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Bundestag Petition

November 17th, 2023

The German Bundestag may decide to protect the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise threatened with extinction that ‘Speed boat events’ in German territorial waters in the Baltic Sea are prohibited. The society to save the dolphins e.V. has at the Petitions Committee of the German Bundestag a petition to protect the Baltic Sea – harbour porpoises threatened by extinction before the speedboat events”and similar events, involving high-speed motor boats are used, submitted the dangers. The German Parliament is to decide that such events in German territorial waters in the Baltic Sea are prohibited”, according to the petition. Reason for this is with the already critical ecological status of the Baltic Sea is located. Especially the through intensive ship traffic and construction activities noise emissions are devastating on the resident marine animals. Additional charges include pollutant discharge, eutrophication (one-fifth of the floors in the key Baltic Sea involves so-called Dead zones”without oxygen), or overfishing. Particularly marine mammals, such as the Baltic Sea – harbour porpoise threatened with extinction, its population size has been halved in the Baltic Sea between 1994 and 2005, are endangered by the existing noise emissions. Camden treatment associates shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

You use the hearing to get an acoustic image of their surroundings or their prey. Strong anthropogenic noise, as he assumes, inter alia by high-speed boats, can lead to physical damage to marine mammals (temporary auditory threshold shift, hearing) and to changes in behaviour (E.g. social and hunting behaviors, separation of mother and calf). Given the large ranges of sound of speedboats, the existing network is ad absurdum of protected areas on the coast and in the common economic zone (EEZ). This clearly demonstrated the speed boat event 4 item challenge “, which held on July 4th, 2009 in the Eckernforde Bay – through the middle of one of the most important special – and reproduction areas of the” Baltic Sea porpoises and accurate during their throwing and lactation. Only 2 days before the beginning of the event the Kiel Ministry of agriculture, environment and rural areas under strict conditions granted approval. Environment Minister Dr.

Christian von Boetticher explained: the Eckernforde Bay is a very important habitat in the comparatively strong focus for harbour porpoise. In addition, now take their calves to the world and explore their Habitat together with these. To best protect the animals, so-called FFH areas were designated in this area”. “Problematic for the animals, goes on to say the exceptionally high speed of the press release of the Ministry at the four element challenge” used boats as well as the associated acoustic emissions. The nature protection law review have shown so the Ministry that may be violations of the federal nature conservation Act threatened, if indeed the aspired and from the water – and Shipping Office Lubeck approved speed was achieved by 35 knots (approx. 68 km/h). Therefore, speed limits were made the Organizer to the Edition. Speed boat events”is pure fun events to the profit maximization of the organizer with a high and incalculable risk (expulsion from the habitats by noise pollution, as well as direct killing by collisions), inter alia for the Baltic harbour porpoise. Also damage these events by unnecessarily high fuel consumption and therefore composite end CO2 emissions and emissions into the water of the entire environment. Beyond such noisy events contradict”the common structure of tourism on the coast (families, sailors, nature lovers, beach-lovers) solid. Just tourists will have a lasting negative impression from the Baltic Sea, with negative consequences for the economy of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. U. Karlowski, GRD e.V.

Positive Response

November 1st, 2023

Trees are the lungs of our world produce oxygen important for all living beings and to bind carbon dioxide at the same time to store it in their wood as carbon. The concentration of CO2 has increased in our atmosphere by about a third in the last hundred years. It is believed that this CO2 increase is the main cause of global warming; a problem that leading scientists warning pointing out for a long time. To build a House, a child witness and planting a tree already our grandfathers followed this advice, a German proverb puts everyone on the heart. People who are the proud owner of a home with a garden, have already heeded this wisdom.

But what do those who have no opportunity to plant a tree? You should and can be helped now. Read more here: Daryl Katz, Canada. Because now there is the project of a tree for Already, the response was a few hours after the website was launched, it so great, that the three initiators that have implemented their dream in a real project, have busy all meet the requests to be. Although the first tree planting are only planned for the spring of 2008, tree reservation requests arrive from all parts of Germany. For the time being 16 new German forests are planned. A new forest should be created in every State. Each planted tree may be visited.

All participants of the project will receive information about the location of the tree, a certificate and a badge on the planted tree. Who has interest to plant one or more trees, not too long should consider, because for the time being, the number of trees on 12,500 young plants per forest and land to reproduce is limited. Who wishes further information about the project or would like to make advanced bookings for one or more trees, should refer to on the homepage of the project. And sponsors are invited to plant trees they are mentioned on a sign at the entrance of the forest and on the site by name.

Federal Government Tenant

May 8th, 2015

oeco-direct fear skyrocketing rental leader Merkel wants that all houses with poor thermal insulation to get a modern thermal insulation to cut German CO2 emissions. The Federal Government plans to change the energy saving law and wants to approve tougher intervention rights himself, to be able to implement the energy and climate package of the Federal Government. This can be done for example, retrofitting mandatory, regardless of planned own construction or renovation must meet the building owners. The Federal Government by decree for existing buildings also may require that electric storage heating systems and boiler out of operation must be taken. The goal is: all 18 million building in Germany to consume up to 2050 hardly energy and when, then at best only eco energy. Rather than Merkel’s compulsion, the CSU construction Minister Ramsauer but opts for voluntary and will not force the homeowner to energy-saving measures. As far as well, “Chief Frank Ziemann says oeco-direct. We are also sure that we all consume less energy in Germany.

The sticking point, however, is that the tenants of houses and apartments to much be involved in these costs. Now, it is clear that there apparently are the tenant, should bear a large part of the cost of the renovation. “For them, let not – as usual – bear alone the house owner Angela Merkel costs coming to new Energiesparvoschriften on all home owners in Germany. She clearly says that the tenant should pay a large part of the renovation. German Chancellor Merkel said homeowners may kill a larger part of the cost for a better heat insulation of the buildings tenants, in the “Suddeutsche Zeitung”. This is a provide a better climate. This is good not everyone of course, but it is clear that an investment in the future of both the landlord and the tenant must pay “, noted Merkel.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty