No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty


April 3rd, 2023

Although nearly half (40prozent) of all damages in Haiti affects homes, are only 6percent of international funds and 14prozent of US Government funds intended for construction and repair of houses Cologne, August 04, 2010 – although nearly half (40%) of all damages in Haiti affects houses, intended for construction and repair of houses so far only 6% of international funds and only 14% of the resources of the US Government. In addition, only about 3 million US dollars for repairs of the damaged houses are planned. Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for humanity, the Government pointed out this imbalance of aid flows. In regard to a medium-term reconstruction of Haiti, he outlined the basic importance of focusing on safe accommodation of the persons concerned to the Committee of Foreign Affairs as an expert for reconstruction in disaster areas. He called to schedule more funds for the construction and repair of shelters for the 1.5 million people affected. More funds will be required for the removal of rubble as the essential basis for a possible reconstruction of houses – urgent. If you are not convinced, visit Dan Ariely.

Objective of aid must be that affected families in their old homes and environments can return. At newly established residential areas, also work, and educational opportunities for the people must be to promote the development of the country. From previous disasters is known, that the city’s population is growing after a disaster – this must be taken into account. Already now are from the estimated 570,000 people, au who left port Prince after the earthquake, more than half of the City returned. Filed under: Netflix. Displaced persons living in over 1300 emergency settlements in insecure, highly improvised accommodation without special protection against hurricanes. You are not sure also before expulsion, as ownership of land are unclear. The clarification of this complex and difficult ownership requires further financial resources and emphasis on the international helpers.

Iran Under Pressure

July 5th, 2022

On May 1, Demonstartionen are expected by workers in the Iran. The economic situation of the workers could well lead to a strong mobilization. Despite the ban. No, the protests in the Iran are not finished. What is interpreted by many commentators as a waning of the protests, is a brutal suppression of all available power of institutions, weapons and money.

The protests on the road have no chance as a collection of significant crowds, who last summer were Iran’s cities visible in Tehran and others, to occur. This Zersplitterungs strategy of the regime has risen on the anniversary of the revolution. Since the autumn of last year, there are also the so-called “Cyber-army”, which consists of 18,000 Bassij and specializes in modern media. The repertoire includes monitoring of mobile phones, eavesdropping on calls abroad, websites block to identify bloggers critical of the regime, spread viruses in the network, critical pages hack, spreading ideological propaganda, disinformation campaigns start and more “honorable” activities relating to Internet and telephony. Many of the high clergy in Qom are critical of the regime and to speak openly about the separation of Church and State. Integrated in the regime clerics such as Ayatollah Dschannati and Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi, Mesbah Yazdi, however, regularly rail against the opponents of the regime and call for tougher action against any protests. You put it on a mood of fear in the country. The extensive application of the death penalty in addition located, especially if many of the defendants with protests and riots in context.

Despite the superiority of the regime with their penetration of key institutions, access to weapons and funds, people dare again and again on the road. At the turn of the year, there were fires and hundreds of thousands of people who have practiced the tradition of fire jumping despite ban by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in the whole country. Videos circulating on the Internet show such events seek to resolve as security forces. The recent protests are worn mainly by students, women, trade unionists and human rights defenders, allocated to the bourgeois middle class. All eyes are now on May 1, the international labor day. On this day, demonstrations are expected of workers are keinsfalls approved by the regime. Bassij are in the large companies to forward instructed all plans for demonstrations. In Germany, a solidarity action for Iranian journalists held on May 1. With the workers on the side of the citizens the opposition movement pays out more opportunities in a Ruck in the country. The restrictions seem like a huge concrete slab, which is to hold it together in the Iran. In fact, the concrete has strong cracks. Any public protest, which will penetrate to the surface, will enlarge the cracks. In the Central of Western think tanks will be forged on alliances for the time after the break-up of the concrete slab. It would be a shame for the people in the Iran again from outside a system is cheered at him, him can take on its own to create a system that respects human rights and the political process involved all social forces. Helmut N. fork

The Son Of The Dictator Gaddafi In Germany

December 15th, 2014

In Libya, the fighting between the rebels and the troops of dictator Gaddafi continue unabated. In Libya, the fighting between the rebels and the troops of dictator Gaddafi continue unabated. Actually approach by Gaddafi’s reportedly still ruthless troops in recent days. Reason for the probable death of Gaddafi’s of is seen as sons. Saif al-Arab is the probably most recent Scion of the dictators clan and should be killed in an air raid of NATO forces on the city of Tripoli. Internationally, no one of Gaddafi’s sons has a particularly good reputation. Saif al-Arab was no exception, who lived among them several years in Germany.

Specifically among other things the former Villa of the ex-Chief of Hypo Real Estate and moved a suite at the famous Bavarian court in Hamburg from a luxurious dwelling to another”. Because that his father’s generally estimated to be several billion is, could he afford something and got a pocket money of EUR 300 thousand per month. No bad starting position to a dissolute life to lead, and the son of Gaddafi did also. Fast cars, alcohol and women were probably a constant companion of the young man, and while he was also the one time or another with the German laws on rubbing shoulders. Eleven times the German judiciary to Saif al-Arab had to determine and the list of accusations stretched the latter including the threat with an illegal handgun while driving without valid identification to death threats. For the judiciary, it was always a kind of Russian roulette, to mess with the son of the dictator. Because when it comes to his sons, Gaddafi responded yet absurdly aggressive. 2008 was that also the Switzerland of the own body learn another Gaddafi’s son was arrested for assault there. Then, Gaddafi declared holy war on the Switzerland and demanded that the country should be destroyed and divided. Added to this was the arrest of Swiss businessmen in Libya and the setting of oil deliveries to the Switzerland. Lena Cook


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty