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Chinese Zebra Goby

May 16th, 2023

Chinese Zebra Goby or ptereleotris Chinese Bull or ptereleotris zebra (Pogonoculius zebra Fowler) – Pretty attractive their appearance fishes of the family Ptereleotrisovyh (Ptereleotridae). One of the jewels of our aquarium. Ptereleotris zebra has rather elongated body. Characterized by a rather bright contrasting colors: green body color, with gray-green and blue edges. On the sides there are pink vertical stripes. Under the eyes of a bull has a black band. According to Vera Want, who has experience with these questions.

Dorsal fin with a black border. Long pelvic fins are shifted forward, under the breast, their foundation strong close. The pectoral fins are nearly transparent, colored, they are not increased, as the majority of goby. Inhabiting reef species ptereleotrisovyh. Prevalent in tropical and subtropical waters. It is basically a marine fish, but there are freshwater species.

Inhabit the coastal waters, mostly around coral reefs. Feed variety of invertebrates, mostly floating in the water column. Small head has a rather large mouth and large eyes. Two dorsal fins. Front, spiny, narrow, but often with very high first light, form a sort of pen. It is through this "pen" ptereleotrisovye got its name. Long pelvic fins are shifted forward, under the breast, their foundation strong close. The pectoral fins are nearly transparent, colored, they are not increased, as the majority of goby. Distinguish them from above in their environment is extremely difficult, that saves them from predators. These gobies are usually live in open water. With the threat of rapidly flowing off or seeking shelter. Chinese Gobies quite peaceful towards other fish, but can be aggressive towards members of their species. They are best kept in pairs or small groups of its kind. Maximum length, which can reach Ptereleotris Zebra – 12 centimeters, the aquarium is usually less. Range: Fiji, Indo-Pacific content in Alushta aquarium: Feed the calf can be frozen and dry fodder seafood. The aquarium should be kept tightly closed lid, as the fish frightened, can jump out of it. It is desirable to provide a sandy bottom aquarium, plants and corals. Favorable temperature is 22 C – 28 C, pH 8.1-8.4.


May 13th, 2023

Let’s imagine a situation – you are in love with “Prince Charming” and trying to win his heart. Of course, in the course are all sorts of gimmicks and tricks! In the seething ocean of passion you may, this is what makes you be together, pushing the object of desire. This error is typical of many of the fairer sex. After a series of several unsuccessful attempts, the lady begins to despair and lose hope. This stereotype is incorrect. Hence conclusion – the need to break these stereotypes! Maybe it makes sense to think not about how to get into a relationship based only on a momentary passion, but as an alliance, especially building upon friendship, strong and loyal. It sounds paradoxical? Perhaps, but it’s really a sure way to get to know each other better and learn about the partner almost everything. Sorrento therapeutics gathered all the information. Anders M Tomson often says this.

In addition, such alliances tend to grow well in a completely different quality formation. It also allows you to open your inner world, and not unusual to play a role. Love – this book is not a love story and not a movie, filmed on the script. Agree, it’s nice to get to know the object of his adoration, primarily as a best friend. If you are worried that waiting may be delayed, as we have – it’s not Formula 1, it is appropriate to make its motto the famous saying “slow and steady wins – then will be. ” Only time will show how you match each other, and we should be grateful for that.

The proven fact – the more a man waiting for a meeting with a woman, especially since this meeting will be desirable. Emotions are feature to accumulate, and one day it may happen that you will wake up and realize – without each other, the further existence is impossible! Men – special creatures, they tend to always have a situation under its control, including love. Let’s not argue, it always fails, however, give a chance “the prince” to get used to new roles and enjoy a nice joint pastime. Strong half of mankind – as traffic light – always a signal that settled in her heart the love.


August 8th, 2021

Blood pressure control reduces the likelihood of maternal complications and . for weight gain. On the 16 th week of pregnancy is weight gain, with 23 – 24-week gain of 200 g per week, and from 29 th week of no more than 300 – 350 g. One week before the birth weight is usually reduced to 1 kg, due to the loss of fluid fabrics. Throughout the pregnancy weight should increase by about 10 kg (at the expense of fetal weight, amniotic fluid and placenta). Measuring the size and shape of the pelvis tazRazmery are important for generic process and are subject to measurement and evaluation of all beremennyh.konsultatsiya therapist, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, and the need to do an electrocardiogram (ECG). Therapist – 2 times, optometrist, audiologist, dentist, endocrinologist – 1 times. Go to Anna Wintour for more information.

In the future – when indicated, other professionals – may be needed. 7-10 days 10-nedelOsmotr obstetrician-gynecologist (measurement of blood pressure, weight) Definition of tactics in light of the pregnant analysis and conclusions from other spetsialistov.Analiz mochiPoyavlenie protein in the urine of pregnant women may be the initial sign of toxicity. 12 nedelOsmotr obstetrician-gynecologist (measurement of blood pressure, weight) Analysis of the urine gives mochiAnaliz idea about the state of the kidneys, and the exchange of other organs and tissues and the body tselom.UZI (screening) in the period of 10-14 weeks. To clarify the gestational age and nuchal translucency thickness measurement (normal – up to 2 mm; increase up to and over 3 mm is a sign of Down syndrome). .

Dental Hygiene

August 6th, 2021

Increases the formation of soft plaque and tartar. In any case, you should visit your doctor, local treatment and professional dental hygiene (ultrasonic cleaning and air-frow) during pregnancy is not contraindicated, since the procedure is not painful and can cause a nuisance, and the true stress, as in pain, body does not experience. Great importance in pregnancy has a preventive dental diseases. The teeth lose calcium, which leads to their destruction and periodontitis. Growing child needs calcium to build skeletal system. When there is insufficient when it is received – due to chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or errors nutrition – calcium "washed out" of the bones of the mother. Primarily affect the upper and lower jaw, in particular their processes surrounding the teeth, and the processes of decay is faster at some times.

Activates aggressive microflora that jeopardizes the tooth enamel. Any damage to the enamel – is the danger: stands to lose time, and the tooth is destroyed. Though popular rumor, and says: "One more child, one tooth less" – modern dentistry is taken to refute this claim. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sharon McNally. Only need not be afraid and to keep at least 3 times visit the clinic (6-8, 16-18, 26-28 weeks), and not evade its side, citing the fact that you do not want to get nervous. If the doctor says the words "increased formation of soft plaque, it is possible to make an appointment and more. Teeth should be cleaned at least 2 times a day (ideally – after each meal) – in the morning and evening. The brush should be normal (normal, medium) or soft (soft) by the rigidity of the bristles.

Stiff brush (heard, firm) is better to delay – especially if your gums bleed, even slightly. Pasta is better to use a treatment that contains calcium and reduces inflammation of the gums. For pregnant taste and smell may be more important than all these useful properties. Many people like rinse your mouth after brushing with special conditioners, sold "in the series." Good effect on oral health in general also has a special brush cleaning language in the form of carved spoons. Who once saw that peeled off from the native language, usually impressive and imbued with the idea of being wanted the procedure. Gum massage improves blood circulation in the tissues surrounding the tooth. On the gums causing anti-pea paste, then thumb and forefinger cover a tooth and perform light movements of the tooth to the gums. A good massage effect makes an electric toothbrush. Do I have to say that during all manipulations with the teeth arms should be clean and the water – boiled or bottled? Recommendations on nutrition of pregnant women usually take into account the amount of nutrients that should circulate in the blood of his mother, in particular calcium. Caring for the calcium intake, the woman will not only save your own teeth, but also "lays" the formation of your child's teeth – not just dairy, but the main ones. All medications that contain calcium, should be appointed physician. Should not be independently increase the dose "just in case." Calcium is still mastered only by the appropriate number, the rest will settle in the body in the form of insoluble (and totally unnecessary) connections. Remains say about the procedures that are not emergency and routine, such as bite correction, prosthetics and dental implants. Their best to hold for the three months before pregnancy or within six months after that a possible inflammatory process has not occurred or during pregnancy or the period of breast-feeding.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty