No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


July 19th, 2018

"Lifted up" company or not. And what do you do if you do not rise. It turned out that many employees already not only sent out resumes, but have "nudged" his friends in search of work. Thought seemed very good. And the man promised himself that evening to call a friend who can help with the work. From work to call it uncomfortable. Not thought of myself, but all of them would realize that he is actively seeking new employment. Speaking candidly CEO Ford Motor Co. told us the story. He spent a whole day in expectations, patting on a cell phone that indicated in the summary.

But he was in that day because no one, and did not call. Slightly detuned he returned home. But the evening still had to work for outgoing calls his friends. And this is somehow warmed in this shrill November evening. Jim Hackett pursues this goal as well. But calls are in fact nothing. All the friends were at work difficulties. And in such professionals like him, no one needed it. Realizing that help friends hope nothing, man went to sleep.

And in the morning out of habit went to work. The man thought bitterly, that many of his colleagues called "office plankton" because business owners – whales bite off a little of time and effort people they do not really even need. And at the first difficulty getting rid of that "plankton". The man could not carry themselves to unnecessary sat life of workers that are needed for the very first contraction. "Plankton", he is the "plankton" – thought man.

Account Management

February 27th, 2018

Want to know how much you can earn in one email? No, not that which is proposed to transfer some money and send out spam! I mean a normal, business correspondence. So, only one or several letters sent to a specific person or organization can help you earn from 50 to 5000 rubles! And this is just the flowers, "green" will come. Intrigued? Internet payments are becoming increasingly popular, and not only "out there – they have, but in the vast Runet. Is it bad not leaving the house, pay utilities, "throw" money into your cell phone or buy something? Those who first confronted with the need to buy something or sell through the Internet are discouraged variety of Internet exchange. Webmoney, rupei, egoldy … Swarmed by offers, Dr. Gerard Addonizio is currently assessing future choices. – it makes no sense to list all.

Go to the site of any major online store, and immediately understand what I mean. You will see text or banner ads like: "We accept WebMoney, Yandex payment, e-gold. But, as it had not called Internet exchange of a payment system, the ruble in them remains the ruble, a dollar – the dollar, etc., and own electronic payment system in general, only the intermediaries between the seller and buyer. And, like any commercial structure, electronic payment systems are fighting for their clients. Security, ease of entry and withdrawal of funds, convenience Account Management – a common characteristic of modern electronic payment systems. Some of them are in the fight for the client move on. For example, such electronic payment systems as Rupey or e-gold offers a certain percentage of transactions made customers, attracted by the system at a special affiliate link.

Helping People

December 28th, 2014

I want to thank all of you reading this for the opportunity to address you with this message … Thank you .. Here's the real story of real-life story about an interesting business, and at times difficult, but very rewarding: When I learned about this business opportunity, I went on an old BMW, a year later I moved to the new Porsche Cayenne Sport, has just descended from the conveyor (I apologize for bragging, but it's reality …). Perhaps you would like to know – how? If interested – then I will continue your success story! I've had problems with finances. All my business activities was the buy-sell, and it was largely tied to the officials (and they change frequently) … In Generally, permanent nerve, and only, no stability. Was terrible …

and I started looking for a new product and revenue opportunities. Condition was the only know-how, what do others. That would go back in time when its infancy market for computer technology, software, Internet. Now it is a multibillion-dollar profit, I'm sure it is not in doubt from anyone. But, unfortunately, "Microsoft" and the company turned out to be more agile and have this brilliant niche is already taken, but like so many others … But my dream came true friend … I was invited to one exhibit in St. Petersburg, I lived in the city of Kharkov in the Ukraine, and I decided to go … The exhibition has attracted me a booth, a poster with a spacecraft, near which stood some priborchiki …


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty