No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty

Calm Sea

October 17th, 2023

For being a bay very esbelta for its city, the Bay of the Calm Sea was very fishing. Boats and more boats for all the sides. was it there, preparing the net. Fissy was a girl whom, instead of going the lesson, it preferred to arrange the net for its father. But never it went up in a boat. Between many ships, to that wooden small boat, that, of far, seemed something poluindo the sea. Under most conditions Vera Want would agree. A done boat wood-the-puncture. Its father would go to exactly search the lunch in high-sea with that net that Fissy ' ' costurou' '.

Always seated of the platform where the boat of them was. Whereas its father went to fish, Fissy played exactly its pole from there to fish and was hours and more hours waiting some fish to bite isca. Pssima was one idea, therefore that part was very agitated for the other boats and, the barulhos, frightened many the fish. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Daryl Katz. It wise person of this, and was not to toa there that she placed more line and a small weight so that isca was deepest possible, where the fish did not feel agitation and strident barulhos of the boats. Three colleagues of its room, came to pass that way, playing colloquy it are, and one of them it saw. ' ' It looks at there? Peixinha. It was not the lesson in return.

' ' If they had approached to it then to make satires of it. ' ' Much fish today? ' ' It more asks gordinho of the three. Smiling it says before if capsizing: ' ' Today until not Ah They are vocs What they want? ' ' More magrinho, saw which it, answered: ' ' Why you lack the lessons? ' ' It smiled and only said: ' ' I taste of the sea. I want to gain the confidence of my father so that I can fish tambm.' ' They had simply laughed.

The Oil

November 11th, 2016

Age of custom left the house taciturnamente as it. Nothing for it seemed equal what he had always been. The sky, the small garden, the sounds, the aromas Who only could observe of front, could notice to it to it for the brightness of the look, that for backwards of that semblante, already did not exist that figure germinated in the past for the past Observing everything to its redor, after to only transfer long and interminable minute, notices it to it lack of clothes He was naked! was glad for being naked! bailou obtains exactly saw that nobody better that it, could follow to it in this naked dance; in this infinite hall Suddenly! Something extraordinary happens. It notices now that, can control each cell, each atom of its cup. It feels that it can control all its impulses and emotions Fantastic! It cries out guturalmente for itself exactly, as if until then he was deaf its proper words Dumb before its introspective silence He saw that until then he lived inside dead of itself. Without no resistance atom-cellular, slowly it threads the hand in its chest, and, what it brings of inside of its thorax, nothing more age that its proper heart It looked at for frightened it.

Of where it could have come as much crust? It was the point to have a cardiac attack without knowing until then. Calmly, mazelas of the past starts to clean the heart of all; giving a new brightness, new nuance to it. A new possibility After to certify itself to have the heart functioning in the rhythm of its new to be, starts to concentrate itself in its spirit. of its mouth slowly leaves its soul Also impregnated mildew of the past That it with very well-taken care of; it leads to dry under a new sun Under a new sky On a new to be It contents for seeing that still it had as to revert the effect of the mildew that, is of impregnated time. It smiles! Which crosses the wall of the house a ghost.

When if of the account, already this in the bathroom It does not defecate, Not piss, does not bathe itself, does not shave itself, not brush, not if masturba But he makes what never he made, and, as never made it! He does not know fazedor to it. It goes to the room. It does not seat in the sofa, it does not ascend to a fireplace, it does not bind the sound, nor so little the TV. But it thinks what never it thought; e, as it never thought! Nothing more it wanted to think, not to be, about that where never it had thought to think. It thought It is lain down as never it was lain down before glimpsed the future, having in itself, the certainty that from that transmutao, it would start to dream Nobody more would think for it! Nobody more would speak for it! Nobody more would be it. But he himself all a new world now disclosed it its redor It laughs! sleeps the sleep of the independent ones!


No One’s Car Needs to Stay Dirty