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Dietary Supplements

July 23rd, 2012

Harm or bring benefit to the health dietary supplements? To begin with, that in order to resolve the harm or bring benefit to the health supplements, you need to determine what specific question about what kind of additive. In our country, about 6,000 names of dietary supplements, and understand how any sane person can not accurately make statements about their benefits or the harm. There are also attempts to cut a 'one size fits all', arguing the postulate about the dangers of dietary supplements that are distributed by Network Marketing. Well, so do not be no criticism ", because on the quality of the drug, the harm from him or for the benefit, can not affect its method of market promotion. After all, if the baa, which propagate by a network marketing suddenly become advertising through media advertising, which you need, just simply, to pay money for a game actors for filming, and, most importantly, for advertising time, and this will inevitably lead to higher prices of these very bad at times, since the costs will increase, but the corporate income-producer, was not affected, but their quality does not change. It is believed that non-certified dietary supplements are harmful to health.

With this statement argue is much more complicated. What is the harm from the use of uncertified bad? Hard to say. There is a risk of some side effects (although, where it is not?). At certification baa in clinical trials, and not on rats and dogs and on human beings. Have agreed to volunteer for testing neoprobavannogo drug with an unknown effect? Of course not. In advance it was known that no harm to their health this drug will not bring. A lack of certification may be indicative in general it may indicate a lack of testing on human volunteers, which may be dictated by nedostatchkom funding. If prepart failed test result of injury to their testers – a drug to inhibit the production.

And no matter what method he moved to market. Do you think network marketing is not controlled by the state and can sell though drugs, although the explosives? You, of course, understand that this is not true. Well, last certify dietary supplements clearly no harm to health reasons can not. And if they can benefit? And can guaranteed to benefit you, or any other medication? Practice shows that it is not always the case. Although the issue of harms and benefits of drugs being discussed much less intense. Simple to use any drugs added unconquerable faith in the omnipotence of pharmaceuticals. And people who had to face a life of drug medicine, this belief may be noticeably weakened They may be clear that without the nutritional supplements and healthy life is impossible modern man to the food you want to use what the additional additives (BAA), bringing health benefits, instead of the usual flavors or preservatives, which are full of products sold in the shop Well may not be. Everyone has their own way to health – one in which he believes. That faith is the patient, often cures the most incurable diseases.

Antioxidant Protection Against Disease

April 16th, 2011

Now the development of modern medicine is leaps and bounds. Though the human body and in our days is considered the biggest miracle of Mother Nature. Who of us ordinary people, or even scientists, knows for sure what it processes occur in the body during work, sleep or rest? Constantly having unusual ailment, doctors talk about things that recently it was difficult to imagine. Hypovitaminosis considered to be one of those states. With increasing technology in our lives there, synthetic foods.

Do they include all the major vitamins? And so it is generally necessary vitamins for full life? Vitamins are the main component not only human health but also its attractiveness. Beautiful hair, white teeth, elastic skin, pink nails – important sign of a healthy person. With food the body gets a large mass many vitamins. True, but after cooking, not all are saved in the food in the original amount. Say, the process of boiling milk 'breaks' are not only harmful bacteria, but also important vitamins. The products of the greenhouses There are vitamins in much smaller numbers than their 'underground' cousins. When dried, boiled, frozen foods also lose vitamins.

At the doctor can hear: 'You need to take vitamins group, vitamin E '. Antioxidants prevent the occurrence of disease and slow the aging process. Vitamin E is a major antioxidant. Oxidation processes that occur both outside and inside the body lead to deterioration of the skin (wrinkles, skin rash), and also cause diseases such as heart attack, stroke and cancer. Antioxidants in considerable numbers are in foods such as blueberries, citrus fruits, broccoli, blueberries, red grapes, pomegranates, carrots. In addition to antioxidants found in drinks such as black and green teas, cocoa. B vitamins in natural products always contain inseparable, because they got their general name. Their most important use of advocates to ensure people with the necessary energy. Precisely because of this they are so needed especially in these days a man who regularly subjected to stress, greater mental and physical loads and, sadly, various diseases. To make it easier for the body to restore the deficit beneficial vitamins and minerals in conventional foods are enriched with macro and micro – elements, produced all sorts of vitamin complexes. There are special vitamins for children, for men, for students to nursing, pregnant. Why is it so valuable these same macro-and micronutrients? This chemical components, which are now needed person in everyday life. Macronutrients are available in the human body in excess of 0, 001%, trace elements – less than 0, 001%. However, even when fully healthy food your body does not consume all put him macro-and micronutrients and vitamins. Has an impact on this poor-quality drinking water, and poor ecological environment, and so on. Lack of macroelements and vitamins especially harmful to our children. That is why parents acquire a variety of vitamins for the baby. It is also important to consider that the use of drugs is probably a beneficial interaction between the various components, both positive and negative. In connection with this choice correct vitamin and mineral complex for you and your children should be trusted only to highly skilled physicians.


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty