generally. But not always. The frequently recurring bladder infections (recurrent cystitis) can occur. So, it should be the goal of the prevention and treatment of bladder infections bacteria from to prevent from establishing itself in the lining of the bladder.

“Now, researchers have found that the American relatives of our local cranberries, just the cranberries, a substance containing the docking” of the bacteria in the lining of the bladder can effectively suppress. This mechanism prevents that the bacteria can start their injurious work in the bladder. So it is not surprising that fruit concentrates from cranberries proved in several objective clinical studies very effective in women with recurrent bladder infections. The number of infections was significantly reduced in these women. In a comparative study with an antibiotic it was found that the used Cranberryextrakt was almost as effective as the antibiotic.


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