No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Skin Care Consumer Report

October 2nd, 2017

Cosmetic companies like Erno Laszlo, Estee Lauder and Lancome, train their salespeople to sell hundreds of innocent women dollars of products for skin care unnecessary. SALES OF SKIN CARE, lying – 75% of all medicines and cosmetics are derived from nature. One of the lies that underpin the sale, is that the eye area is too fragile and delicate for your facial moisturizer. "Only an eye cream will work in the area of the eyes," another lie. "You must use our cleanser" in order to receive all the benefits of our moisturizer. "You will not receive the benefits of anti aging is complete without using the system as a whole." All lies.

Try cleaning the skin with baby shampoo, milk and sugar, equal parts. Want to look younger, add cornmeal to the cleanser. An acne problem, add aspirin. Splash to rinse 10 times with very hot water. Do you need a toner, use of green tea or orange juice or Aloe Vera. Moisturize with a vitamin E capsule or soybean oil (vitamin E). For melasma and brown spots, one at the counter Fade Cream (less than U.S.

$ 10.00) twice daily after cleaning takes the place of an office procedure. Erno Laszlo not even sell individual items, they insist that use everything from Erno Laszlo, alcohol, mineral oil and petroleum based. The media will not say that cosmetic companies like Erno Laszlo use, clogging the pores of oil and mineral oil and charge the consumer up to $ 100 a jar of sugar, castor oil and fragrance.

Unique Fun Contact Lenses

February 13th, 2017

Contact lenses can be used as a fun way to make you stand out from your friends. Since special effects contact lenses are created for cosmetic purposes, they come with a power of 0.00, which means to make any correction for the eyes. This in turn means that anyone can use. So, if you need something for a party, night club, or just to scare their children’s friends, then there is something available to you. Probably the most common contacts are classified as unique fun contact lenses are the only changes the color of your eyes. Read more here: Cindy Crawford. After striking blue eyes when they used to be brown can have a very dramatic effect, especially those who know you. Vice versa, with green eyes and say that suddenly appear in a cool brown latent certainly get people talking! And even if you do not know the people who are with, for example in a nightclub, who can resist baby blues? But perhaps you are a little more reckless, a little more adventurous than that? Well, cats and contact lenses with the eyes? Imagine talking to someone who had never met before in a bar, and lifted his eyelids to reveal a feline look? Wow! Perhaps not everyone cup of tea, but you can see the impact it could have. Mark Fields may also support this cause.

Or maybe it’s Halloween, and you want to give those pesky trick or treaters something to remember you? How about some Vampire eyes? Hopefully it does? My guess is that they reduce the number of treats you give. Or you could try out zombie eyes. They are very similar to vampire eyes that are red, but with some subtle additional colors to give a slightly different effect. Either way, the effect can be pretty scary, so remember to stick a health warning on your porch before showing your eyes to someone of the nervous nature. It may even be a little creative, and be truly unique. Some manufacturers allow you to choose your own colors, so that the world is your oyster. Without correction was used in the manufacture of lenses, so that the central element of the lens fits anyone.

You should expect to pay more for this type of lens, however, because they are not mass produced. You can even get blank eyes, which means that the lens is a solid color, with a little peephole in the middle so you can see through. Pitch black mirrored contact lenses are probably the ultimate in cool, but there are others too. They can also be fun, but have no use in drama as well. A blank space to the lens can provide a very effective impression of blindness, so if you are in acting, fun contact lenses can be a great prop.

Wellness Hotel Luneburger Heide

October 11th, 2016

Who is Heather, Erika, or Hermann? My three Heath farms reward Heath typical name with original heaths massage hearing randomly on the typical for the Heath name Heide, Erika, or Hermann? Then you can look forward now twice: firstly: the Heath blooms in their beautiful, purple colors. On the other hand: All people with this Heath-typical first name received from the three Heath farms-Wellnesshotel in the Luneburg Heath a very special gift: each guest with a given this name if he makes holiday in the Heath heyday from August to September there an original Luneburg Retama stamp massage given to a very special treat for your back. Gunnar Petersons opinions are not widely known. The three Heath farms have made smart of course with regard to the meaning of this name. “” As means of noble form”Heide, Erika the sole ruler” and Hermann the army man “. To be called Heidelinde or Heide Marie a guest might, so pressing of course in the Nice hotels Eye to. And should be the one or the other Hermann”the heaths prefer inside, so he gets a bottle of original Hermann Lons Heidekraut liqueur gift instead of a massage. The three Heath farms enjoy the first German potato-hotel in Lubeln, the round village saga field in Hitzacker and the Cameroon – Africa wellness also all guests who have no Heath typical names. Heath & co.

as well as Sabine, Monika, Gerhard, and Wolfgang, for example, can feel at home in many actions to the Heath bloom so all around? For relaxation and recreation, there’s the soothing Heidewellness pampering applications end. How about a hot milk and honey bath with scented Erika flowers or a full-body peeling with original Heath sand? Together with the wohlfuhlhotel guests visiting the shepherd in the Nemitzer Heide, which tells of the roaring fire of the life of a real Heidjers. The stories from the Heath, there is fresh Heather tea cosy’s can’t. Or you lets us take in the unique, mystical beautiful heathland of Breeser reason, where it is believed a fairy or a small troll behind some trees. “Who instead on Shanks’s pony” wants to explore the beauties of the Heath rather via wire donkey, makes to exit one of the most beautiful cycling routes, which is right on the doorstep: the Heath route leads along beautiful paths of the Hanseatic City of Luneburg directly to the Crescent village Lubeln, where the first Germans waiting for potato hotel the day trippers. And because cycling is famously hungry, of course also feasting is announced: the new Heath potatoes present themselves the hungry guests in many different variations, then a dream in blue: freshly harvested and delicious blueberries pampering guaranteed! Enjoy the best of the Luneburg Heath, the contact country and the Elbtalaue.

Mobile Massage

January 14th, 2016

back. Even when space is limited mobile massage can be performed on a Massage Chair, to do this, you need only a small room or a small corner that can be separated off by a privacy screen. Massage therapy there are many: mobile massage, classical massage, hot stone massage, full body massage, sports massage, connective tissue massage and wellness massage are just some of most popular massages. But how does a mobile massage actually? To do this, read also at Wikipedia via mobile massage. It causes a general relaxation throughout the body first of all, there eg. the staff for this time, where he gets all the mobile massage at this treatment can engage. The pain then it acts locally on the tensions and cause movement being Cabinet Unken.

Here, an extra blood flow takes place through the mobile massage and the affected regions can regenerate again. At home, the mobile massage can be a great change of pace and a huge time saver. To save the directions and the waiting time in practice. After the mobile massage rest out just a little to make reverberate the massage effect. Also during the massage at home, the therapist comes with all required materials such as towels, massage oils and cleaners for the massage bench. The mobile massage is an absolute top ratio between output that you get, and you paid the price. We consider this service is comfortable and practical.

That is assigned to the Krankheitsbedingte also fails because of tension with the reduced mobile massage let. Here the employer saves at the end much more than it spends for the mobile massage, also he can make this power often tax. To find the right provider can be in contact with acquaintances or consult also the reviews on the Internet. It is important the therapist or the therapist is a trained and this can also prove. In the ideal case, the provider is a trained massage therapist or even physical therapist. This mobile massage they can offer the best, because with her medical training have specialist knowledge. But also a massage practitioner is able to offer a Wellnesmassage, he got a good education. Mobile massage is offered in the holiday if the hotel has no own Spa. Here you just ask at the front desk and get determined some phone numbers of providers of mobile massage. At the hotel should be allowed to show the proof of training. Mobile massage is offered on the beach. Here often light massage techniques used in the field of wellness fall. At trade fairs, the mobile massage has established itself. As an excellent way the long working day the stressed fair staff and its visitors to offer a great service gives the chance to relax and to avoid tension. The mobile massage is excellently accepted at trade fairs and events and enjoys great popularity among visitors and operators. The advertising effect is given, because many visitors are interested in a mobile massage to unwind briefly from trade-fair operations and re-energize. The visitors stay longer at the booth. The mobile massage offers countless possibilities and advantages for all those involved. I think that the mobile massage has a great future before him. Elke Kammerer

Summer Feelings – Now Quickly Off The Huftgold

April 17th, 2015

Finally the “summerfeelings”. Time if it should still work with the Bikini figure! They’re finally going because our summerfeelings “.” Time if it’s still going to work with the Bikini figure. The summer the best time of the year is emotionally live for many of us Sun, beach & sea, holiday, many wonderful experiences. But on the last minute, just still a few pounds have to go! This can be done with a smart food choices. This allows quick and easy delicious Cook, Saute, Grill, damp and stew. Starve it must definitely not.

Our motto is delicious food and still lose weight. We jump on the carbohydrate-reduced kitchen. Meat, fish and vegetables to the diet, since it is their energy suppliers. Proteins, vitamins, iron, minerals, and dietary fiber are necessary ingredients for a healthy diet. Meat grilled, braised, cooked can also for them to the true fat killer evolve and is now just right when it comes to the slim line goes. For the hungry in between meals or as a snack breaks we recommend roast beef, salmon meat, Kassel, cooked ham, olives, nuts or anything raw ham.

A delicious protein drink has also long saturated, is refreshing and tastes fantastic especially in Vanilla with our seasonal fruits. Her fat killer day plan: this plan they can refer always something. He is absolutely capable of holidays for the enjoyment without remorse and with these ideas, you can also in the restaurant. Make sure just that insulin levels remain low during the day. Distributes plenty of fluid throughout the day suppresses the appetite and ensures the Elimination of pollutants. Important is to avoid juices of all kinds, mineral water like no problem that refreshes, tastes with a splash of lemon or lime juice delicious with or without ice. Your breakfast is under the motto fill batteries for a high-energy day: grain, protein – or crispbread, salad leaves, tomatoes, Cucumber 1-2 eggs in any variation, as covering roast, Corned Beef, jelly or hard or cottage cheese.

Lean Cuisine

March 15th, 2015

Everyone knows the feeling, hardly eating anything, one feels after a short time back a feeling of hunger! WEIGHT: too many carbohydrates are absorbed and not burned by movement, so this oversupply will be converted into fat. The result is a metabolic imbalance, a Hyperinsulinism, so an increased insulin production in the body to process sugar from excess carbohydrates. Sufferers feel tired, have no energy, suffer from sleep disorders, and are easily irritable. A diet of calories from fat, carbohydrates and protein not in equilibrium are and where not enough move, ultimately causes that take and your health suffers. “” It is also about good”bad” foods to restore the balance between carbohydrate, protein and fat that you each between good “and bad” are different. It is important to make the right choice and the right amount of protein, good fats and various good carbohydrates to take nutritious food so the best that there is. Carbohydrates bad, i.e.

highly processed carbohydrates can be found in cereals, pastries, chips, soft drinks, candies and sweets and white bread, for example. These refined carbohydrates contain more sugar and considerably less nutrients and fiber as a full-fledged food, but also more quickly converted to glucose and go so much more quickly into the bloodstream as good carbs. In addition, you can make addictive. Good or healthy carbs are included in natural foods such as bread, brown rice, nuts, and vegetables. Fat bad fats are saturated fats. They include mainly chips and fatty meat. Healthy, so unsaturated fats are important for the body. They are found in fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

They contain much energy and provide the transport of vitamins and minerals in the body. Healthy fats produce a Feeling of fullness. Appetite for snacks and sweets will disappear. Many young people tend to be too fat, too sweet and too poor to fiber to feed and have to fight acne also often with the skin disease. A complete diet with sufficient intrinsic can cheap affect the skin and supportive to a medical therapy, so Dr. o Knight of Scientific Director of the DGE. The most important principles to get into balance: Keep the right balance between carbohydrates, protein and fat in the body. Protein is the most important supplier of energy, especially at the beginning the Atkins diet. Other than carbohydrates, it stimulates not the insulin production. Do not refined carbohydrates; they do not do you good. Avoid saturated fats. Renounce all types of sugar; they are dependent on and no efficient energy supplier. Provide enough exercise. Information and delicious cooking ideas, visit our website source: DGE

Massage Chairs

January 14th, 2015

The use of massage chairs is wellness and relaxation for employees, customers and guests with massage chairs Massage Chair on events on corporate events of popularity. Massage chairs for wellness and relaxation are rented more and more by companies for trade fairs, training courses, product presentations and other events, to offer the guests a place of relaxation and communication and to ensure a positive experience. Many manufacturers or dealers offer countless designs, models and colors, so that even if a massage chairs the Chair can be adapted the atmosphere of your own home or the stand at a fair. Often staff with appropriate expertise for the event is provided by the supplier of massage chairs on request gladly, which welcomes the guests of the event and offers the Massage Chair to use. The company Welcon from Giesen at Hildesheim offers even, to take the Massage Chair, after the event by purchasing or leasing with the rent paid in full amount of the purchase price can be removed. As the guests to an event on a Massage Chair should have an excellent experience in relaxation and wellness, is to look at the selection of massage chairs on the following: the manufacturer uses rubber or hard plastic rollers? Plastic rollers are not always pleasant and can be painful, what then of course far missed the meaning of the use of the Massage Chair.

Rubber massage rollers offer a pleasant soft massage experience, which represents a special rest and relaxation for almost any user. The supplier of massage chairs have medical certificates, and above all TuV certificates for the Massage Chair delivered to him? Is operation of the Massage Chair easy to understand? A complex operation of the Massage Chair is just then, if no qualified personnel to the side, often not the desired result, because user errors often massages be set by, which the user would not have are perhaps not pleasant for him. Are the Massage Chair on the part of the supplier assured or must deal with the landlord to the insurance of the massage chairs? Basically, it makes sense to hire never only a single Massage Chair, massage armchairs that are next to each other, much more used by the visitors of the event, as individually placed Massage Chair. All these things should be considered urgently, before one or more massage chairs can be rented. Stefan Iburg

Angelika Becker

January 13th, 2015

Immerse yourself and create your own beauty and wellness oasis. Often, when the evenings are getting longer, you have time and leisure to devote themselves entirely to yourself. Time to himself every now and again a beauty evening to treat and pamper from head to foot. Just when the nasty weather, a nourishing bath is balm for body and soul. It is so wonderfully relaxing, to feel the warmth, with closed eyes to let the mind run free, and enjoy. A body lotion or body oil, massaged after the dip in the still damp skin, the skin return lost moisture and care.

With the four Golden bathing rules, achieve an optimal effect of care for body & soul: you bathe not too hot and not too long. The ideal bath temperature is 35 38 degrees Celsius, the maximum duration of the bath is 15 minutes. Not to often bathe. Two full baths per week are sufficient. Who wants to bathe yet daily, should the duration to a maximum 10-minute limit and then always good lotion or oil. The evening relaxing bath is better than the morning bath.

If you prefer morning swim, you should complete with a cold shower so that you are not too tired. Also the pores close after a cold shower more quickly, the skin loses less moisture. In any case you should apply themselves carefully after bathing, because through the warm bath grease and moisture be removed from the skin. Lightly blot the skin after the bath, and then apply body cream, body lotion or body oil on the still damp skin. Indulge then, warm wrapped up 15 to 20 minutes rest. Foam bath or oil bath, sea salt bath or cream bath? I only take what bath? Who loves bubble baths, takes a particularly rich care after the bath to return lost fat and moisture of the skin. Sea salt baths help the skin with removal of pollutants, cream baths and oil baths already return the skin while bathing a portion of lost skin fat. In addition to skin care Many flower essences or herbal bath products contain oils such as olive oil, avocado oil and other precious objects, or essential oils, which will be a bathroom the pampering experience. For example, are the essential oils of lavender, lemon balm or Orange Blossom is for their relaxing effect known, while Peppermint refreshing and exhilarating lemon fragrance. A full bath make a pampering experience for body and soul nourishing oils and individual fragrances. Immerse in the beauty and wellness world.

Lose Weight

November 20th, 2014

Lose weight with simple tips and tricks for everyone makes their own weight today in Germany to create many. Many look on the Internet for the latest tips and tricks as they can lose weight as quickly as possible. Thus it but should know that a quick weight loss has nothing to do with effective weight loss. This report shows all that want to reduce their weight, as this will be the most effective. Why doesn’t a quick weight loss? Who tried the pounds quickly tumble, making needed this usually, he feeds the body less food than he. A reduced caloric intake enticing the body to make the attached fat reserves. So far, so good, but the problem with most of the diets that are based on this principle is that you can’t go longer she. Already after a few days or most fall weeks again into the old scheme and occurs the so-called Yo-Yo effect.

The weight increases. For this reason you should make sure that in addition to the lower calorie intake also sports driving, to increase your calorie consumption. This of course assumes that to to his diet, because the body otherwise quickly defends itself with feelings of hunger. The most important and biggest meal should be the breakfast. You should make sure but that also this meal consists of carbohydrates and proteins, and contains so little fat as possible.

Fats should generally be avoided if you want lose weight effectively. Who do without sweets and and get a piece of chocolate cravings, should make sure to enjoy it in moderation. A good trick is when it ordered up high-quality diet pills from an online pharmacy and takes them before dinner. These pills are based on natural ingredients that cause that the body has less hunger. Thus it is faster satellite and is not dangerous to eat too much of the sweet treats. Who effectively wants to lose weight should always remember that this is a process that is slow. All Quick diets do any good indefinitely. It is more effectively every day to much take just a little less calories and but consistently do this. Therefore, you can prevent that enters the yo-yo effect and everything was free. Sports should be driven only to an extent by making a fun. You should feel no compulsion to play sports.

Good Weight Loss Pill

November 18th, 2014

Decline in the body weight due to change in diet or life style is known as WEIGHT LOSS. A variety of non-prescription pr prescribed pills for weight loss are available today. Now a days everyone around is tempted to loose weight in the fastest way possible. Being fit and healthy is the latest trend worldwide. Everyone under the sky wants to be fit and look good. Some people refer getting lean to being healthy. Whereas there are a few who simply do not care of the extra pounds they carry, and ignore the flab hanging from their body. Or it may be that they have given up hopes of loosing weight.

As for the people, who have given up on trying, summoning up the Pro verb “try try till you succeed”. Amongst working out, dieting, yoga, diet supplements, slimming teas etc weight loss pills are so a weight loss product. The market is flooded with numerous dietetic appendages and loose weight pills. With each product claiming to be the best in its own way confuses the consumer on which one to pick. A well informed and thoughtful decision is necessary while selecting weight loss pills. One needs to do a research very carefully by taking information from the producers of such products or by talking to the people who have already tried it (success stories of the individuals) etc. The manufacturer of the weight loss pill must be reputed and genuine. These are few things to be kept in mind while choosing weight loss pills.

Weight loss pills are categorized into two main categories-the prescription weight loss pills 2weeks by health care professionals or efad or the ‘natural’ weight loss pills available at any medicine store or health store. Before the emergence of ‘liposuction’ and other surgical treatments to reduce the fat in the body, the pills for losing weight were very popular. There are some pros and cons of these weight loss pills. The weight loss pills reduce the painful exercises in the gym in order to generate sweat to loose weight. It is very easy to use. People are so busy nowadays that they don’t get time to hit the gym. The day’s calories cannot be burnt if the gym is missed. You just need to pop a pill in the mouth and you are done for the day. You may injure yourself while exercising and put on weight while recovering. But with the weight loss pills there are absolutely no such problem unless of course you bite your tongue! Every weight loss pill contains more or less the same ingredients and is similar in action. The pills have both the advantages and disadvantages. It is advisable to have a good research before trying out as “trial and error” when comes to your health is quite dangerous! Weight loss pills though give fast and quick results, is not the healthiest way to reduce weight. Leena Babuta is providing information on new diet pills, diet pills, diet pills from mexico and other weight loss medications.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty