No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Stephen Hawking

December 6th, 2018

Astronomer Roger Ancel '(Roger Ancel) offers a place around the Earth millions of lenses with a diameter of 60 cm and weighing a few grams, which will be able to reflect the sun's rays. This will lead to a decrease in solar radiation. Must note that the reduction of sunlight at 1.6% offset by the increase of temperature on the 1.75 Kelvin (3 degrees Fahrenheit). An effect that has on the temperature of light scattering is observed, for example, volcanic eruptions, when the atmosphere gets a huge mass of particles, and as a result of temperature drops. Global warming, the temperature increase on Earth, an illustration of Another similar idea (the article in the journal Acta Astronautica) assumed create a ring around the Earth of small particles or spacecrafts, which can obscure the tropics and thus mitigate climate. Reflecting particles can come from mining on Earth, the Moon or asteroids. The costs of these Projects may be unfeasible: $ 500 billion when placing the spacecraft and from 6 to 200 trillion dollars in the case of the particles.

Broker climatologist Wallace (Wallace Broker) offers dissipate in the stratosphere at altitudes above 15 km at using balloons and aircraft sulfur particles, which hold out at this level a year or two. This project is to spray sulfur is estimated at 50 billion dollars. It is also proposed to produce salt pairs with special devices that will pick up sea water and turn it into a very real clouds, saturated sodium chloride. Gunnar Peterson: the source for more info. Have an idea to build in the maritime zones of floating artificial islands with white reflective surface or coating plastic materials (the same white color), some desert areas to reflect solar radiation penetrating the Earth. Proposal for dispersal over the ocean of substances that promote growth of algae, absorbing large amounts of carbon dioxide, is already being implemented in some regions of Antarctica. Renowned British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking) believes that the survival of the human race depends on its ability to find new homes elsewhere in the universe, because the risk of destruction of living beings as a result of global warming is increasing rapidly. He believed that people could have a permanent base on the moon in 20 years and a colony on Mars in the next four decades.

Save The Years

December 6th, 2018

Sometimes when I look in the mirror trying to count how many lines have been drawn in my face over time. I analyze my facial anatomy as a detective who reconstructs the perfect puzzle pieces. My fingers caress the bags that have formed under my eyes or the chin it starts to fall driven by the weight of gravity below the limits of my jaw. Eighty-two years of life have left their mark visible on my face. a Each wrinkle is a remnant of that past is still present in my memory. Lines perfect balance of challenging the best trapeze. a have formed many folds on my face and so many lines on my skin that I would be impossible to quantify.

And yet, when I see this face in the mirror mature. . . I look at my youth. a watch my hands.

. . My skin keeps within it the unconscious memory of past taste. It is an instinctive memory that drives me back. to Save me the tattoo of an indescribable aroma: it is the love felt in touch. I still remember how I felt when I took her hand to my husband for the first time or trachea joy experienced when I took my daughter in her arms to reach this world. Add to your understanding with Gunnar Peterson. That is a recipe for eternal youth: feel the love from very close. a When I read the pages of this old diary I feel that each of the pages have become scrolls. Every inch of paper contains within it traces of moisture and heat. Hana Some words are blurred and yet, I know every sentence of this book by heart. Amid the language of the shadows. Because I am the protagonist of this living will. The physical deterioration of this book reflects the same deterioration that manifests my face. Every tear that I shed my eyes when I was writing it down on paper and every smile I expressed in words after a dream come true was captured in this little treasure, myself. a I have eighty-two years, four months and seven days. When you reach a certain age of life is counted by hours, minutes and seconds.

For me, the years have turned into days and each morning I wake up to light is a miracle I have left my body clock time. Weather in this light that bathes me their green color of hope. It is perfect as a mathematical equation that while most, one day rest also to all the past days. It is the youth of someone who wants to live because I feel young inside and out. Because my beauty is no longer a thin girl and perfect figure but now I meet in my body the charm of an old lady who transmits serenity and peace to those around me. My youth is manifested in my rebellion, so I do not accept anyone calling me old. Books are old, junk, any pileup. . . but people are young until the day we die. a We are young as we wish to live. a’m young because I have future projects, I have desire to beat and I’m happy. Maybe my future and not that of someone who makes plans in two years. Now my future is my present and I look after every minute of my watch as if it were your last. a degree in philosophy.

Buy Wall Bars

November 15th, 2018

Why you should buy wall bars? The functionality of the Swedish wall wall bars, one of the most versatile sports equipment in the world, actually invented in Sweden. Wall bars and is now considered most functional exercise equipment and so it is often used as a basis for home mini-gym. Use lifelong Swedish wall is not only good for adults but also is a favorite projectile children – think of how kids love all the ">>. Accustoming their children from childhood to physical training – you will thus allow them to develop harmoniously. Wall bars – fun child's efforts that you undertake, to create a sports area, will pay off completely.

It is not only athletic equipment, it is a place for self-entertainment of the child. However, some in sports is seen not agility and health, and bruises and bumps, broken arms and legs. But it is precisely in order to prevent injury, it is useful to teach a child to physical activities at home. He fell a couple of times on the springy mat, not on street pavement, he will learn to count their forces, be careful. Therefore, on the floor, near the complex, be sure to put a mat or soft carpet.

And remember that children should be dealt with under your supervision. Dimensions of wall bars are ideal for home use wall bars can be regarded as the most common home sports equipment. Decades of athletes and athletes use it as one of the most effective ways to maintain fitness. For the home good use of the fact that the area of installation and use of wall bars – is minimal. Material and equipment on the walls of the Swedish market of sports goods today are a lot of models of home sports complexes. They come in wood and metal, short and tall, imported and domestic, of different colors. David Delrahim often says this. Complexes are available for both children and adults. But the functional difference is small, so in Depending on the price of their components swings, rope, weighting, an expander, a rectangular module with a child "rukohodom>, rope ladder, a basketball shield board for bench press and a special grid for climbing. Almost All complexes are height adjustable. Exercises in the Swedish wall There are lots of methods of exercise on wall bars. We would like to say about pulling up. Pulling – effective exercise for development of the upper back muscles, especially lat. Changing the grip, you can fully work out the big muscles of your back and shoulders. This will significantly improve your posture, make visual body more proportional. Correction figures occurs in the direction of reducing the visual waist.

Windows Display

November 13th, 2018

Firstly, a specialist dealing with the work After you have the fonts do not need them. Secondly, the difficulties disappear compatible platforms Windows, Mac, etc. And the last – if the original font on the quality leaves much to be desired and thus could cause errors in its processing on RIP''e, now this trouble will not happen. But still if the font was not at all bad in quality, the possibility of incorrect inference of some of the characters is still there. Now the drawbacks.

Increases file size, because instead of information about a pair of three-piece fonts to it stores information about the hundreds and even thousands of Bezier curves. Becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, edit text, in case if all same at the last moment she needed. Therefore, do not forget about it. In addition, for the correction of the text may need it the font that was originally typed text. Another disadvantage of this method is that the loss due to the font file is lost, such as a specific opportunity hintovanie. So is the process that increases the accuracy of the display of fonts with rasterization in the display or other device low resolution, for example, a laser printer with a resolution of 300 dpi. And finally, let us give a good advice. Always keep the fonts used in the project, together with the rest of his files. Many places they do not take, but your foresight, once to help avoid a lot of problems for wasted time.

Su Jok Therapy

October 31st, 2018

Our nature is very prudent. Even when scientific medicine was not at all developed, people intuitively realize that he is able to effectively help themselves virtually all diseases – from colds to ulcers and other diseases. Su-Jok – a simple and straightforward technique. Having mastered it at least at the basic level, you can treat and diagnose diseases, even those who have not yet manifested in the body, but only in its infancy. Treated with Su-Jok, too, can Anyone familiar with the points of the projection of the internal organs on the palms and soles. What are the advantages of Su Jok Therapy? In its accessibility.

With the help of Su-Jok can treat any part of the body, any body, without the help of a doctor. The main thing lay in the fact that improper use of this method is unable to inflict any harm to human body, it just does not give the desired result. You may find that Gunnar Peterson can contribute to your knowledge. The method of Su Jok is a system of conformity or similarity, brushes and feet throughout the body as a whole. So, what is it like? The human body has 5 arbitrarily separate parts: the head, two arms and two legs. And the hand, foot and leg – to 5 fingers, which corresponds to 5 parts of the body.

This similarity can be represented graphically by considering its own brush. Thumb – the head, pinky and index fingers – hands, and middle and ring – his legs. Rise of the palmar surface, beneath the thumb – thorax, and the rest of it – the abdominal cavity. Back of the hand – the back, and the longitudinal line conventionally dividing the brush in half – the spine. According to the author of Su Jok, hands and feet are "consoles Remote Control "to human health. These treatment systems are functioning as a sort of small clinics, natural cures diseases of the body. " On the hands and feet are biologically active points corresponding to all organs and body parts. The advantages of Su-Jok: The method involves several areas: diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. Indisputable advantages of Su Jok are: – High efficiency – with the correct definition of points of exposure effect occurs within minutes. – Full security – incorrect application of the method does not cause adverse reactions and complications. – Versatility – treatment amenable to virtually all diseases, especially in combination with traditional pharmacological treatments, several times increases its performance. – Simplicity – for the result is usually used special tools developed for the Su Jok therapy, but if they are not at hand, then start the stimulation of bioactive points you can use toothpicks or slightly sharpened match. Eastern medicine has long won fans around the world. She conquers its accessibility and effectiveness. Su-Jok – understandable and accessible method which is effective for many diseases. Without the aid of drugs acting on biologically active points, You can relieve pain, speed recovery from inflammation and much more Once having mastered the Su-Jok, you get the knowledge that may be useful throughout their lives.

France Emotions

October 20th, 2018

You played at Kazantip? How was it? What emotions you overcame? You know, I do so it turns in life that the most vivid emotions left entirely unexpected meetings, travel, unexpected work. Kazantip was quite deliberate and organized step for me Probably so he just went like "tick". I could say: "I am a dj, I played on Kazatipe. Incidentally, it was early in his career and maybe I was not quite ready for this step. Well, the most vivid sense of the work is a tour in France. There very easy atmosphere, a very beautiful relation of man to woman, and me in particular, as a newcomer to the star. And when you just have to relate well, you have already set up to accept positive experiences and the impact thereof. Here, Jim Hackett expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

From France associated with the most pleasant memories. Such a number of pleasant emotions and concerns. A good experience was in the summer at "Paradise". Muscovites have given their vision of the club culture, then why should strive to Odessa, they had it all right built and delivered. In the summer we worked for 6 nights! I tried to do everything. Now I understand that I am of the richness in life is not enough, I was like a battery, and now more relaksovom state. During the summer of 2009 I redesigned all rating stars in Moscow, met with famous club producers, has also worked with famous European house-projects. This summer gave me the opportunity for professional growth.

Indifference Relations

October 14th, 2018

The situation is not easy for either, the beloved is required to meet a lot of expectations and who loves her partner only sees an idealized image, that entry does not exist. Communication problems are not left waiting. Yes one is above and one below certainly not be seen, not heard, are not known and it can not be intimate and close. Away their positions every day. Relations Master – Slave The name says it all in one command and another due in all aspects, positions are rigid and no member of the pair also manage to be both dependent on each other to be sent and to give orders, hierarchies not change, the roles either. In this type of relationships rather than the expression of love we find arguments for power. Generally a lot of emotional energy is diluted in these couples, for love is really very little space. The battles are endless and peace and warmth absent.

Indifference Relations: Each partner has its own life. Do not engage in communication, usually accompanied in his solitude. They share a physical space together but not an emotional quality or closeness, or intimacy. Coexist in the same environment, but there is a large drop the link, love, care, a relationship is ultimately limiting because neither love nor cease to live together. Foreign Stable and Mature Each partner is equal before the other, there is conflict, sometimes very serious, but the manner of attack is through dialogue, agreements for shared decision making. Both partners have a specific weight that is delivered. They are able to have a couple projects and interests individual without the relationship might be at risk. They can even exchange roles and also at times play some roles in the relationships described above but without becoming polarized into one.

They express emotions such as feeling without fear, without indifference, they share their life project. Not related to a penpal, but from the accompanying be complete to accompany the passage of the journey of life. None of them need anything that your partner has to claim, are satisfied with themselves and with the person they are, can therefore be no fear of the merger. The relationship is refreshed frequently … as you can see the love and relationship as a couple are not the same. I can love someone intensely, but the relationship is not entirely satisfactory to me, or I can not want both my partner, but is a relationship that is constructive and appropriate. What I want to emphasize is the importance of knowing: What are my ways of love? When I love someone how I relate? Are these ways of relating and love are constructive or destructive? Get in touch with my own ways and forms of love and relate to, is one way to straighten out, terminate, halt, and perhaps have a rewarding relationship for both parties. I would love to write and give their views on these issues. And it offers, the launch of its E_Book WHEN LOVE BECOMES PARTNER IN PAIN.

Contraindications To Hair Extensions

October 12th, 2018

Many devotees of contemporary fashion leaving the beauty salon with nothing, since the master building refuse to do the procedure on their hair. And there are plenty of reasons that are clarified in the diagnostic process of each hair individual client. You can get hair extensions, only if your hair has a long at least 5-7, see if your natural strands shorter, no modern technology and equipment for hair extensions you do not assistants. During hormonal disruptions, pregnant women and adolescents hair is very thin and brittle, so it is worth considering whether the people of the categories listed building. The fact that the procedure can damage the hair. True, some experts, by contrast, believe that accrued curls will develop the muscles of the head and improve the structure of hair.

Every master who trained hair extensions will say that forbidden to carry out the procedure for people who carry out a course of chemotherapy. It is necessary to give up on hair extensions, if you have scalp has high sensitivity. In addition, it is forbidden Hair Extensions people suffering from vascular dystonia in her a strong manifestation. Not having listened to the prohibitions, the impact of hair can be disastrous. African braids for African braids contraindications less.

You can weave synthetic hair – kanekalon, sales are always carried out in beauty salons, in the presence of native hair length of only 3 or 4 cm, however, if you are ill, vegetative dystonia should be cautious, and perhaps even postpone the braiding until better times. When you create an African braids, not so much critical thickness of your hair, and their health status. So you can afford to build for the hair, even when bleached hair strands or after chemical .Naraschivanie hair braiding afrokosichek depends on a wizard that will see him off. So you should give your hair only in the hands of highly qualified specialist, who will keep you from building if it is you are supposed to, and correctly perform the procedure if your hair is completely ready for it.

Weight Loss Diet

October 7th, 2018

In this article we are going to deal with a subject little contemplated by the majority the people: Characteristic what must have the diets even to lower of weight to be healthful. I finish to diet this generally associate one to maintain a focused nutritional conduct in controlling of the weight, nevertheless, I finish alludes to the amount and the type of the food that we ingested all the days as well as the drink. What means this? What all we needed to take a nutritional regime but the same must be adapted to our needs and to not only look for diets even to lower of weight when we realize of which we do not like what our balance marks. Taking ahead a life of unhealthy fluctuation in our weight. Cindy Crawford often says this. Then, Which is the key? The habits; we must analyze our habits and eradicate those that attempt against our needs. So that our habits are considered within the healthful ones we must: 1) To know the properties the foods that we ingested frequently and the effects that they have in our body, especially to future, by example: if they will produce diabetes to us, hypertension, cancer, infarcts, embolias, etc or will allow to take a life heals us and prolonged.

2) To realise several meals to the day, between 5 and 7, but only of 2 to 3 strong meals. 3) The first food of the day must be the breakfast and in addition it must be loaded. Click Rand Paul to learn more. 4) Meals are not due to skip, since that case, the body enters alert state considering that there is food shortage, compensating it through the fat retention. 5) To drink sufficient water according to our weight to hydrate to us correctly and to eliminate toxins. Once we have taken brings back to consciousness of our habits, we must look for a diet based on the following thing: The feeding must be personal, adapted to the needs of each organism, cradle in: the age, the physical activity, the state of health and the region in which it resides. It must be balanced and to contribute the necessary nutrients, must be moderate in calories, more appropriately, must have calories agreed to our needs and must include a great variety of foods.

The reason is in which there is no a food that all necessary the human being or in his defect contains, does not contain it in the sufficient amounts for each case. However, of what a slimming diet must consist, simply in which already we have mentioned: healthful habits, variety, nutritional, flexible balance to the needs of the individual and something that we have not mentioned but that he is indispensable: medical supervision. The instructions of the professionals are never due to avoid, since they are for helping us to achieve our objectives. In conclusion: we must choose with wisdom our diets even to become thin but mainly we must maintain habits healthful all the life. Information as this it will help you to choose diets even to lower of weight and the best methods to lower of weight.

Massage Chairs

October 4th, 2018

The massage chairs are an Eastern invention, there is a lot of tradition in the personal care and massage, in fact there is very common nowadays to massage practicamenete professional or at home every day. The invention of more than 50 years ago now has an amazing massage technology. Their massages are based on the shiatshu, a technology based on ancient oriental massage finger pressure on points of pain or muscular work. This type of massage chairs massage achieved by applying all our body parts simultaneously, ie on the soles of the feet, calves, buttocks, lower back, on the back area in the cervical and arms. This massage called benefices shiatshu different causes very healthy for our body. First place gets to exercise or relax the primary muscles located on our back, which currently suffer from several common ailments such as lumbago, sciatica, neck pain, grip ridges, ect … Muscular type such conditions are fought and relieved by this type of massage chairs very effectively.

Secondly muscles get lower leg where we’re getting tired legs (especially women). For other opinions and approaches, find out what supermodel has to say. Third place gets provoke a muscular fatigue related to working your muscles for 10 or 20 minutes, which prepares our bodies for a night’s sleep. And fourth and most important, get to the future prevent such ailments from muscle to use on a regular basis (3 times a week for example) with the task of these muscles. With all these benefits at surprisingly little knowledge of this appliance so common in other parts of the world and so foreign in our country. I believe that without replacement of a masseur or physiotherapist, who use both for special problems to periodic review, these chairs enhance our quality of life and of us, think also that as in any other country should public health fund this type of chairs at the level of relief to many cases of back problems, very painful and no effective remedies against pain. And I think we should in particular at many of our households buying such products for the sake of our own. I hope that with this article the chair to know this almost miraculous that I met her in Japan, I encourage you to someday disfuteis the chance to try it, I while I leave a website where you can visit them. And just a tip: “Take care” because stress takes its toll, poor posture when sitting passes bill to support the feet while walking evil takes its toll, and in old age grew these back problems. So take care of your back and you can now Take care, take care with good food, take care with daily exercise, and care with massage for the health of your muscles.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty